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Maytag Gemini MER6772 User Manual

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Installer:Pleaseleavethis manualwlth
Consumer: Please read and keep thts
manual for future reference Keep sales
receLpt a nd/or cancelledcheck asproof of
Dateof Purchase
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_:pi_:revlsl_'_'ls guide. _ , :._:: ', ":_
_,_ _'_._':_R_ _ ,:,_.._7-_"'_.Zq_r,
If youhavequesttons, c all
1-888-4MAYTAG ( 1-888462-9824)
1-800-688-2080 ( U S "FrYfor
heaeng or speechimpaired)
(Mon-Fn, 8 am-8pm Eastern T=me)
Internet hltpIlwwwmaytagcorn
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  Summary of Contents for Maytag Gemini MER6772

  • Page 1 MAYTAG GEMINI TMELECTRIC RANGE IISEII'S GUIDE •_ MAYIAG _&TY Pages 1-2 _ACE COOKING Pages 3-5 Installer:Pleaseleavethis manualwlth thtsappliance Consumer: Please read and keep thts manual for future reference Keep sales COOKING receLpt a nd/or cancelledcheck asproof of Pages 6-11 purchase ModeiNumber _E&...
  • Page 2: In Case Of Fire

    IMPOFlTAHT SAFETY IHSTRUCTIOHS GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS Read and follow all Instructions before us- Aerosol-type cans are EXPLOSIVE when ing this apphance to prevent the potential nsk exposedto heatandmay be hLghly flammable of fire, electric shock, personal injuryor dam- WARNINGNEVER useapphanee door(s), o r Do not use or store near apphance drawer, i f equipped, a s a stepstoolor seatas age to the apphance as a result of improper us-...
  • Page 3: Glass-Ceramic

    Protective L iners:Do notusealuminum foilto Donotuseovencleaners. Nocommercial oven Children must b etaughtthattheappliance a nd utensilsin or on itcanbe hot. Lethot utensils line surfaceunitdrip bowlsor ovenbottoms, cleaneror ovenliner protective coatingof any coolin a safe place, o ut of reachof smallchil- exceptas suggested in themanual.Improper kindshouldbe usedin or aroundany partof theoven.
  • Page 4: Setting The Controls

    SURFACE COOKIHG CONTROLS SURFACE Use toturnon the surfacaelements An infinite choLceof heat settings tsavadable from LOW to HIGH The knobs can be set on or between BeforeCooking AfterCooking any of the settings >.- Makesuresurfaceunitis turned off. Alwaysplacea panonthesurfaceunit beforeyouturnit on Toprevent d am- SETTING THE CONTROLS Clean up messy spills as soon as age to range,neveroperatesurface...
  • Page 5: Cooking Areas

    GLASS-CERAMIC SURFACE ($EL[CT MOD£LS) TIPS TO PROTECTTHE GLASS-CERAMIC SURFACE ;LASS-CERAMIC SURFACE On Canadian models, the surface will not operate during a self-clean cycle :,-.-Before first use, clean the cooktop (See Cooktop may emit light smoke and odor the first few fimes the cooktop ts used This Cleaning page 13) is normal >- Donotuseglasspans...
  • Page 6 SURFACE COOKIH5, COHT. COIL ELEMEHT SURFACE (SELE(T MODELS) To replace: Insertelement t erminals into receptacle. Guidethe element into place. COIL ELEMENT SURFACE Pressdown on the outer edge of element using high heatfor long periods. On Canadian models,thetwofront ele- untilitsits levelon drip bowl. I Do not use oversized cookware.
  • Page 7: Setting The Clock

    OVEN C OOKIHG The electronic control ISdesigned for ease Lnprogramming The display window on the control shows time ot day, timer and oven functions Messages wdl scroll to prompt your programming steps The d_splayshows the lower oven set at 375° Fand TIMER 1set for 45 m_nutes Bracket hne (upper left s_de)coincides w_thmessage _nd_splay Control panel shown includes Convect Bake feature C_,NCEL Bake Broil...
  • Page 8: Oven Cooking

    OVEN COOKING, CONT, BAKE PAD CONVECTBAKING BAKING Use for bakingand roasting. (SELECT MOOELS) IftheTOASTING functionisoperating 1. Press BAKEpad. in the upperoven when loweroven I As a generalrule, whenconvection 2. Pressagainfor350°Forpress theAUTO BAKE pad and temperature are en- baking, set the oven temperature 25°...
  • Page 9: Keep Warm Pad

