Frigidaire Electric Patio Grill Use & Care Manual page 23

30" stainless steel outdoor grill with electric ignition
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Flame is erratic
Burner flame is yellow or orange, in conjunction with the
odor of gas.
Cart door does not align properly with cart
Spider and Insect Warning
Spider and insects can nest in the burners of this or any other Grill and cause the gas to flow from the front of the burn-
er. This is very dangerous condition which can cause a fire to occur behind the valve panel, thereby damaging the Grill
and making it unsafe to operate. We recommend you check at least once a year to be safe.
Trouble Shooting
Check gas connection.
Fuel level may be low.
Grill may be in need of cleaning.
Check flavor grids and cooking grates for
excess build-up.
Ensure Grill is not placed directly in path of
Be sure the drip tray is clean. (do not use
aluminum foil in drip tray)
Check the burner inlet for obstructions.
Grill may be in a windy area. Move to a less
windy area if possible.
Loosen the four bolts that attach grill head to
cart. Slide grill head either to the left or right
until door is aligned properly. Retighten the


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