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Parts And Their Functions; Front Panel; Rear Panel - Panasonic AJ-PCD10E Operating Instructions Manual

P2 memory card drive
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Parts and their Functions

Front Panel

(1) Power Indicator
This indicator lights up in green when
the P2 drive is running.
(2) Status Indicator
This indicator lights up in green during
access to a P2 card.
Removing a P2 card during access
may cause file corruption.
(3) Card Slots
The P2 drive's card slots are designed
for P2 cards.
guaranteed when used with any card
other than P2 cards.
(4) EJECT Button
To remove a P2 card, press this button
so that the button pops out, then press
it in again.
For Windows 2000 only : Open "My
Computer" and use the right button of
your mouse to select the drive from
which you want to remove a card, then
select "EJECT" before operating the
EJECT button.

Rear Panel

USB 2.0
The picture shows the rear panel with its
cover removed.
(1) USB 2.0 connector (Type B)
This connects a USB cable.
Use a USB cable (shielded) compliant
with USB 2.0.
The P2 drive supports USB 2.0 only. It
does not support personal computers
compliant with USB 1.1.
(2) DC IN 16V Socket
For external use of the P2 drive,
connect an AC adapter to this socket.
(3) DC IN 12V Socket
To use the P2 drive mounted in a
personal computer, connect one of the
power supply connectors inside the
personal computer to this socket.
Do NOT supply power to both the DC
IN 12V socket and DC IN 16V socket
at the same time.
(4) Cable Clamp
Use this clamp to secure the AC
adapter cable when connecting the P2
drive to a personal computer for
external use of the Drive.
(5) Antitheft Lock
A commercially available antitheft
cable can be connected to this lock.


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