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Before gou call for service...
Troubleshooting Tips
Save time and moneg! Review the chart
below first and gou mag not need to call
for service.
Possible Causes
What To Do
Water contains ring
New filter canister contains
,, T urn on the filtered water faucet and allow these harmless carbon
black particles
activated carbon, which is a
particles to purge from the canister.Turn off the faucet when the
harmless black powder,
water is clear.
Water has air bubbles
Air in sgstem after installation.
* Will go awag after water runs for a while.
and is cloudg
Indicator light on the
Six months usage has occurred.
,, R eplace both filter canister and battery in the faucet base.
faucet base is flashing
This is the maximum life of
the filter canister.
Indicator light on the
Normal operation.
,, D oes not blink until 6 months of operation has passed.
faucet base is not blinking
Batterg mag need to be replaced.
* Normally the light is not on.The light blinks everg ]0 seconds to
indicate a filter change is needed.This occurs about every 6 months.
• Replace battery. Indicator light will blink rapidly 5 times to indicate
proper installation and operation.
Indicator light on the
faucet base is not
working when new
battery is installed
Batterg mag need to be
replaced or it mag have been
installed incorrectlg.
,, Observe orientation markings on the holder and install correctly.
Replace battery if it is old.
Chlorine taste and/or
The filter canister is no
odor in the product water
longer removing chlorine
from the water supplg.
• Replace the filter canister.
Water dispenses
The filter has been installed
* A six-month change-out period is recommended. Replacethe
verg slowlg
for too long.
filter canister.
The filter canister has
* High sediment levels can cause premature clogging. Replacethe
become clogged,
filter canister.
Fittings are leaking
Tubing mag not be installed
,, Fully follow the installation instructions and be sure the tubing is
free of nicks, burrs, etc., and is installed to the proper depth.
No water dispensing
Filter canister not fullg installed.
* Fullgfollow the filter replacement instructions.
from sgstem


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