Instruction Manual

Colour Television

Please read this Instruction book before using your television.
We wish you many hours of pleasure from your new television.


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Summary of Contents for Sanyo CE28WN3-B

  • Page 1: Colour Television

    Instruction Manual 28WN3 32WN3 Colour Television Please read this Instruction book before using your television. We wish you many hours of pleasure from your new television.
  • Page 2 SAFETY PRECA UTIONS SAFETY PRECA UTIONS CAUTION: Please read and retain for your safety. This unit has been engineered and manufactured to assure your personal safety. But improper use can result in potential electric shock or fire hazards. In order not to defeat the safeguards incorporated in this receiver observe the following basic rules for its installation, use and servicing.
  • Page 3 A red power indicator will appear. The following message appears on the screen the first time the television set is switched on. Thank you for purchasing your SANYO TV. Now I am searching and storing all the programmes. Please W ait.
  • Page 4: Battery Installation

    INST ALLA TION INST ALLA TION Battery Installation Aerial Connections 1. Remove the battery cover by sliding it in direction of the arrow. The aerial socket is located on the back of the TV set. 2. Install two "AA" 1.5 volt batteries so that the "+" and "-" marks on A colour picture of good quality requires a higher aerial signal than the batteries match the "+"...
  • Page 5: Programme Selection

    GENERAL OPERA TION GENERAL OPERA TION Mains ON/OFF Controls Programme Up / Down Level Up / Down Stand-by MENU/ Menu TV/AV Selection MENU/ 0 to 9 Numeric buttons To turn the TV set ON, press the Mains ON/OFF switch. The -/-- 2 Digit button power indicator illuminates red to show the power is on.
  • Page 6: Volume Adjustment

    SOUND FUNCTIONS SOUND FUNCTIONS Volume Adjustment Sound Effects To adjust the sound volume, press the buttons. Volume Note : If the volume is restricted check Hotel Specification settings on page 17. Main Menu To enter and exit the main menu press the F button on the TV or the Menu button on the remote control unit.
  • Page 7: Picture Adjustment

    GENERAL OPERA TION GENERAL OPERA TION Picture Adjustment Picture Format This television can make the most of the range of picture formats now being transmitted. Many programmes are now being transmitted in Wide Menu > Sound To adjust the picture, open the Main formats 14:9 or 16:9 and films in wider formats known as Letterbox whilst >...
  • Page 8 GENERAL OPERA TION GENERAL OPERA TION 4:3 Transmission Reception 14:9/16:9 Transmission Reception NORMAL NORMAL You will see a black bar, left, You will see a black bar, left and right, top and bottom. The right. The viewing ratio is viewing ratio is correct. NORMAL correct, this is how the NORMAL...
  • Page 9 GENERAL OPERA TION GENERAL OPERA TION Letterbox Transmission Reception NORMAL You will see a black bar, left, right, top and bottom. The viewing ratio is correct, this is NORMAL how the transmission was intended for viewing. AUTO NATURAL WIDE FULL You will see a black top and bottom.
  • Page 10: Child Lock

    THER FUNCTIONS THER FUNCTIONS Externals Menu More Menu This menu includes options referring to SCART connections. Access the Main Menu and select More, the following options appear: Clock : This sub menu allows you to set the Menu Audio 1 OUT/Audio 2 OUT : If your TV set receives a Dual broadcast >...
  • Page 11 PRESETTING PRESETTING Up to 100 broadcast stations in your reception area can be stored in the To Search for another channel electronic memory. There are three ways to preset these channels: With Search still highlighted press the button again until another channel is found.
  • Page 12: Time Display

    THER FUNCTIONS THER FUNCTIONS Alternative Program Press the button and the TV set will alternately select the current Contrast LEVEL? (1-2-3) programme position and the previous programme position viewed. You must now select which User level setting to store these settings, by pressing the numeric button 1, 2 or 3.
  • Page 13: Connecting A Vcr

    CONNECTION OF A V EQ UIPMENT CONNECTION OF A V EQ UIPMENT Connectors Located on the Rear of the TV Set The rear of the set includes the antenna input line and two SCART or Euro connector connections, with some common features and other features that are unique to each connector.
  • Page 14 The main TV functions can be operated by using the local keypad situated on the bottom front of the set. conjunction with selected SANYO VCR’s. Some SANYO VCR’s may have their own functions, so please refer to the individual instruction booklet when using this remote control to ensure compatibility.
  • Page 15 TELETEXT TELETEXT This TV accepts TXT signals until 1.5 level in Flof and Top modes. Coloured Page Access The internal memory can store 8 pages, that allows an agile access to the information. When a television station provides the FLOF service, you can access the pages more easily.
  • Page 16: Index Page Selection

    TELETEXT TELETEXT Sub Page Access Index Page Selection When the teletext information is longer than one page, it may take Press the button to select one of the teletext index pages. some time to reach the required page which is automatically changed.
  • Page 17: Scart Specifications

    AV1 : CENELEC Standard (with RGB/ S-inputs) AV2 : CENELEC Standard Sound output Main L/R 10 watts x 2 Dimensions 780 x 526 x 513 (CE28WN3-B) (W x H x D mm) 880 x 583.5 x 567.5 (CE32WN3-B) Weight 32 Kg (CE28WN3-B)
  • Page 18: Helpful Hints

    TV set. Used batteries: The batteries in the remote control of your TV set do not contain mercury. However, SANYO recommends that you do not dispose of used batteries in domestic refuse. Please, contact your dealer or your local authorities for information regarding the disposal of used batteries or your nearest collection point.
  • Page 19 This warranty is not transferable and is only applicable or any other Sanyo dealer. He will be pleased to give you within the United Kingdom (and the Republic of Ireland).
  • Page 20 SANYO Industries (U.K.) Ltd Part No. SKP10179-B F7HS/YS Printed in U.K.

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