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Slope Operation - Craftsman 247.25000 Operator's Manual

Rear engine riding mower 6 speed, shift-on-the-go 30" deck
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Slowdownbeforeturning.Operatethe machinesmoothly.Avoid
erraticoperationand excessivespeed.
Disengageblade(s),set parkingbrake,stopengine and wait until
the blade(s)come to a completestop beforeremoving grass
catcher,emptyinggrass,uncloggingchute,removinganygrass or
debris,or makinganyadjustments.
Neverleavea runningmachineunattended.Alwaysturnoff
blade(s),set parkingbrake,stopengine and removekey before
Use extracare whenloadingor unloadingthe machineintoa
traileror truck. This machineshouldnot be drivenup or down
ramp(s),becausethe machinecouldtip over,causingserious
personalinjury.The machinemustbe pushedmanuallyon
ramp(s)to loador unloadproperly.
Mufflerand engine becomehotand can causea burn.Do not
hangingtree branches,wires,door openingsetc., wherethe
operatormay be struckor pulledfrom the machine,which could
result in seriousinjury.
Disengageall attachmentclutchesand depressthe brakepedal
completelybeforeattemptingto start engine.
Yourmachineisdesignedto cut normalresidential g rass of a
heightno morethan 10".Do not attemptto mowthroughunusually
tall, dry grass (e.g.,pasture)or piles of dry leaves.Dry grass or
leavesmaycontactthe engineexhaustand/or build up on the
mowerdeck presenting a potentialfire hazard.
Use onlyaccessoriesand attachmentsapprovedfor this machine
by the machinemanufacturer. R ead,understandand followall
instructionsprovidedwith the approvedaccessoryor attachment.
Fora list of approvedaccessoriesand attachments,call 1-800-
Data indicatesthat operators,age 60 years and above,are
involvedin a largepercentageof riding mower-related injuries.
Theseoperatorsshouldevaluatetheirability to operatethe riding
mowersafelyenoughto protectthemselvesand othersfrom
If situationsoccurwhich are not coveredin this manual,usecare
and goodjudgment.
Slopesare a majorfactorrelatedto loss of controland tip-over
accidentswhichcan result in severeinjuryor death.All slopes require
extra caution.If youcannot back up the slopeor if youfeel uneasyon
it, do not mowit.
Foryoursafety,use the SlopeGuide includedas partof this manual
to measureslopesbeforeoperatingthis machineon a slopedor hilly
area. If the slopeis greaterthan12 degreesas shownon the Slope
Guide,do notoperatethis machineon that area or seriousinjurycould
Mowup and down slopes,not across.Exerciseextremecaution
whenchangingdirectionon slopes.
Watchfor holes,ruts,bumps,rocks,or other hiddenobjects.
Uneventerraincouldoverturnthe machine.Tallgrass can hide
Useslow speed.Choosea lowenoughspeedsettingso that
you will nothaveto stop or shiftwhileon the slope.Tires may
lose tractionon slopeseventhoughthe brakesare functioning
properly.Alwayskeepmachinein gearwhen goingdownslopes
to take advantageof enginebrakingaction.
Followthe manufacturer's recommendations for wheelweightsor
counterweights to improvestability.
Useextra carewith grass catchersor otherattachments.These
can changethe stabilityof the machine.
Keepall movementon the slopes slowand gradual.Do not make
suddenchangesin speedor direction.Rapidengagementor
brakingcouldcausethe front of the machineto lift and rapidlyflip
overbackwardswhich couldcauseseriousinjury.
Avoidstartingor stoppingon a slope. If tires losetraction,disen-
gage the blade(s)and proceedslowlystraightdownthe slope.
Do Not:
Donot turnon slopesunlessnecessary;then, turnslowlyand
graduallydownhill,if possible.
Donot mow neardrop-offs,ditchesor embankments. T he mower
could suddenlyturnover if a wheelis overthe edgeof a cliff,
ditch,or if an edge cavesin.
Donot try to stabilizethe machineby puttingyourfoot on the
Donot usea grass catcheron steepslopes.
Donot mowon wet grass.Reducedtractioncouldcausesliding.
Donot attemptto coastdownhill.Over-speeding maycausethe
operatorto lose controlof the machineresultingin seriousinjury
or death.
Donot tow heavypull behindattachments(e.g. loadeddumpcart,
lawn roller,etc.)on slopesgreaterthan5 degrees.Whengoing
down hill,the extraweighttends to pushthe tractorand may
causeyou to loosecontrol(e.g. tractormayspeedup, brakingand
steeringability are reduced,attachmentmayjack-knifeand cause
tractorto overturn).

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Table of Contents

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