Care And Maintenance - Frigidaire Electric Patio Grill Use & Care Manual

30" stainless steel outdoor grill with electric ignition
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Drip Tray
The drip tray located below the grill, inside the cart, should be cleaned periodically to prevent heavy buildup
of debris.
Note: Allow the drip tray to cool before attempting to clean.
Cooking Grates
The cooking grates can be cleaned immediately after cooking is completed and after turning off the flame.
Wear a barbecue mitt and scrub the cooking grates with a damp cloth. If the grill is allowed to cool down,
cleaning the grates will be easier if removed from the grill and cleaned with a mild detergent.
Stainless Steel
The grill is made from a non-rusting stainless steel. After initial usage, areas of the grill may discolor from
the intense heat given off by the burners, this is normal.
Purchase a mild stainless steel cleaner and rub in the direction of the grain of the metal. Specks of grease can
gather on the surface of the stainless steel and bake on to the surface and give a worn appearance. For
removal use an non-abrasive oven cleaner in conjunction with a stainless cleaner.
Note: Always scrub in the direction of the grain.
Ignitor Access:
If the ignitor should ever need to be replaced, there is
an access door in the bottom of the front panel, below
the ignitor.
It is opened by removing the two 1/4" hex head screws
that hold it in place. (See Fig A)
To remove Ignitor, unscrew ignitor push button and locking
nut from front panel of grill and ignitor will fall down
through opening. (See Fig. A)
Rear Infrared Burner:
Please light and burn the rear infrared burner at least once a month to ensure there is not a build-up of debris
or grease on the burner. This will ensure the ceramic burner will continue to operate as it should.

Care and Maintenance

Ignitor push button
and locking nut
Hex Head Screws
Fig. A


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