Craftsman 247.25000 Operator's Manual

Craftsman 247.25000 Operator's Manual

Rear engine riding mower 6 speed, shift-on-the-go 30" deck
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6 Speed, Shift-on=the=Go
30" Deck
Model No. 247.25000
• Espanol,
P. 69
This product
has a low emission
which operates
built engines.
you start the engine,
read and
this Operator's
using this equipment,
read this manual
and follow
all safety
rules and operating
For answers
to your questions
this product,
Craftsman Tractor Help Line
7 am = 7 pm CT, Mort. =Sun.
Sears Brands
IL 60179 U.S.A.
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Form No.769-07597A
(March 22,2012)


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 £RnFrSMRN° REAR ENGINE RiDiNG MOWER 6 Speed, Shift-on=the=Go 30" Deck Model No. 247.25000 • Espanol, P. 69 This product has a low emission engine which operates differently from previously built engines. Before you start the engine, read and understand this Operator's Manual.
  • Page 2 WARRANTYSERVICE Forwarrantycoveragedetailsto obtainfree repairor replacement, c all 1-800-659-5917 or visit theweb site:www. craftsman.corn Inallcasesabove, i f partrepair or replacement is impossible, theridingequipment willbe replaced freeof charge withthe sameor anequivalent m odel. All of the abovewarrantycoverageis voidif this ridingequipmentis ever usedwhileprovidingcommercialservicesor if rentedto another person.
  • Page 3 This machinewas builtto be operatedaccordingto the safeopera- This symbolpointsout importantsafetyinstructionswhich,if not tion practicesin this manual.As with anytype of powerequipment, followed,couldendangerthepersonalsafetyand/orpropertyof carelessnessor error on the partof the operatorcan resultin serious yourselfand others. Readand followall instructionsin this manual injury.This machineis capableof amputatingfingers,hands,toes beforeattemptingto operatethis machine.Failureto complywith and feet and throwingdebris.Failureto observethe followingsafety these instructionsmay resultin personalinjury.Whenyou seethis...
  • Page 4 SLOPE OPERATION • Slowdownbeforeturning.Operatethe machinesmoothly.Avoid erraticoperationand excessivespeed. Slopesare a majorfactorrelatedto loss of controland tip-over Disengageblade(s),set parkingbrake,stopengine and wait until accidentswhichcan result in severeinjuryor death.All slopes require the blade(s)come to a completestop beforeremoving grass extra caution.If youcannot back up the slopeor if youfeel uneasyon catcher,emptyinggrass,uncloggingchute,removinganygrass or it, do not mowit.
  • Page 5 CHILDREN SERVICE Tragicaccidentscanoccur ifthe operatoris notalert to the presence SafeHandlingof Gasoline of children.Childrenare often attractedto the machineand the mowing Toavoidpersonalinjury or propertydamageuse extremecarein activity.They do notunderstandthe dangers.Neverassumethat handlinggasoline.Gasolineisextremelyflammableand the vaporsare childrenwill remainwhereyou last sawthem. explosive.Seriouspersonalinjury canoccur whengasolineis spilled • Keepchildrenout of the mowingareaand inwatchfulcare of a on yourselfor your clotheswhich can ignite.
  • Page 6 General Service DO NOT MODIFY ENGINE • Never run anengine indoors or in a poorlyventilatedarea. Engine Toavoid seriousinjuryor death,do notmodifyengine in anyway. exhaustcontainscarbonmonoxide,an odorless,and deadlygas. Tampering with the governorsettingcanlead to a runaway engineand • Beforecleaning,repairing,or inspecting, m akecertainthe blade(s) cause it to operateat unsafespeeds.Nevertamper with factorysetting andall movingpartshavestopped.Disconnect t hesparkplug wire of enginegovernor.
  • Page 7 READ THE OPERATOR'S MANUAL(S) Read, understand, and follow all instructions in the manual(s) before attempting to assemble operate DANGER-- ROTATING BLADES Never carry passengers. Never carry children, even with the blades off. DANGER-- ROTATING BLADES To avoid a back-over accident, keep children away from the machine while it is in operation.
  • Page 8 WARNING-- CARBON MONOXIDE Never run an engine indoors or in a poorly ventilated area. Engine exhaust contains carbon monoxide, an odorless and deadly gas. DANGER-- ROTATING BLADES Do not step on the cutting deck.
  • Page 9 iiiii!i!i!i!i!i!i!i! ! ! ! !iiiiii!ii!!i 12° Slope (OK) (TO0 STEEP) Figure1 Figure2 USETHiSSLOPE GAUGE TODETERMINE iF A SLOPE iSTOOSTEEP FORSAFEOPERATION! Tocheckthe slope, proceedasfollows: Remove this pageand fold alongthe dashedline. Locatea verticalobject on or behindthe slope(e.g.a pole,building,fence, tree, etc.) 3. Align eithersideof the slopegaugewith the object (SeeFigure1 and Figure2 ). 4.
  • Page 10 Contents of Crate • One RidingMower One SeatAssembly One SteeringPedestalCap One SteeringWheel/ShaftAssembly One RearEngineCover One DischargeChuteAssembly One RearHitchPlate One Oil DrainSleeve • One HardwarePack One RidingMowerOperator'sManual One EngineOperator'sManual • One ProductRegistrationCard CONTENTS OF HARDWARE PACK shaft so thatwhen the steeringshaft is installedon the tractor,the pedestalcap will be uprightas shownin Figure1..
  • Page 11: Figure

    Note:Makesurethat the bolt's shoulderis completelyrecessedinto the seat bracketwhensecuringthe lock nut. Oncethe lock nuts are secured,checkto makesurethe seat pivotsup and downfreely.See the inset in Figure5. Figure 3 ATTACHING THE SEAT If the seatfor yourtractorwas notattachedat thefactory,follow the applicableinstructionsbelowto attachit. Figure 5 Removethetwo self-tappingboltsfactory installedon the tractor SEAT ADJUSTMENT and placethe seat bracketin placeoverthe holes.
  • Page 12 INSTALL THE REAR ENGINE COVER NOTE: Oncethe desiredpositionis achieved,lift up and downon the steeringwheelto makesureit locksintoplaceand the button (a) on Installthe rear enginecoverby positioningit in placeas shown the steeringcolumn releasesintoa lockedposition.Donot operatethis in Figure9. Tipthe enginecoverforwardto fit it intothe slots unit unlessthe steeringcolumnis in a lockedposition.