    TOASTING PAD 5. At the end of the set toastingtime, the (UPPER OVEN ONLY) display will readTOASTING COMPLETE TOASTING and beepfourtimes.One reminderbeep For toasting bread and productsthat are willsoundevery30 seconds for 5 minutes toastedin a toasteror toasteroven. I Toasting is based on time not tem- or untilCANCELpadis pressed or dooris perature, opened.
  • Page 10 OVEH COOKIHG, CONT. TIMER PADS COOK TIME/STOPTIME PADS To Delay the Startof Cooking andTurn Off Automatically: CLOCK CONTROLLEDOVEN COOKING Thetimer(s) m aybe setfor anytimeperiod up to 99 hoursand 59 minutes(99:59). Useto program theovens to startandstop PressCOOK TIMEpad. COOKTIMEwill automatically. Cooktimemaybe setforupto flash.
  • Page 11: Options Available

    CONTROL 0PTIONS OVENTEMPERATURE ADJUSTMENT CONTROL LOCK (4) To ChangeFactorySet DefaultOptions: 1, Control o ptions may be changed by se- The function pads on the controlcan be Ifyouthinktheoven isoperating toocoldor Lecting t heSetupOptions (0)padandthe locked to preventunwanted useforsafety hot,you canadjustit. Sakeseveraltest desiredoptionpad.(SeeOptionsbelow.) and cleaningbenefits.
  • Page 12: Oven Racks

    Allracksaredesigned w ith a lock-stop edge. available as anaccessory. It fits inthe left, upperportion oftheovenandprovides space UPPEROVEN for a vegetable dishwhena largemaster is on the lower rack. Contact your Maytag >- Is equipped w ithonerackandrackposi- dealerforthe"HALFRACK" Accessory Kitor tion. call 1-800-688-8408 to order.
  • Page 13 CARE & CLEAHIHG >.- It is normalfor parts of the rangeto I As the oven heats and cools, you may I To prevent damage to oven door, do no[ becomehotdunnga cleancycle. hear sounds of metal parts expanding attempt to open etther oven door when and contracting Thts ts normal and w_ll >- To preventdamageto ovendoor,do Ibe LOC _nd=cator word ts d_splayed...
  • Page 14: Care And Cleaning

    CARE & CLEANING, com. CONTROL KNOBS paste or Bon Arni*.Do not useabrasive Ami*, rubbing with the grain to avoid cleanerssuchassteelwoolpadsor oven streaking the surface.Rinseand buff. >- Remove knobsin the OFF position by cleaners.These products w illscratchor >- Topreventscratching, d o notuseabra- pullingforward.
  • Page 15 MAIHTt HAH(E PLASTIC FINISHES - NOTE: Onlyusea CLEAN, CAMP "scratchless" pad that issafe f ornon-stick TRIM & END CAPS cookware. The pattern and glass w ill b e > Whencool,cleanwithsoapandwater, OVEN DOORiS) damaged ifthe pad isnot d amp, ifthe pad rinseanddry.
  • Page 16 (SELECT MODELS) TO PROTECT THEOVENDOORWINDOW: 1. DOnotuseabrasive cleaningagentssuch To assure the proper replacement bulb is assteelwoolscouringpadsor powdered used, order bulb from Maytag Customer cleaners as they mayscratchtheglass• Service. Call 1.800.688-8408, ask for part number 74004458. halogen bulb. 2. Donothit theglasswith pots,pans,furni- ture,toys,or otherobjects•...
  • Page 17: You C All For Service

    BEFORE YOU C ALL fOR SERVICE CONCERNS, BAKING RESULTS ARE NOT AS opened when the LOCindicator w ordisnot FOR MOST T RY THESE FIRST: EXPECTED OR DIFFER FROM displayed. PREVIOUS OVEN. I Both ovens will lock when eitheroven is Check ifovencontrols h avebeen pmp- cleaned.
  • Page 18 _,i!ess _e_e. pp ancewas'broughtinto Canada' for furtherInformation on owner's for warrantyservice respons;blhtles _,due toMansfer;ofresidencefrom the United If the dealer or servicecompanycannot resolvethe problem,wnte to Maytag States,!oCanada , -- ,,-, -, ApphancasSalesCompany, A ttn CAIn_ Center PO Box2370, Cleveland,TN ,i:Limited Warrahty Outside theUnitedState's - _ 37320-2370, o r call 1-888-4Maytag for PnorrtyOneService (1-888..462-9824)