Sanyo HT27546 Owner's Manual

Sanyo HT27546 Owner's Manual

Sanyo ht27546: instruction manual
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Owner's Manual
Table of Contents . . . . . . 3
Manual de Instrucciónes
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Manuel d'instructions
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" Read this manual before assembling (or using) this product."
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Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Manufacturing Corporation has determined that this product meets the E NERGY guidelines for energy efficiency.” © 2006 Sanyo Manufacturing Corporation “ Read this manual before assembling (or using) this product.” Visit our website at Importado Por : Comercializadora México Americana, S. DE R.L. DE C.V.
  • Page 2: Important Safety Instructions

    Never spill liquid of any kind on the product. CHILD SAFETY Sanyo is committed to making home entertainment safe and enjoyable. Always use an appropriate table or stand when positioning your DTV. Use appropriate brackets, braces, or straps to anchor your furniture in place.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    V-Guide (Parental Control): To Block Movies or TV Programs ....18 To Setup V-Guide Ratings ......18 To Temporarily Unblock Movies or TV Programs .
  • Page 4: Features

    HT27546: 27" / HT32546: 32" Flat Screen Trilingual Menu Options (English, Spanish, or French) for Digital and Analog Built-in Digital and Analog Tuners Automatic Channel Search V-Chip for Movies and TV guidelines rating limits (parental control) Closed-Captioning: Analog EIA-608B Digital EIA-708B Audio Modes: DTV—Main and Sub...
  • Page 5: First-Things-First (Required Initial Setup)

    Antenna signals, Analog Cable signals, or the RF output from a VCR or cable box. Analog Cable VCR Back FROM ANT. OUT TO TV CATV FRANCHISE NOTE: Cable companies, like public utilities, are franchised by local govern- ment authorities. To receive...
  • Page 6: Installing Batteries

    INSTALL TWO “AAA” BATTERIES • Install two “AAA” Batteries (not included) so that the “+” and “–” marks on the batteries match the “+” and “–” marks inside the Remote. To review the Remote functions, go to pages 12 ~ 13. NOTE: Use two “...
  • Page 7: Dtv Front/ Back-Jacks Locations & Functions

    DTV FRONT / BACK— JACKS LOCATIONS AND FUNCTIONS FRONT VIDEO IN Œ Œ Audio Video Input (VIDEO1), PAGE 11— Connect standard video equipment here. BACK  Ž   Analog Antenna Input (UHF/VHF/CATV), PAGE 5— Connect an RF antenna or Analog cable system to this jack.
  • Page 8: Choose Your Connection

    This DTV is designed to handle several different connec- tions making it compatible with Digital and Analog devices. Digital Signal Compatible External Connections Equipment COMPONENT (Y, Pb, Pr) IN (Requires separate audio connections.) Video Game DIGITAL AUDIO (Only available when Multi-Channel received as part of a Receiver...
  • Page 9: Digital Av Connections

    Video Input jacks. Connect DVD Player or similar digital equipment’s Audio Out to the TV’s Audio Input jacks. Press POWER to turn on the TV, then turn on external equipment. Press INPUT to select Component2 to view the DVD program.
  • Page 10: Analog Av Connections

    USING THE BACK VIDEO AND AUDIO INPUT JACKS TO CONNECT A VCR (OR OTHER ANALOG DEVICE) Switch off DTV and external equipment before connect- ing cables. (Cables are not supplied.) Connect VCR’s Audio Video Out to the DTV’s VIDEO2 Video In jacks. NOTE: For Mono VCR (Single Audio Jack), connect VCR Audio Out to DTV Audio (L) Input.
  • Page 11: Connect A Video Game (Or Other Analog Device)

    Connect game Audio Output (R/L) to the TV Audio Input (R/L). Then connect game Video Output to the TV Video Input. Press POWER to turn on the TV, then turn on external equipment. To access Audio / Video inputs, press the INPUT key to select Video1.
  • Page 12: Using The Remote Control