  • Page 13 Figure11 Figure12 CONNECTING THE BATTERY CABLES GAS & OIL NOTE: Theengineis shippedwithoutgasolineand with motoroil in the engine.However, y ou MUSTchecktheoil levelbeforeoperating. CALiFORNiA PROPOSITION Be carefulnotto overfill.Runningthe enginewith insufficientoil can cause seriousenginedamageand voidthe enginewarranty. Batteryposts,terminals,and relatedaccessoriescontainlead and leadcompounds,chemicalsknownto the Stateof California to cause cancerand reproductiveharm.Washhandsafter handling.
  • Page 14 Useautomotive gasoline(unleadedor lowleadedto minimizecombus- tion chamberdeposits)with a minimumof 87 octane.Gasolinewith mE/ml, up to 10%ethanolor 15%MTBE(MethylTertiaryButyl Ether)can be used. Neverusean oil/gasolinemixtureor dirty gasoline.Avoidgetting dirt, dust,or waterin the fuel tank.DO NOTuse E85 gasoline. Gasolineis extremelyflammableand is explosiveunder certain conditions. m mlb Refuelin a well-ventilated area with the enginestopped.Do not smokeor allowflamesor sparksin the areawherethe engineis (°C) -30o -20o -I0 o...
  • Page 15 Clutch/Brake Speed Control & Parking Brake Lever Fuel Level indicator ignition Switch Shift Lever Fuel Fill Cap Throttle/Choke Lever Deck Lift Lever Cup Holder PTO (Blade Engage) Lever Oil Fill Cap Figure14 NOTE: Any reference in this manualto the RIGHTor LEFTside of thetractorisobservedfromoperator'sseat positionfacing forwardtowardsthe front of tractor.
  • Page 16 Throttle / Choke Control iMPORTANT: Neverforcethe shift lever.Doingsomay result in seriousdamageto the tractor'stransmission. Thethrottlecontrolleveris locatedon the left fenderof the tractoras seenfrom the operator'sposition,seeFig. 14.This levercontrolsthe speedof the engine,as wellas the chokewhenit is pushedall the wayforward.When set ina givenposition,the throttlewill maintaina uniformenginespeed.
  • Page 17 Gasoline The gasolinetank islocatedunderthe seat. Donot overfill. Useextremecarewhenhandlinggasoline.Gasolineisextremely flammableand the vaporsare explosive.Neverfuel machineindoors or whilethe engineis hotor running.Extinguishcigarettes,cigars, pipes,and othersourcesof ignition. NOTE : Purchasegasolinein smallquantities.Donot usegasolineleft overfrom the previousseason,to minimizegumdepositsinthe fuel system. • This engineis certifiedto operateon unleadedgasoline.Forbest © results,fill the fuel tankwith onlyclean,fresh,unleadedgasoline with a pumpstickeroctane ratingof 87 or higher.
  • Page 18 Safety interlock Switches The safetyinterlock s ystemisdesignedfor safe operationof thetrac- Avoid Serious Injury or Death tor. If this systemshouldevermalfunction,do notoperatethetractor. • Knowlocationand functionof all controls. Immediatelycontact1-800i4iMY-HOME to havethe systemserviced. • Removeobjectswhich couldbe thrownbythe blades. • The safetyinterlocksystempreventstheenginefrom starting • Go up and downslopes,not across. unlessthe parkingbrakeis engagedand the PTO(BladeEngage) •...
  • Page 19 Turnthe ignitionkeyclockwiseto the STARTposition.After the The lawntractorisbroughtto a stop by depressingtheclutch- enginestarts,releasethe key.It will returnto the ON position. brakepedal. NOTE=Whenoperatingthe unit initially, therewill be little difference betweenthe highesttwo speedsuntilafter the belts haveseated IMPORTANT: D oNOT holdthe key in the STARTpositionfor longer themselvesintothe pulleysduring the break-inperiod.
  • Page 20 ENGAGING THE BLADES MOWING Engagingthe PTO(Blade Engage)transferspowerto thecuttingdeck. Toengagethe blades,proceedas follows: To helpavoidbladecontact or a thrownobject injury,keepbystand- Movethe throttle/chokecontrolleverto the FAST(rabbit)position. ers, helpers,childrenand petsat least 75 feet from the machine Graspthe PTO(BladeEngage)leverand pivotit all the way whileit is in operation.Stopmachineif anyoneentersthe area. forwardintothe engaged(ON)position.
  • Page 21 MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE Beforeperforming anytypeof maintenance/service, disengage all Followthe maintenanceschedulegivenbelow.This chart describes controls and stoptheengine.Waituntilall moving partshavecometo serviceguidelinesonly.Use the ServiceLog columnto keeptrackof a completestop.Disconnect sparkplugwireandgrounditagainst t he completedmaintenance tasks. engine to prevent u nintended starting. A lways wearsafety glassesduring To locate the nearest Parts& Repair Service Center or to operation orwhileperforming anyadjustments o r repairs.
  • Page 22 ENGINE MAINTENANCE Remove the oil drainsleevefromthe oil sump.Returnthe dipstick to the oil filltubeand screwtheoil fill cap backintoplace. Refillthe enginewiththe newmotoroil. Referto Gas& Oil inthe Shutoff the engine beforeperforminganymaintenance. T o prevent Assemblysectionof this manualforinformation regarding the accidentalstart-up,disconnectthe spark plug boot. approvedoil type.
  • Page 23: Air Filter

    Toreplace theOilFilter: 1. Drain t he oil a s instruction p reviouslyinthis section. Donot use _ressurized air or solventstoclean theair cleaner Removetheoil filter. Disposeof the old oil filter properly. cartridge. Lube gasketof newoil filter with cleanoil. Installandturnoil filterbyhanduntilthegasketcomesincontactwith the sealingsurfaceof thecrankcasecover,thentightenthe oil filter,10-12Nm (88.5-106.2 in-lb),1/2-3/4turn.
  • Page 24 Removethe foam pre-filterfrom aroundthe paperair filter. See Air Filter Fig. 25. Replacepaperelementwhendirty or damaged.Clean foamelementor replacewhendamaged. Plastic Feature Air Filter. Shroud Feature Figure27 Spark Plug Service Figure25 DONOTcheckfor sparkwith sparkplug removed.DONOT crank Tocleanfoam element,washin a mildliquid detergentand water. enginewith spark plug removed. Squeezeor pressthe foam elementto rinseoutdirt and water.Do nottwist;...
