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Philips CID2680/51 User Manual

Philips car infotainment system cid2680 6.5" touch screen navigation bluetooth
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  • Page 1 CID2680...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Safety Notice Introduction What’s in the box Overview of the main unit Overview of the remote control Install the car audio Install remote control battery Turn on Set date and time Load discs Connect USB device Insert USB or SD/MMC card Play/Pause Skip/search Direct select...
  • Page 3 ‡ Read and understand all instructions before you use the apparatus. If damage LV FDXVHG E\ IDLOXUH WR IROORZ LQVWUXFWLRQV the warranty does not apply. ‡ Use of controls or adjustments or performance of procedures other than herein may result in hazardous radiation exposure or other unsafe operation.
  • Page 4: Notice

    $Q\ FKDQJHV RU PRGLÀFDWLRQV PDGH WR WKLV device that are not expressly approved by Philips Consumer Lifestyle may void the user’s authority to operate the equipment. 2011 © Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. All rights reserved.
  • Page 6 ‡ Eject disc. ‡ Detects signals from the remote control. When using the remote FRQWURO SRLQW LW GLUHFWO\ DW WKH ,5 sensor. ‡ Enter the GPS navigation system or exit. ‡ Turn the unit on or off. ‡ Turn mute on or off. ‡...
  • Page 7 ‡ Toggles the home menu on or off. ‡ Turn the unit on or off. ‡ Adjust screen brightness. ‡ Adjust screen brightness/contrast/ saturation while playing video. ‡ Adjust volume. ‡ Access audio setting menu. ‡ Mute or unmute audio. ‡...
  • Page 8 These instructions are for a typical installation. +RZHYHU LI \RXU FDU KDV GLIIHUHQW UHTXLUHPHQWV make the corresponding adjustment. If you have DQ\ TXHVWLRQV UHJDUGLQJ LQVWDOODWLRQ NLWV FRQVXOW your Philips car audio dealer. ‡ This unit is designed for negative ground (earth) 12 V DC operation only.
  • Page 9 ‡ When you connect other devices to this V\VWHP HQVXUH WKDW WKH UDWLQJ RI WKH FDU circuit is higher than the total fuse value of all the connected devices. ‡ Never connect speaker wires to the metal body or chassis of the car. ‡...
  • Page 10 Green and green/black wires White and white/black wires Gray and gray/black wires 10 Purple and purple/black wires Connect the other end of the two ISO connectors to the car audio system.
  • Page 11 ,I QHFHVVDU\ GR WKH RWKHU FRQQHFWLRQV 7R UHFHLYH VLJQDO IURP VDWHOOLWHV FRQQHFW WKH supplied GPS antenna to your car and the system. Connect the supplier GPS antenna to the V\VWHP ÀUVW Touch controller Контроллер сенс. управления Rear screen Задний экран...
  • Page 12 Stick the other end of the GPS antenna to a metal surface of the car. ,I \RXU FDU KDV EXLOWLQ UDGLR DQWHQQD FRQQHFW it to the radio antenna of the system for better radio signal. Connect the radio antenna to the car antenna.
  • Page 13 Attach the trim plate. Reconnect the negative terminal of the car battery. ‡ Risk of explosion! Keep batteries away from KHDW VXQVKLQH RU ÀUH 1HYHU GLVFDUG EDWWHULHV LQ ÀUH ‡ Remove batteries if they are exhausted or if the remote control is not to be used for a long time. ‡...
  • Page 14 Tap in the middle right side of the screen. » The second main menu is displayed. » The date/time setup menu is displayed. Tap on the displayed date information. » A submenu is displayed. WR VHW \HDU PRQWK DQG GD\ Tap on to select clock mode.
  • Page 15 <RX FDQ SOD\ YLGHR DXGLR RU LPDJHV VWRUHG RQ the following discs: ‡ '9' YLGHR '9'5 '9'5: ‡ ‡ $XGLR &' &'5 &'5: ‡ Ensure that the disc contains playable content. Insert the disc into the disc slot with label side facing up.
  • Page 16 Press to switch to another source. Remove the USB device. ‡ Ensure that the device contains playable content. ‡ The unit supports SDHC card. Open the USB/SD/MMC card cover. Insert the SD/MMC card into the SD/MMC card slot. » Play starts automatically. Press to switch to another source.
  • Page 17 to return to playlist menu. Tap one of below icons to select folder/ ÀOH ‡ : To display all available audio folders/track. ‡ : To display all available picture IROGHUVÀOHV ‡ : To display all available video IROGHUVÀOHV to select a folder/track. to start play.
  • Page 18: Random Play

