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Frigidaire FD26LKEC Use & Care Manual

Frigidaire FD26LKEC Use & Care Manual

26" stainless steel outdoor grill with electronic ignition
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Use & Care Manual
Assembly Instructions Included
26" Stainless Steel
Outdoor Grill
with Electronic Ignition
Welcome/Product Registration ................ 2
General Safety Instructions ...................... 3
Grill Assembly ......................................... 11
Leak Testing ........................................ 12-16
Lighting the Grill ................................. 17-18
Using the Grill .......................................... 19
Care & Maintenance ................................ 20
Troubleshooting Your Grill ................. 21-22
Warranty ................................................... 23
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Table of Contents

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  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    Gas Requirements Leak Testing ... 12-16 Lighting the Grill ... 17-18 Using the Grill ... 19 Care & Maintenance ... 20 Troubleshooting Your Grill ... 21-22 Warranty ... 23 Visit the Frigidaire Web Site at: READ AND SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS...
  • Page 2: Welcome/Product Registration

    Please read this Use & Care Manual very carefully. It contains valuable information on how to properly maintain your new grill. We know you’ll enjoy your new grill and thank you for choosing our product. We hope you consider us for future purchases.
  • Page 3: General Safety Instructions

    - Always keep your face and body as far away from the grill as possible when lighting to reduce the risk of burn. - Extinguish all flames and do not smoke while engaging gas and igniting the grill.
  • Page 4: Grill Features And Components

    Grill Features: FD26 1. Hood handle 2. Roll top grill hood 3. Warming shelf 4. Left side shelf 5. Electronic igniter FD26LKEC FD26NKEC 6. Control knob: main burner 7. Right side shelf 8. Cart 9. Cart base...
  • Page 5 Grill Components FD26 FD26LKEC...
  • Page 6 DL4 - LDFDEC DL4 - S226EC DL4 - BYFDEC DL4 - B226EC DL4 - CTFDEC DL4 - CKFDEC DL4 - CP26EC FD26LKEC PARTS LIST DESCRIPTION Logo Heat Washer, Temperature Gage Temperature Gage Heat Washer, Handle Handle Assembly, Lid Heat Rubber Washer Bowel Assembly Lid Screw 9.5×29...
  • Page 7 DL4 - DN26LK DL4 - CT26EC DL4 - RF26EC DL4 - RB26EC DL4 - MB26EC DL4 - FT26EC DL4 - CG26EC DL4 - WR26EC FD26LKEC PARTS LIST DESCRIPTION Bottom Panel 3" Castor 3" Castor With Brake Dishing Nut Cart Right Side Shelf...
  • Page 8 Grill Components FD26 FD26NKEC...
  • Page 10 Grill Components FD26 REF# PART NUMBER DL4 - GT26EC DL4 - BP26NK DL4 - CRFDEC DL4 - CBFDEC DL4 - CT26EC DL4 - RF26EC DL4 - RB26EC DL4 - MB26EC DL4 - FT26EC DL4 - CG26EC DL4 - WR26EC FD26NKEC PARTS LIST...
  • Page 11: Grill Assembly

    Please note: for the left side shelf, insert the top two screws from the inside of the grill and the bottom two from the outside. For the right side burner the four screws are all secured from the outside.
  • Page 12: Gas Requirements

    Conversion kits are available separately for an additional cost which will enable you to convert your grill from L.P. to N.G. or to convert your grill from N.G. to L.P. Please see your Frigidaire dealer for more information.
  • Page 13 Gas Requirements INSTALLATION OF NATURAL GAS REGULATOR 1. The Natural Gas regulator has been attached to the manifold. Attach the gas hose to the regulator. (See Fig. 3) 2. Link a quick-connect fitting to the hose by hand. Quick-connect fitting not included. (See Fig. 4) Fig.
  • Page 14 L.P. GAS INSTALLATION Frigidaire Gas Grills that are set to operate with L.P. gas come with a high capacity hose and regulator assembly. (Note: Only use the pressure regulator and hose assembly supplied with the grill or a replacement pressure regulator and hose assemblies specified by Frigidaire). This assembly is designed to connect directly to a standard 20 lb.
  • Page 15 Fig. 5...
  • Page 16: Leak Testing

    Pre Operation Leak Testing GENERAL INFORMATION Although all gas connections on the grill are leak tested prior to shipment, a complete gas tightness check must be performed at the installation site due to possible shifting during shipment, installation or excessive pressure unknowingly being applied to the unit.
  • Page 17: Lighting The Grill

    5. Repeat above steps to light remaining burners. NOTE: If the grill will not light after several attempts see the troubleshooting section of this manual. Turn the control knobs to the “OFF” position when not in use. Lighting the Grill Do not attempt to “Light”...
  • Page 18 2. If you have already attempted to light the burner with the igniter, allow 5 minutes for any accumulated gas to dissipate. Keep your face and hands as far away from the grill as possible. Insert a lit extended match or lighter through the cooking grids to the burner.
  • Page 19: Using The Grill

    5. Allow grill to cool down, wipe off any splatters or grease and clean the drip tray as needed. 6. Do not put a cover on the grill while it is still hot as it could start a fire. Keep any electrical supply cords and the fuel supply hose away from any heated surfaces.
  • Page 20: Care & Maintenance

    Important: Do not leave the grill outside during inclement weather unless it is covered (cover sold separately). Rain water can collect inside the grill, the grill cart or the drip tray if left uncovered. If the drip tray is not cleaned after use and the grill is left uncovered, the drip tray will fill with water causing grease and water to spill into the grill cart.
  • Page 21: Troubleshooting Your Grill

    SPIDER AND INSECT WARNING Spider and insects can nest in the burners of this or any other grill and cause the gas to flow from the front of the burner. This is very dangerous condition which can cause a fire to occur behind the valve panel, thereby damaging the grill and making it unsafe to operate.
  • Page 22: Troubleshooting Your Grill

    Cart door does not align properly with cart SOLUTION • Is your gas supply fully turned on? • If this is an L.P. grill is there gas in your tank? Check your gas level. • If this is an L.P. grill, shut off gas supply, disconnect gas line at tank;...
  • Page 23: Warranty

    LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY Frigidaire Grills have a limited lifetime warranty on all stainless steel panels, a limited 3 year warranty on stainless steel burners, including labor within one year of the date of purchase; and a limited 1 year warranty on all other parts, labor included.

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