  • Page 25 To DrainThe Fuel: Measurethe plug gap with a feelergauge.Correctas necessary by bendingsideelectrode.See Fig. 29.The gap shouldbe set to Locate the fuelfilter,whichisroutedon theleftsideof theengine between0.024-0.031 in. between thefuel tankand thecarburetor, and may be attachedto the enginewitha tie strap.Cutthe tie strap,ifpresent,thenpinch Electrode the in-lineclampon the fuelfilterwitha pair ofpliers,slidethe clampup the fuelline.Pullthefuel linefreefromthe filterandplace the openend ofthe lineintoan approvedcontainer to drainthe fuel.
  • Page 26 CUTTING DECK REMOVAL To remove the cutting deck, proceed as follows: Placethe PTO(Blade Engage) leverin the disengaged(OFF) position and engagetheparkingbrake. Lowerthe deck by movingthe deck lift lever intothe bottom notch on the rightfender. Removethe beltfrom aroundthe tractor'sPTOpulley.See Fig. Avoidpinchinginjuries.Neverplaceyour fingerson the idler springor betweenthe belt and a pulleywhile removingthe belt.
  • Page 27 TIRES If changingthedeck belt with the cuttingdeck still installedon the unit, lowerthe cuttingdeck to the lowestcutting position.Remove the deck beltfrom aroundthe unit'sPTOdrive pulleyas shownin Fig. 31.Simplyroll one sideof the beltoff of the pulleyand then Neverexceedthe maximuminflationpressureshownon the sidewall of tire. work it off the pulleyby continuingaroundthe pulleyuntilthe belt is off of the pulley.
  • Page 28 ADJUSTMENTS Neverattemptto make anyadjustmentswhilethe engineis running, exceptwherespecifiedin the operator'smanual. Leveling the Deck NOTE: Checkthe tractor'stire pressurebeforeperforming any deck levelingadjustments.Referto Tires,in this ServiceAnd Maintenance sectionfor moreinformationregardingtire pressure. Front To Rear It is possibleto adjust thepitch of the cuttingdeck.The frontof the deck shouldbe between0" (level)and K" lowerthanthe rear of the deck.
  • Page 29 CHANGING THE TRANSMISSION DRIVE BELT NOTE: Severalcomponents mustbe removedand specialtools (i.e. air/impactwrench)in orderto changethetractor'sdrivebelt. Contact the nearest Parts & Repair Service Center to haveyourtransmis- siondrivebelt serviced. To locatethe nearest Parts& RepairService Center or to schedule service, call (800)659-5917. MUFFLER Temperature of mufflerand nearbyengineareasmay exceed150 ° F (65°0).Avoidcontactwith theseareas.
  • Page 30 iMPORTANT: if removing the batteryfor any reason,disconnectthe NEGATIVE (Black) wirefrom itsterminalfirst, followedby the POSI- TIVE (Red)wire.When re-installing the battery,alwaysconnectthe Whenchargingyourtractor'sbattery,useonlya chargerdesignedfor I POSITIVE (Red) wireto itsterminalfirst, followedbythe NEGATIVE 12Vlead-acidbatteries.Readyourbatterychargers Owners Manual (Black)wire. Be certainthat the wiresare connectedto the correct priorto chargingyourtractors battery.Alwaysfollowits instructions I land heed ts warnngs.
  • Page 31 © © Figure41 CLEANING THE ENGINE AND DECK Figure42 Anyfuel or oil spilledon the machineshouldbe wipedoff promptly.Do Turnthewater on. NOTallowdebristo accumulatearoundtheengine coolingfins of the Whilesitting in the operator'spositionon the tractor,startthe engineor on anyother partof the machine. engineand placethethrottleleverin the FAST(rabbit)position. IMPORTANT: The useof a pressurewasherto cleanyour tractoris Movethe tractor'sPTO(Blade Engage)intothe ON position.
  • Page 32: Engineoil

    Neverstore lawntractorwith fuel in tank indoorsor in poorly ventilatedareaswherefuelfumesmay reachan open flame,spark, or pilotlight as on a furnace,waterheater,clothesdryer,or gas appliance. PREPARING THE ENGINE iMPORTANT: F uelleft inthe fuel tankduring warmweatherdeterio- Gasolineis a toxicsubstance.Disposeof gasolineproperly.Contact ratesand will cause seriousstartingproblems. yourlocal authoritiesfor approveddisposal methods. Removethespark plug and pour one (1)ounceof engineoil throughthe spark plug holeinto thecylinder.Crankthe engine severaltimes todistributethe oil.
  • Page 33 Engine fails tostart 1. PTO/Blade Engage lever engaged. 1. Place l ever indisengaged (OFF) position. 2. Parking brake n ot e ngaged. 2. Engage parking brake. 3. Spark plug w ire(s) disconnected. 3. Connect wire(s) tospark plug(s). 4. Throttle/Choke controJ lever not i ncorrect 4.
  • Page 34 TOP VIEW 777123510 777D17063 777D16808 777S34102 Centered On Steering Column 777D17041 Operators Left Side AJign To Top Edge 777D17040 Operators Right Side Align To "lop Edge 777S34202 Place On Top Of Deck On The Lower Ridge Keep Off Curves 777S34201 Place On Top Of Deck Keep Off Curves 777D17060...
  • Page 35 Craftsman Model 247.25000...
  • Page 36 Craftsman Model 247.25000 Part No. Description Ref, 710-0924 Machine Screw, 1/4-20, 0.750 710-1241 Hex Screw, 1/4-15, 1.000 Hex Head Screw, 5/16-18, .75 710-3008 710-3015 Hex Head Screw, 1/4-20, .75 712-04063 Flange Locknut, 5/16-18 712-04064 Flange Locknut, 1/4-20 712-04092 U-type Speed Nut, 1/4-20...
  • Page 37 Craftsman IViodel 247.25000...
  • Page 38 Craftsman Model 247.25000 Part No, Description Part No, Description Ref, Ref, 738-0930 918-05056 Shoulder Spacer, .560x.165, 5/16-18 Transmission Assembly 747-05593 Shift Rod 647-04262 Shift Handle Assembly 747-05617A 683-04768-0637 Deck Belt Keeper, 30" Drive Assembly Idler 950-04099 683-04779 Stepped Spacer, .265 ID X .750...
  • Page 39 Craftsman IViodel 247.25000 ®...
