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Dryer Features - GE HTDP120ED0WW Owner's Manual

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About the dryer features.
Sensor Dry (on some models)
This feature is only activated in the Cottons,
Easy Care and Oelicates cycles.
The Sensor Dry provides greater
drying accuracy than standard machines,
resulting in shorter dry times and better
clothes care. As the clothes tumble, they
touch a moisture sensor. The sensor will
stop the heating cycle as soon as the
clothes have reached the selected dryness.
drying time of the sensor dry cycles as it
"learns" its installation and usage profile.
Please allow several weeks for the dryer to
customize itself to "you".
This dryer will adjust the initial estimated
Drum Lamp
Before replacing the light bulb, be sure to
unplug the dryer power cord or disconnect
the dryer at the household distribution panel
by removing the fuse or switching off the
circuit breaker. Reach above dryer opening
from inside the drum. Remove the bulb and
replace with the same size bulb.
Drying Rack Ion somemodels)
A handy drying rack may be used for drying
delicate items such as washable sweaters.
Hook the rack over the lint filter so
the rack extends into the dryer drum.
• The drying rack must be used with the
Timed Cgcle.
• Do not use this drying rack when there
are other clothes in the dryer.
Stainless Steel Drum (onsome models)
The stainless steel used to make the
dryer drum provides the highest reliability
available in a GEdryer. If the dryer drum
should be scratched or dented during normal
use, the drum will not rust or corrode. These
surface blemishes will not affect the function
or durability of the drum.



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