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Frigidaire Electric Patio Grill Use & Care Manual page 9

30" stainless steel outdoor grill with electric ignition
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Side Shelf Attachment
Attach the shelf to the left side of grill by
inserting the shelf hooks into the slots on the
side of the grill and pushing down on the shelf
assembly until level with grill. (See Fig. 13)
Lock the shelf in place by inserting (2) self
taping screws into shelf. (See Fig. 14)
Interior parts installation
Check to make sure the bottom Flavor
Grids are correctly installed in the cutouts and
around the ignitors, as they may have shifted
during shipment. (See Fig. 15)
Insert the second row of Flavor Grids into
cutouts with triangle ridges facing up.
(See Fig. 16)
Install cooking grates on the ledges provided
on the grill to create your cooking surface.
(placing the one with a thumb hole in the
middle) (See. Fig. 17)
Place warming shelf on support brackets by
setting it flat across brackets allowing the two
holes to line up with the stops on each
bracket. (See Fig. 18)
Grill Assembly
Fig. 18
Shelf Hooks
Bottom Flavor Grids
in between burners
Fig. 13
Fig. 14
Fig. 15
Fig. 16
Fig. 17


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