  • Page 40 Craftsman IViodel 247.25000 Part No. Description Ref, 710-0607 TapScrew,5/16-18,0.500 712-04063 FlangeLockNut, 5/16-18 720-04009A Knob,3/8-16, .875 732-04905 SeatSpring 735-0271A Bumper,.62 DIAX .3 938-0140 ShoulderSpacer,.435X .178-5/16 X .56 757-04158 Seat 783-07213-0637 Seat PivotBracket 683-04754-0637 PTOHandleAssembly 712-04065 FlangeLockNut, 3/8-16 720-04049A HandleGrip,3/8 725-0157 CableTie,3/16X .05 X 7.4 732-04956 ExtensionSpring,.50OD X4.646 LG...
  • Page 41 Craftsman IViodel 247.25000...
  • Page 42 Craftsman Model 247.25000 Part No, Description Ref, 683-04699-0637 Brake Pedal Assembly Screw, #10-16:0.500 910-0224 710-0376 Hex Head Scerw, 5/16-18:1.00 710-04484 Tap Screw, 5/16-18:.750 710-3008 Hex Head Screw, 5/16-18:.75 911-04075A Ferrule 3/8-24 X .375 Dia. 711-0736 Adjustable Ferrule, 1/4-20 X 1.00...
  • Page 43 Craftsman Model 247.25000 21 © 21\_...
  • Page 44 Craftsman Model 247.25000 Ref. I Description Part No. 683-04726-0637 Front Axle Assembly, 683-04727-0637 Front Axle Assembly, 683-04761 Upper Tube Assembly 683-04762 Lower Tube Assembly 710-05046 Allen Wrench, 3/16 710-05386 Screw, 1/4-20 X 1.25 710-0643 Hex Head Screw, 5/16-18:1.00 710-0703 Carriage Screw, 1/4-20, .75...
  • Page 45 Craftsman IViodel 247.25000...
  • Page 46 Craftsman Model 247.25000 Ref. I Part No. Description 683-04706-0637 Lift Assembly Shaft 683-04757-0637 Front Hanger Bracket Assembly 710-04484 Tap Screw, 5/16-18, .750 710-0514 Hex Head Screw, 3/8-16, 1.00 710-0642 Tap Screw, 1/4-20, 0.750 710-0809 Tap Screw, 1/4-20, 1.250 710-1652 Tap Screw, 1/4-20 X .625 711-05690 Ferrule, .50 X .50...
  • Page 47 Craftsman Model 247.25000 iT-1...
  • Page 48 Craftsman Model 247.25000 Ref. I Description Part No. 710-04483 Tap Screw, 1/4-20, 0.500 710-04683 Tap Screw, 3/8-16, 1.000 71O-O5446 Tap Screw, 3/8-16, 2.250 726-0205 Hose Clamp, .490 DIA. 731-1682A Oil Drain Sleeve 946-04829 Throttle/Choke Cable 31 Lg. 751-10349 Low Permeation...
  • Page 49 Craftsman Model 247.25000 &\38...
  • Page 50 Craftsman IViodel 247.25000 Part No, Description Part No, Description Ref, Ref, 918-04822A 738-04162A Shoulder Spacer, .8840 X .190 Spindle Pulley Assembly, 6.3 DIA 683-04734 738-04278 PTO Brake Assembly Bracket Shoulder Spacer, 1/4-20, 0.50 942-04385 683-04782-0637 Cutting Blade, 30.00" 3-1N-1 Rear Deck Assembly...
  • Page 51 Craftsman Engine Model 4P90JUA For Model 247.25000 127-_o_ 01128 130 _1 " 951-12255 Air Filter CoverAssembly 712-04291 Air Filter Lock Nut 951-12255 Air Filter Cover 951-12256 SpongeFilter 951-12260 Air FilterAssembly 712-04212 Nut M6 951-12328 RubberCap 951-12257 Manifold 951-12258 ManifoldGasket...
  • Page 52 Craftsman Engine IViodel 4P90JUA For IViodel 247.25000 751-12205 DebrisShield 712-04290 750-05320 EngineShroudSpacer 710-05304 Starter/Shroud Stud M6xlO0 951-11622 FlexibleClamp 710-05305 Hook Bolt 951-12206 Air Shield 710-05303 Self-Tapping Bolt5.5x25...
  • Page 53 Craftsman Engine IViodel 4P90JUA For IViodel 247.25000 51--_ 197-Gasket I{it- Complete 198-Gasket I{it- External °__53 199-Complete Eagiae 1_5- U _183...
  • Page 54 Craftsman Engine IViodel 4P90JUA For IViodel 247.25000 951-11499 750-05530 ComponentBracketSpacer UpperCrankshaftSeal 710-04916 Bolt M6x14 951-12235 BreatherHoseAssembly 751-12770 BreatherCoverPlate 951-12236 BreatherHoseClamp 751-12200A 951-12226 BreatherGasket ShortBlockAssembly 951-12685 UmbrellaValve (Incl.37,47-53,55-58,73-77,84, 951-12227 MeshScreen 86-89,91-93,98-104,112,113, 951-12686 UmbrellaValveSeat 115-119,137,138,144,160,172, 951-12228 ChokeLinkage 173,175 - 178,183 - 186)
  • Page 55 Craftsman Engine Model 4P90JUA For Model 247.25000 197-Gasket Kit- Complete 198-Gasket Kit- External 199- Complete Engine 155 _ 151-_O 151-_O 16_i_ 193--_) OPTIONAL @--142 _140 I,--14o...
  • Page 56: Sparkplug

    Craftsman Engine IViodel 4P90JUA For IViodel 247.25000 951-12202 710-05315 BoltM5xlO CylinderHead Kit 951-12265 Cowl (Inc1.144,156,163,164,166) 751-12774 Air ValveCore 710-05316 ValveCoverBolt 751-12775 951-12266 ValveCover StrainerClip 751-12776 Strainer 951-12267 ValveCoverRingGasket 751-12777 The Air ValveBonnet 951-11981 RockerArmAssembly 736-04629 Washer 751-11124 Jam Nut 710-05450...
  • Page 57 Craftsman Engine Model 4P90JUA For Model 247.25000 76--_ --75 _----91 _---93 84--_...
