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HP 10bII+ User Manual Page 97

Financial calculator.
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As illustrated in Figure 1, if no more than 15 data points are stored in the statistics memory,
you may store up to 45 cash flows with the shared memory space.
If more than 15 data points are stored in the statistics memory, the total memory available for
storing cash flows is reduced. For example, in Figure 2, there are 25 data points stored, and
the amount of available shared memory has therefore decreased by 10 slots.
If data storage in the calculator memory resembles Figure 2, and you have a cash flow
calculation requiring more than 35 data points, clearing unneeded statistical information will
free up more space for information. When available memory is reached (see Figure 3), the
FULL annunciator indicates there is not enough space to continue saving data. If you attempt
to enter another cash flow at this point, the ERROR annunciator is displayed. In this case, no
additional cash flow data can be entered until some data in the statistics memory is removed
and the shared memory is once again available.
Example 1: A Short Term Investment
The following cash flow diagram represents an investment in stock over three months.
Purchases were made at the beginning of each month, and the stock was sold at the end of
the third month. Calculate the annual internal rate of return and the monthly rate of return.
Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 3
Cash Flow Calculations


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