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Craftsman 316.792440 Operator's Manual page 7

Universal brushcutter attachment
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When operating the brush cutter add-on, the shoulder harness must
be used that was provided with this add-on.
Check to see if the trimmer has a wire form support fitting that the
shoulder strap can clip to. If the unit has the fitting that is shown in
Figure 3, the provided harness loop does not need to be installed. If
so, proceed to the next section Install the Shoulder Harness.
If the trimmer does not have an existing wire form fitting, the
provided harness loop must be installed.
To install the supplied shoulder harness clip:
1. Remove the bolt, nut and washer that were installed on the
harness loop for shipping. Keep them handy.
2. Pull the clamp open and push it onto the boom.
3. Arrange the clip so that it is close to the shaft grip and away
from the J-handle (Fig. 4).
4. Insert the bolt through the clip and secure it with the washer and
nut, using a pair of pliers and a small crescent wrench.
1. Push the strap through the center of the buckle.
2. Pull the strap over the cross bar and down through the slot in
the buckle (Fig. 5).
3. Put the harness on over head and onto the left shoulder. Snap it
on to the support fitting (Fig. 6).
4. Adjust length to fit the operator's
size. Pull tab to lengthen, pull
strap to shorten (Fig. 7).
Fig. 5
Fig. 6
Fig. 7



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