  • Page 58 Craftsman Engine IViodel 4P90JUA For IViodel 247.25000 951-11622 951-12248 Oil PumpAssembly FlexibleClamp 951-12238 951-12247 O-Ring10x2.65 CrankshaftAssembly 951-11969 951-12249 Filter MainBearing 951-12250 951-10307 WoodruffKey FilterSpring 951-12239 951-12251 O-Ring35.5x2.65 DipstickAssembly 951-12241 951-12252 FilterCover UpperO-Ring 951-11956 951-12363 LowerO-Ring GovernorGear/ShaftAssembly 710-05313 BoltM8x15 951-12240 Oil FillTubeAssembly...
  • Page 59 Craftsman Engine Model 4P90JUA For Model 247.25000 --133 o _ __ 200- Carburetor I (it- Major...
  • Page 60 Craftsman Engine Model 4P90JUA For Model 247.25000 951-12823 LockWasher Carburetor Assembly 951-11731 Nylon/Plastic O-Ring FuelHoseClamp 951-11336 FuelLine Kit FiberO-Ring 723-04071 PlasticSupportClamp IdleSpeedAdjustingScrew 951-12261 Carburetor Gasket IdleMixtureScrew 951-12262 CarburetorInsulator Carburetor Body FuelInlet 951-12263 CarburetorInsulatorGasket FloatPin 951-12264 CarbStud 751-12779 EmulsionTube CarburetorKit- Major...
  • Page 61 Craftsman Engine Model 4P90JUA For Model 247.25000 190 -- 710-04916 BoltM6x14 712-04219 Nut M8 951-12270 MufflerAssembly 951-12271 ExhaustPipeGasket 951-12272 MuffStud M8x47 951-12196 MufflerStudAssembly 951-12278 Wire MeshShield 710-05051 BoltM6x12...
  • Page 62 Craftsman Engine Model 4P90JUA For Model 247.25000 11--o o--ll 25---o 24--W _-14 _--17 710-05306 BoltM8x40 951-12528 StarterHousingAssembly 951-12207 951-12217 Screw StarterAssembly 710-05307 Screw M5x25 736-04554 LockWasher 736-04554 LockWasher5 951-12529 Brush Assembly 736-04556 PlainWasher6 951-12219 ElectricalStarterBack Cover Electrical S tarter FrontCover...
  • Page 63 Craftsman Engine IViodel 4P90JUA For IViodel 247.25000 710-04920 BoltM6x28 951-12220 IgnitionCoil Assembly 712-04220 FlywheelNut M16x1.5 951-12221 FanMountingPlate 751-12222A CoolingFan 951-12223 Flywheel 951-12224 Coil Assy.Charge 710-04940 BoltM6xlO 951-12279 Cowl...
  • Page 64 Look For Relevant Emissions Durability Period and Air index information On Your Engine Emissions Label Engines that are certified to meet the California Air Resources Board (CARB) Tier 2 Emission Standards must display information regarding the Emissions Durability Period and the Air Index. Sears Brands Management Corporation makes this information available to the consumer on our emission...
  • Page 65 (Thispage applicablein the U.S.A.and Canadaonly.) Sears Brands Management Corporation (Sears), the California Air Resources Board (CARD) and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) Emission Control System Warranty Statement (Owner's Defect Warranty Rights and Obligations) EMISSIONCONTROL WARRANTY COVERAGEISAPPLICABLE TO CERTI- YEAR 1997AND LATERENGINES WHICHARE PURCHASED AND USED FIEDENGINESPURCHASEDIN CALIFORNIAIN 1995ANDTHEREAF- ELSEWHERE IN THE UNITEDSTATES (ANDAFTERJANUARY1,2001 IN...
  • Page 66 FEDERAL and/or CALIFORNIA EMISSION CONTROL WARRANTY STATEMENT YOUR WARRANTY RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS MTDConsumerGroupInc,the United StatesEnvironmental P rotectionAgency (EPA),and, forthose productscertifiedfor sale in the stateof California,the CaliforniaAir ResourcesBoard(CARB)are pleasedto explainthe emission(evaporativeand/or exhaust)controlsystem(ECS) warrantyon youroutdoor 2006 andlater smalloff-roadspark-ignitedengine andequipment(outdoorequipmentengine)In California,new outdoorequipmentengines mustbe designed,built and equippedto meetthe State'sstringentanti-smogstandards (in otherstates, 1997andlater modelyear equipmentmustbe designed,built, and equippedto meet the U.S.
  • Page 67 WARRANTED PARTS: The repairor replacementof any warrantedpart otherwiseeligiblefor warrantycoveragemay be excludedfrom such warrantycoverageif MTDConsumerGroup Inc demonstratesthatthe outdoor equipmentengine has beenabused,neglected,or improperlymaintained,and that suchabuse, neglect,or impropermainte- nancewasthe direct causeof the needfor repairor replacementof the part. That notwithstanding, a ny adjustmentof a component t hat hasa factory installed, andproperlyoperating,adjustmentlimitingdevice is still eligible for warrantycoverage.
  • Page 68 Congratulations on making a smart purchase. Your new Craftsman® product is designed manufactured for years of dependable operation. But like all products, it may require repair from time to time. That's when having a Repair Protection Agreement can save you money and aggravation.
  • Page 69 Servicio de nOmeros .... atrasados Page Fuera de temporada de almacenamiento .. Page 99 CRAFTSMAN GARANTiA TOTAL PORDOSANOSa partirde lafechade cornpra, t odas laspartes no fungibles d e esteequipo de equitaci6n est_n garantizados contra cualquier d efecto de material o rnano de obra.Unapiezadefectuosa nofungibles recibir_.n reparaci6n g ratuita en el hogar o lasustituci6n s i la reparaci6n e s irnposible.
  • Page 70 Esta rn_.quina rueconstruidapara seroperadade acuerdocon La presenciade este sirnboloindicaque setrata de instrucciones las reglasde seguridadcontenidasen este manual.AI igualque irnportantes de seguridadque se deben respetarpara evitar concualquiertipo de equipo rnotorizado, u n descuidoo error por poneren peligrosu seguridadpersonaly/o materialy la de otras partedel operadorpuedeproducirlesionesgraves.Estarn_.quina personas.Lea y sigatodas lasinstruccionesde este manualantes es capazde arnputarrnanosy piesy de arrojarobjetoscon gran...