    USING THE REMOTE CONTROL PRECAUTIONS To ensure safe operation, please observe the following precautions: Replace both batteries at the same time. Do not use a new battery with a used battery. Risk of explosion, if battery is replaced by an incorrect type. Do not expose the Remote Control Unit to moisture or heat.
  • Page 13 ” Pix Shape Key—Use this key to change the video display format. Available options depend on signal received and the broadcast’s aspect ratio. They may include: PIX1, PIX2, and PIX3. See simulated TV images below. PIX1 PIX3 Enlarges image (some of the top and bottom may be clipped).
  • Page 14: Dtv Adjustment And Setup

    CURSOR LM keys to select a menu item < > and the CURSOR keys to make an adjustment. The ENTER key confirms a setting. Press the EXIT key to return to normal TV viewing. MENU NAVIGATION MAP MAIN SUB MENUS Picture/Sound...
  • Page 15: All Channel Search

    ALL CHANNEL SEARCH Use All Channel Search to replace existing Digital and Analog Channel Scan databases, such as, if you move to another city. NOTES: During Channel Search, current Digital and Analog channel databases are deleted and new ones created. To receive DTV Cable channels, if available, you must perform a DTV Cable Search.
  • Page 16: Dtv Add-On Search

    Press the MENU key to display the Main Analog menu. Use the CURSOR L M keys to highlight Ana Antenna Signal. Use the CURSOR VHF/UHF. Press ENTER. Press the EXIT key to return to normal TV viewing. 1-800-877-5032 or Call < > keys to choose Cable or...
  • Page 17: Ch (Channel) Scan Memory

    Press the ENTER key to add the channel. The display will change to “Added.” When you have finished adding and/or deleting channels, press the EXIT key to return to normal TV viewing. MENU LANGUAGE Press the MENU key to display the Main menu.
  • Page 18: V-Guide (Parental Control)

    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA’S FCC V-CHIP REGULATIONS. THEREFORE, IT MAY NOT FUNCTION WITH BROADCASTS THAT ORIGINATE IN OTHER COUNTRIES. This Sanyo television is equipped with an electronic V-Chip to interpret MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) and TV Parental Guidelines rating codes. When...
  • Page 19: Tv Ratings (Age And Content-Based) Symbol Explanation

    The V-Guide menu display remains on screen for approximately 30 seconds. If it disappears, press the V-GUIDE key. You can block portions of a TV rating by choosing one or more of the Content ratings (D, L, S, and V). By blocking just the L and S content ratings of TV-14, for example, TV-14 rated programs with a D and/or V content rating could still be viewed.
  • Page 20: Digital Captions

    QuikCap turns captioning on and off with the Mute func- tion. Press the MUTE key on the remote control to block the TV sound; the captions display automatically, if avail- able. Press the MUTE key again to restore the sound.
  • Page 21: Helpful Hints (Problems/Solutions)

    HELPFUL HINTS (Problems/Solutions) Because of the Quality we build into our product, very few problems are actual DTV defects. Most prob- lems only involve simple hookup or setup changes that can be solved by the customer. Please check the chart Problem Check these Conditions DTV turns off...
  • Page 22: Care And Cleaning

    Signals are weak. V-Guide is set to block programming. Remote Control Check batteries. will not work TV. Check to see if TV is plugged in. Cabinet makes This is a normal condition during popping sound. warm-up and cool down of the plastic cabinet parts.
  • Page 23: Mexico Guarantee

    ADDRESS: _____________________________________________________________________________________ EXTERIOR NUMBER: _____________________________ INTERIOR NUMBER: __________________________ SUB DIVISION: ___________________________________ STATE/DELEGATION: ___________________________ TELEPHONE: _____________________________________________ MEXICO GUARANTEE SANYO Need help? Visit our Web site at DESCRIPTION: Television BRAND: SANYO MODELS: HT27546 HT32546 STAMP, DATE AND SIGNATURE STORE 1-800-877-5032 or Call...
  • Page 24: Warranty (U.s.a. And Canada)

    MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. For one year from the date of purchase, Sanyo Manufacturing Corporation warrants this product to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and conditions. Should replacement be necessary under this warranty for any reason due to manufacturing defect or malfunction during the first year from date of original purchase, Sanyo Manufacturing Corporation will provide a new TV via exchange at the retailer.
  • Page 25 VB9G 29-H3DEM / 34-H3EBM GXAB / GXBC [This manual printed with Soy Ink.]...

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