    to select: ‡ -1: play the current track repeatedly. ‡ -Folder: play all the tracks in the current folder repeatedly. ‡ (in grey color): cancel repeat play. ‡ You can also press on the remote control to select repeated play mode. <RX FDQ UHSHDW D VSHFLÀF VHFWLRQ RI YLGHR ÀOH (repeat A-B).
  • Page 19: Zoom

    6RPH '9'V FRQWDLQ DOWHUQDWH VFHQHV VXFK as scenes recorded from different camera DQJOHV )RU VXFK '9'V \RX FDQ VHOHFW IURP WKH available alternate scenes. 'XULQJ SOD\ WDS DQ\ZKHUH H[FHSW IRU WKH upper left corner to display menu on the VFUHHQ LI QHFHVVDU\ Press repeatedly on the remote control.
  • Page 20: Tune To A Radio Station

    to display home menu. » Band and frequency information is displayed. to select band: ‡ FM band options: ‡ AM band options: %ULHÁ\ WDS to tune to a radio station by step. ‡ for over 1 second to tune to a radio station automatically. to select band.
  • Page 21 <RX FDQ VHDUFK IRU D VWDWLRQ ZLWK LQWUR VHDUFK which broadcasts a 10-second preview of each detected radio station. Select band. » Auto search starts. The six strongest stations of the selected band are saved in preset channels 1-6 automatically. Select band.
  • Page 22 Religion Phone In Travel Leisure Jazz Music Country Music National Music Oldies Music Folk Music Documentary Alarm Test Alarm You can turn on or off below RDS functions: (Alternate If the radio signal come Frequency) from the current station is SRRU \RX FDQ WXUQ RQ WKH function to let the unit searches for another...
  • Page 23 (clock Turn on the time) RDS clock. Time shown on the unit synchronize with that on the RDS station. Note: The accuracy of the transmitted time depends on the RDS station that transmits the time signal. Turn off the RDS clock (Program Displays...
  • Page 24: Receive Call

    7R GLVFRQQHFW RQH GHYLFH WDS » (green) is displayed. ‡ The device will also be disconnected when the device is moved beyond the operational range. ‡ If you want to reconnect the device to the XQLW SODFH LW ZLWKLQ WKH RSHUDWLRQDO UDQJH ‡...
  • Page 25 If you do not want your passenger to hear \RXU LQFRPLQJ FDOO \RX FDQ VZLWFK WKH FDOO WR the mobile. 'XULQJ WDONLQJ WDS » The voice is transferred from the unit’s loudspeaker to the mobile phone. If the connected Bluetooth device supports $GYDQFHG $XGLR 'LVWULEXWLRQ 3URÀOH $'3  you can listen to the music stored on the device through the unit.
  • Page 26: Upgrade The Map