  • Page 71 • Nuncadeje la rn_.quina e n funcionarniento sinvigilancia. A pague Tengaespecialcuidadocon loscolectores de c_spedu otros siernprelascuchillas, c oloqueel frenode rnano,detengael motory aditarnentos. L osrnisrnos puedenrnodificar laestabilidad de la retirela Ilaveantesde bajarsedel vehiculo. rn_.quina. • Tengasurnocuidadoal cargaro descargar la rn_.quina e n un Hagaque todoslosrnovirnientos e n las pendientes seanlentos y rernolque o carni6n.Estaunidadno debeconducirse en ascensoo graduales.
  • Page 72 No perrnitanuncaque losniSosrnenoresde 14aSosutilicenesta • Vuelvaa colocar la tapade la gasolinay ajQstela bien. rn_.quina. Los niSosde 14aSosen adelantedebenleer y entenderlas • Lirnpieel combustible que sehayaderrarnadosobreel motory el instruccionesde operaci6ny norrnasde seguridadcontenidasen este equipo.Trasladela rn_.quina a otrazona. Espere5 rninutosantes manual,yen la rn_.quina y deben serentrenadosy supervisadospor de encenderel motor.
  • Page 73 NO MODIFIQUE EL MOTOR • Despu_sde golpearcon algOn objetoextrafio,detengael motor, desconecteel cablede la bujfay conecteel motora rnasa. Paraevitarlesionesgraveso la rnuerte,no rnodifiqueel motorbajo Inspeccionerninuciosarnente l a rn_.quina paraver si est,. daSada. ningunacircunstancia. S i carnbiala configuraci6n del reguladordel Repareel daSoantes de arrancary utilizarla rn_.quina. motorel motor puededescontrolarse y operara velocidadesinsegu- •...
  • Page 74 SJlVIBOLOS DE SEGURIDAD Esta p&ginarepresenta y describela seguridadlos simbolosque puedenpareceren este producto.Lea,comprenda,y sigatodas instrucciones en la m_quinaantesprocurarpara reuniry operar. LEA EL MANUAL(S) DEL OPERADOR leido, entienda, y siga todas las instrucciones en el manual(s) antes de procurar montar y funcionar PELIGRO-- DIe EL CORTE DE PIE Nunca transporte pasajeros.
  • Page 75 PELIGRO-- GIRANDO HOJAS Para reducir el riesgo de herida, guarde manos y pies lejos. No funcione a menos que la tapa de descarga o el receptor de hierba est6n en su lugar apropiado. De ser dahado, sustituya inmediatamente. GASOLINA DE ADVERTENCIA ESINFLAMABLE Permita que el motor se enfrfe al menos dos minutos antes del reabastecimiento de combustible.
  • Page 76 -- 12° Pendiente - 12 ° Pendiente (ACEPTAR) (DEMASIADO ESCARPADO) Figura 1 Figura 2 " " "- 12°/fne, USODE ESTEPENDIENTEDE CALIBRE PARA DETERMINAR SI UNA PENDIENTEES DEiVIASIADO ESCARPADOPARAUNA OPERACIONSEGURA! Para comprobar la pendiente, haga Io siguiente: Borrar esta p_gina y doble a Io largo de la linea discontinua. Localizar un objeto vertical sobre o detr_.sde la pendiente (un poste, un edificio, una valla, un _.rbol,etc.) Alinee cada lado de pendiente de calibre con el objeto vertical (consultar Figura 1 and Figura 2 ).
  • Page 77 (ontenido deicaj6n • UnTractorCortac6sped • • Unatapa de pedestalde direcci6n Unconjuntode asiento Unatapa trasera del motor • Unconjuntode rueda/ejede direcci6n Unconjuntode canal de descarga Unaplacade enganchetrasera Unamangapara drenadode aceite Unpaquetede elementosde ferreteria • UnManualdel operadordel Tractor • UnManualde operaci6ndel motor Unatarjeta para registrarel producto Cortac6sped OONTENIDO...
  • Page 78 Figura 3 Figura 5 AJUSTE DE LA ALTURA DEL VOLANTE Conuna Nave detrinquete de 1/4 de pulgada,sujete el soporte Paraajustar la altura del volante,esta unidadesta equipadacon una columnade volantetelesc6pica.Paraajustar la altura del volante: Si6ntese en el asiento deloperador y coloque lasmanos enel volante. Nouse ninguna herramienta el6ctrica ( por ejemplo, pistola deimpacto o taladro Pulseel bot6nde la columnade la direcci6ny eleveo baje el el6ctrico c onelextractor detuercas colocado) para apretar lospernos...
  • Page 79 AJUSTE DEL ASIENTO COLOQUE LA TAPA TRASERA DEL MOTOR Paraajustar la posici6ndel asiento,aflojelas dos perillasde Coloqueia tapa trasera del motor ubicandolaen su lugar como ajuste que estan ubicadasen la parteinferior del asiento.Deslice se indicaen la Figura9. Incline la tapa del motor haciaadelante el asientohaciaadelanteo haciaatras,segOnIodesee.Vuelvaa paraque calce dentrode las ranurasprovistas,luegor6tela apretarla perilla de ajuste.Consultela Fig.
  • Page 80 CONEXI6N DE LOS CABLES DE LA BATER|A GASOUNA Y ACEITE NOTA: El motor se enviasin gasolinay conaceite para motor en su interior.Sin embargo,usted DEBE controlar el nivelde aceite antes de CALIFORNIA PROPOSiTiON hacerlofuncionar.Tengacuidadode no Ilenaren exceso.Si se hace funcionar el motorsin suficiente aceite puededa_arsegravemente y Los bornes de la bateria y los accesorios afines contienen plomo y compuestos de plomo, sustancias qufmicas que seg_n Io establecido por el se anula la garantia.
  • Page 81 NoIleneen excesoel dep6sitode combustible.Despu6sde _'ap6n de Ilnado de cargar combustible,aseg0rese de que el tap6n del dep6sitoest6 aceite/varilla de medici6n del nivel de aceite biencerradoy asegurado. Tengacuidadode no derramarcombustibleal realizarla recarga. El combustiblederramadoo sus vaporesse puedenincendiar. Si se derramacombustible,aseg0resede que el area est6 seca antes de arrancarel motor.
  • Page 82 Pedal de freno/ embrague Indicador de nivel de combustible Interruptor de encendido Palanca de cambios Palanca estrangulador Portacubeta de la plataforma Palanca de la toma de fuerza (PTO) Tap6n de llenado (enganche de cuchilla) de aceite Figura13 NOTA: Cualquierreferenciahecha en este manualal lado DERECHO o IZQUIERDO del tractor debeentendersetal comose observadesdela posici6ndel operador cuandoesta sentadohacia adelanteorientadoal frente del tractor.
