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Craftsman 316.792440 Operator's Manual page 11

Universal brushcutter attachment
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3. Align theshaft b ushing hole withthelocking r odslotandinsert
thelocking r odintothebushing hole (Fig. 1 3).
4. Put t heblade retainer andnutontheoutput shaft. M ake sure
thattheblade isinstalled correctly.
5. Tighten n utcounterclockwise against theblade while holding
thelocking r od:
If using a torque wrench and an 13 mm socket tighten to: 325 -
335 inoib, 27 - 28 ft.olb, 37 - 38 N_m.
Without a torque wrench, use a 13 mm closed-end or socket
wrench, turning the nut until the blade retainer is snug against
the shaft bushing. Make sure that the blade is installed correctly,
then rotate the nut an additional 1/4 to 1/2 turn
(Fig. 17).
6. Remove the locking rod from the locking rod slot.
j _
To avoid serious personal injury or damage
to the unit, do not start or operate this unit with the locking
rod in the locking rod slot.
Do not sharpen the cutting blade.
Sharpening the blade can cause the blade tip to break off
while in use. This can result in severe personal injury.
Replace the blade.
1/4 - 1/2 turn
Fig. 17



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