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Craftsman 316.792440 Operator's Manual page 12

Universal brushcutter attachment
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To avoid serious personal injury, always stop
the unit and allow it to cool before cleaning or maintaining
the unit.
Use a small brush to clean the outside of the unit. Do not use strong
detergents. Household cleaners that contain aromatic oils such as
pine and lemon, and solvents such as kerosene, can damage plastic.
Wipe off any moisture with a soft cloth.
Clean the brush blade with water. Wipe the brush blade with a light
machine oil to prevent rust.
Never store a fueled unit where fumes may reach an open flame
or spark.
Allow the engine to cool before storing.
Lock up the unit to prevent unauthorized
use or damage.
Store the unit in a dry, well-ventilated
Store the unit out of the reach of children.
Storage (1=2 weeks)
1. Store the unit in a horizontal position. If this is not possible, store
the unit vertically with the engine at the top.
Long-term Storage
1. Remove the fuel cap, tip the unit and drain the fuel into an
approved container.
2. Start the engine and allow it to run until it stalls. This ensures
that all fuel has been drained from the carburetor.
3. Allow the engine to cool. Remove the spark plug and put 5 drops
of any high quality motor oil into the cylinder. Pull the starter rope
slowly to distribute the oil. Reinstall the spark plug.
4. Thoroughly clean the unit and inspect it for any loose or
damaged parts. Repair or replace damaged parts and tighten
loose screws, nuts or bolts.
Preparing the Unit for Use after Long=term
1. Remove the spark plug and drain all of the oil from the cylinder.
NOTE: Do not use fuel that has been stored for more than 30 days.
Dispose of old fuel according to federal, state and local regulations.



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