  • Page 83 Control del acelerador/estrangulador La palancade control del acderador esta ubicada en el guardabarros izquierdodel tractor si sesientaen laposici6ndel operador,vea laFig.13. Esta palancacontrola la velocidaddel motor,asi como el estranguladorcuandose Io empujacompletamentehaciaadelante.Cuandose Iocoloca en unaposici6n determinada,el aceleradormantieneuna velocidadde motoruniforme. IMPORTANTE: Cuandoopereel tractor con la plataformade corte colocada, aseguresede que lapalanca del aceleradoreste siempre en la posici6n FAST (rapido;representadopor una liebre).
  • Page 84 Tengamucho cuidadoal trabajar con gasoNna. L a gasolina es sumamente inflamabley sus vaporespuedencausar explosiones. N unca cargue combustibleen la maquinaen un espaciocerradoo cuando el motorest,, calienteo en marcha.Apaguecigarrillos, cigarros, pipas y otras fuentes de combusti6n. NOTA: Compregasolinaen peque_ascantidades.No use gasoNna que haya quedado de la temporadaanterior,para minimizar la formaci6n de dep6sitos de goma en el sistemade combustible.
  • Page 85 Interruptores de bioqueo de seguridad El sistemade bloqueode seguridadesta diseSadoparaque el tractor Evite lesiones graves o la muerte funcionecon seguridad.Si dicho sistemafuncionamal, no se debe hacer • Recorra laspendientes h acia arribay haciaabajo, n ode manera transversal. funcionarel tractor. • Evite realizar g irosabruptos.
  • Page 86 NOTA: AIoperar la unidad inicialmente,habrapocadiferenciaentre lasdos velocidadesmas altas hastaque lascorreasse hayanasentadoen las poleas durante el periodode ablande. IMPORTANTE: NOmantengala Ilaveen la posici6nSTART(arranque) durante mas de diezsegundospor vez. Si Io hace,puedeocasionarda_os al arrancadorelectrico del motor. Antesde abandonarla posici6ndel operador,desenganchelascuchillas, coloque la palancaen neutral,coloque elfreno de estacionamiento, Despuesde quearranque el motor,desactiveel control del obturadory apagueel motor y retire la Ilavede encendido.
  • Page 87 ENGANCHE CORTE DE Ci=SPED DE LAS CUCHILLAS AIconectarla PTO(enganchede cuchiNa)se suministraalimentaci6na la plataformade corte. Paraconectarlas cuchillas,haga Iosiguiente: Muevala palancade control del acelerador/estrangulador a la posici6n Paratratar de evitar el contactocon lascuchillaso unalesi6n por algun FAST(VELOCIDAD R D, PIDA, r epresentadapor una liebre). objeto quesea arrojado,mantengaa los observadores,a los ayudantes, Tomela palancade la PTO(enganchede cuchilla)y gfrelatotalmente niSosy mascotasalejadosal menos75 pies (25 metros) de la maquina...
  • Page 88 PROGRAIVlA DEiVlANTENliVllENTO Antesde realizar c ualquier t ipo demantenimiento o servicio, d esenganche t odos Sigael cronograma de mantenimiento quesepresenta a continuaciOn. loscontroles y detenga elmotor.Espere a quesedetengan completamente todas Esta tablasolodescribe pautas deservicio. U tilicelacolumna Registro laspiezas m6viles.Desconecte e lcablede labuj[ay p6ngalohaciendo masacontra de Servicio parahacer e l seguimiento d elastareas demantenimiento elmotorparaevitarqueseencienda accidentalmente.
  • Page 89 iVlANTENliVllENTO DELMOTOR relacionada coneltipodeaceite aprobado. IIVIPORTANTE: Elaceite usado delmotor puede causar cancer d epielsi entra encontacto conlapieldemanera r eiterada y porperiodos p rolongados. Apagueel motorantesde realizarel mantenimiento. P araevitarunapuestaen Sibienesto esimprobable amenos quemanipule a ceite usado todos los marcha accidental,desconecte lafunda de labuj[a. dias, s inembargo e srecomendable lavarse b ienlasmanos c onagua y jab@ inmediatamente despu6s d ehaber manipulado aceite usado.
  • Page 90 Extraiga elfiltrodeaire.Deseche elfiltroviejodemanera adecuada. Lubrique lajuntadel filtro nuevo conaceitelimpio. Coloque ygire elfiltro deaceite m anualmente hasta q ue lajunta entre e n contacto Nouseairepresurizadonidisolventepara limpiarelcartuchodelfiltro deaire. con lasuperficie desellado delacubierta del c _rter, luego ajuste e lfiltro de aceite, 10-12 N m (88.5-106.2 pulgada-libra), 1/2-3/4 degiro.
  • Page 91 Retire e l prefiltro d eespuma dealrededor delfiltrodeairedepapel. C onsulte Tapadel fUtro laFig. 2 4.Reemplace elelemento depapel siesta sucio odanado. Limpie e l de aire elemento deespuma oreemplacelo siestadanado. Air Filter Cubierta Mantenirnient0 de bujia Figura24 Afin delimpiar e lelemento d eespuma, I_velo condetergente liquido NOpruebe lachispa si noest_labujiadeencendido.
  • Page 92 Midalaseparaci6n debujia conuncalibrador. Corrija desernecesario combustible conunpar depinzas, deslice l aabrazadera hacia a rriba potlalinea torciendo elelectrodo lateral. Vea latigura 28.Laseparaci6n debe establecerse decombustible, Saque l alinea decombustible sineltiltroycoloque elextremo demanera q ue quede e ntre 0.024-0.031 pulg, abierto d elalinea enunrecipiente aprobado para drenar elcombustible. Para cambiarel filtro de combustible: Electrodo Utilicepinzas paraapretar l aslengOetas dela otraabrazadera (el lado...
  • Page 93 estacionamiento. Baje la plataforma colocando l a palanca d eelevaciOn delaplataforma dentro delamuesca inferior d elguardabarros derecho. Extraiga el pasador d echaveta c onunioncurva y la arandela plana delconjunto deelevaciOn de laplataforma y guardelo paravolver a colocarlo posteriormente. Veala Fig.30. ©©...