    ‡ Navigation map card is not included in the packaging of the car entertainment system. Open the card door. Insert the map card into the map card slot. Close the card door. ‡ You might need to upgrade the navigation map (sold separately) before using it.
  • Page 27 Turn clockwise to increase volume. ‡ Turn anti-clockwise to reduce volume. 'XULQJ SOD\ SUHVV ‡ 7R WXUQ WKH VRXQG EDFN RQ SUHVV again. ‡ You can also turn off sound by tapping the screen. You can select preset equalizer: ‡ ‡...
  • Page 28 to select subwoofer volume. ‡ subwoofer volume: 0 to 24. Tap    RU to adjust fader/balance value. ‡ fader range: +24 to -24. (F = IURQW VSHDNHU 5 UHDU VSHDNHU ‡ balance range: -24 to +24. OHIW VSHDNHU 5 ULJKW VSHDNHU to exit.
  • Page 29 Select one that matches your location. Only stations with strong signals can be broadcast. Stations with strong and weak signals can be broadcast. Never turn on the screen saver. Turn on the screen saver automatically 10 seconds after last operation. Turn on the screen saver automatically...
  • Page 30 The Dynamic Bass Boost (DBB) function is on. The DBB function is off. Makes loud sound level softer and soft sound level louder so that you can watch the DVD PRYLHV DW D ORZ YROXPH without disturbing others The DRC function is off. to exit.
  • Page 31 Tap an option repeatedly to select: Turn on the Bluetooth function. Turn off the Bluetooth function. If the pre-paired device is within the HIIHFWLYH UDQJH WKH unit re-connects to pre-paired device automatically. Need to re-connect manually. Answer paired phone call automatically.
  • Page 32 You can set different volume for different modes. » The volume setting sub-menu is displayed. Tap on a source. ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ to assign value: 0 to 12. » :KHQ VZLWFKHV WR WKH VRXUFH WKH volume increases automatically.
  • Page 33 7R DGMXVW VFUHHQ EULJKWQHVV SUHVV / UHPRWH FRQWURO WKHQ SUHVV or . ‡ :KLOH SOD\LQJ YLGHR \RX FDQ SUHVV    DQG WR DGMXVW VFUHHQ EULJKWQHVV contrast and saturation. If there is a display installed for passengers on UHDU VHDW WR ZDWFK \RX FDQ VHOHFW WR SOD\ GLVF USB or SD card on the rear display while you DUH XVLQJ QDYLJDWLRQ V\VWHP OLVWHQLQJ WR 5DGLR RU using Bluetooth.
  • Page 34 You can connect an external audio/video device to the unit. Connect the car audio to the device with the supplied AV cable. to display the main menu. Operated the connected the device (see the instructions manual of the device). ‡ If you connected the system to other audio device through the VHH ´&RQQHFW ZLUHVµ...
  • Page 36 ‡ Product information is subject to change without prior notice. Power supply  9 '&  9   9  negative ground Fuse 15 A Suitable speaker 4 - 8 impedance Maximum power 50 W x 4 channels output Continuous power 24 W x 4 channels output (4 10% T.H.D.)
  • Page 37 Communication Bluetooth Standard system version 2.0 Output Bluetooth Standard Power Class 2 Maximum Line of sight approx. 8m communication range Frequency band 2.4 GHz band (2.4000 GHz - 2.4835 GHz) +DQGV)UHH 3URÀOH +)3 Compatible Bluetooth +DQGVHW 3URÀOH +63 SURÀOHV Advanced Audio 'LVWULEXWLRQ 3URÀOH $'3 Audio Video Remote &RQWURO 3URÀOH $95&3 ...
  • Page 38: Adjust Volume

    If you encounter problems when using this DSSDUDWXV FKHFN WKH IROORZLQJ SRLQWV EHIRUH requesting service. If the problem remains XQVROYHG JR WR WKH 3KLOLSV ZHE VLWH ( When you FRQWDFW 3KLOLSV HQVXUH WKDW WKH DSSDUDWXV is nearby and the model number and serial number are available.
  • Page 39 The device cannot be used with the system to play music. The Bluetooth reception is poor. Move the device closer to the system or remove any obstacle between the device and the system. 7KH GHYLFH GRHV QRW VXSSRUW WKH SURÀOHV required for the system.
  • Page 40 A system that allows discs to be played only in the region designated. This unit only plays discs that have compatible region codes. You FDQ ÀQG WKH UHJLRQ FRGH RI \RXU XQLW RQ WKH product label. Some discs are compatible with more than one region (or ALL regions.) Secure Digital.

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