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Cash Flow Calculations; How To Use The Cash Flow Application - HP 10bII+ User Manual

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Cash Flow Calculations

How to Use the Cash Flow Application

The cash flow application is used to solve problems where cash flows occur over regular
intervals. Problems with regular, equal, periodic cash flows are handled more easily using the
TVM keys. To operate the cash flow system, cash flow amounts and repeat values are keyed
in either individually or together. In the following chapter, the term repeat value is used to
describe the number of times a cash flow occurs. Terms such as cash flow count, number of
occurrences, or cash flow group are also used to describe the repeat value.
If a new cash flow is entered, the calculator auto-increments the current cash flow count by 1.
A value of 1 is automatically entered for a repeat value. To enter a repeat value for the current
cash flow entry, enter a value using
together, enter the cash flow value followed by
In general, use the following steps for cash flow calculations on the HP 10bII+:
Organize your cash flows on paper. A cash flow diagram is useful.
2. Clear the cash flow memory.
3. Enter the number of periods per year.
4. Enter the amount of the initial investment (CF
The CF
value may have a repeated value. To enter the cash flow amount and repeat
value simultaneously, enter a cash flow amount, followed by
for the repeat value followed by
5. Unless the cash flow and repeat value have already been entered as described in step 4
6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for each cash flow and repeat value.
To calculate net present value and net future value, you must first enter a value for the
annual interest rate and press
to display Net Future Value.
8. To calculate IRR, press
, as an alternative, enter the repeat value using
. To enter the cash flow and a repeat value
, then enter the repeat value followed by
) using
; then press
to enter the cash flow value.
, then enter a number
. With NPV calculated, press
Cash Flow Calculations


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