  • Page 94 Lo mas facil escambiar lacorreadela plataforma e xtrayendo p rimerola Cambie la correa, l uego vuelva a instalar t odosloscomponentes que plataforma d ecortecomo seindic0previamente enestasecci0n.Omita extrajo siguiendo e l orden inverso, comenzando porla polea Ioca y continuando c onlacubierta dela correa. estepasosi decide cambiar l a correa de laplataforma s inextraer l a plataforma d ecortedela unidad.
  • Page 95 CARGA DELA BATERJA delaplataforma. Useun bloquedemaderao2 x 4, ins_rtelodentrodelaaberturade la plataforma y girelacuchillaalrededor hastaquelamaderahaga cu_aentre laabertura de laplataforma y lacuchilladecorte,comoseindicaen laFig. AIcargarse, lasbaterias e miten ungasquepuede causar e xplosiones. Cargue la bateria enun_rea bienventilada y mant@gala alejada d e unallama expuesta o piloto, comolosdeloscalentadores deagua, Extraigalatuercade brida hexagonal q ueaseguralacuchillaal montaje calefactores deambiente, hornos, s ecadores deropay otros aparatos a gas.
  • Page 96 Una c uchilla mal equilibrada causara exceso de vibraci6n ypuede da_ar el tractor y/o causar lesiones personales..........Pruebe el equilibriode la cuchillausandoun compensador de cuchillas. A fileel metaldel ladopesado hasta quequede bien equilibrada. NOTA"Cuando reemplace l acuchilla,asegLirese deinstalarla conel lado marcado "Bottom"...
  • Page 97 @beninstalar e nla misma posiciOn q uelaspiezas originales. Lirnpie el motor Diariamente o antesdecadauso,limpie el @sped, l agrasao los residuos acumulados enel motor.Mantenga limpios e l varillaje, l os resortes y loscontroles. Mantenga elarea que rodea al silenciador y queesta detras delmismo libre decualquier residuo combustible.
  • Page 98 LliVIPIEZA DELMOTORY DELA PLATAFORiVlA Permanezca e n la posici6ndel operadorconla plataforma de corte enganchada durantedosminutoscomominimo,permitiendo quela Si se derrama combustible o aceitesobrela m_quina, d ebelimpiarse parteinferiorde la plataforma de cortese lavea fondo. de inmediato. N Opermitaqueseacumulen desechos alrededor de las Muevala potencia de arranque (enganche de cuchilla)del tractora aletasde refrigeraciOn d el motorni en ninguna otra partedela m_quina.
  • Page 99 Nuncaalrnacenetractorde c_spedcon combustible en el tanqueen un espaciocerradoo en _.reas con pocaventilad6n,dondelos gasesdel combustible puedanalcanzarel fuego,chispaso una luz pilotocornola que fienenalgunoshornos,calentadores de agua,secadoresde ropa o algOnotrodispositivoa gas. PREPARACION DEL MOTOR Vuelvaa desconectar la linea de combustibley drene la gasolinarestanteen el sisterna. IMPORTANTE:El combustible que quedaen el tanquecuandohace calorse deterioray ocasionagravesproblernas de encendido.
  • Page 100 El motorno arranca Perillade potenciade arranque(PTO)conectada. Coloque la perillaen la posici6nde desconexi6n(OFF). Noest&colocado elfreno de mano. Coloque elfreno de mano. Se ha desconectadoel cable de lasbujias. Conecte elcable a las bujias. La palancade controldel reguladorno est_ en Muevala palancadel reguladora la posici6nFAST la posici6nde arranquecorrecta.
  • Page 101 Esta pagina se dej6 intencionalmente en blanco. Utilice esta pagina para tomar notas acerca de su tractor.
  • Page 102 Esta pagina se dej6 intencionalmente en blanco. Utilice esta pagina para tomar notas acerca de su tractor.
  • Page 103 Busque el periodo de duraci6n de emisiones importantes yla informaci6n de clasificaci6n de aire en la etiqueta de emisiones de su motor Los motores cuyo cumpiimiento con los estAndares de emisi6n Tier 2 de la Comisi6n de Recursos Ambientales de California (CARB) est6 certificado deben exhibir la informaci6n relacionada con el periodo de duraci6n de ias emisiones y la clasificaci6n de aire.
  • Page 104 (Esta p_.ginase aplica s61oen EE.UU. y Canada.). Sears Brands Management Corporation, el Consejo de Recursos Ambientales de California (CARB) y la Agencia de Protecci6n Ambiental de los Estados Unidos (EPA) Declaraci6n de garantia del sistema de control de emisiones (derechos y obligaciones de la garanfia de defectos del propi= etario)
  • Page 105 DECLARACION FEDERAL y/oDECALIFORNIA SOBRE GARANTJAS EN EL CONTROL DE EIVIISIONES SUS DERECHOS Y OBLIGACIONES EN CUANTO A LA GARANTJA MTDConsumerGroupInc, laAgencia de Protecci6nMedioambiental d e los EstadosUnidos(EPA),y para aquellosproductoscertificadosparasu ventaen el es- tadode California,el Departamento de los Recursosdel Aire de California(CARB)secomplacenen explicarla garanfiaque cubre al sistemade control (ECS)de emisiones(evaporativasy/o de escape)de su equipoy motor(motor de equipos de exteriores)de encendidopot chispa paratodo terreno,peque_o,de exteriores del a_o2006 y a_osposterioresEn California,losnuevosmotoresde equipos de exterioresdebenestar dise_ados,construidosy equipadospara cumplircon las estrictasnormasantipoluci6ndel Estado(en otrosestados,losequipos del a_o 1997y modelosposterioresdebenser estar dise_ados,construidosy equipados...
  • Page 106 8. Durante latotalidad del periodo de garantia del motor yequipo para todo t erreno arriba mencionado, MTD C onsumer Group Inc mantendr_ un suministro de piezas bajo g arantia suficiente para satisfacer lademanda esperada de tales piezas. 9. Cualquier pieza de reemplazo se podr_ usar para e lcumplimiento del m antenimiento olas reparaciones...
  • Page 107 Felicitaciones por haber realizado una adquisici6n inteligente. El producto Craftsman® que ha adquirido esta diseSado y fabricado para brindar muchos aSos de funcionamiento confiable. Pero como todos los productos a veces puede requerir de reparaciones. Es en ese momento cuando...
  • Page 108 Ilame el nt_mero abajo. 1-800-659-5917 Craftsman Help Line ® Registered Trademark / Trademark of KCD IP, LLC in the United States, or Sears Brands, LLC in other countries...

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