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Getting Started; Power On And Off; Manual Conventions And Examples - HP 10bII+ User Manual

Financial calculator.
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Getting Started

Power On and Off

To turn on your HP 10bII+, press
, then
simultaneously press
Since the calculator has continuous memory, turning it off does not affect the information you
have stored. To conserve energy, the calculator turns itself off after five minutes of inactivity.
The calculator uses two CR2032 coin batteries. If you see the low-battery symbol (
the display, replace the batteries. For more information, refer to the section titled, Installing
Batteries in Appendix A.

Manual Conventions and Examples

In this manual, key symbols are used to indicate the key presses used in the example prob-
lems. These symbols vary in appearance according to whether they indicate the primary,
secondary, or tertiary functions required for the problem. For example, the functions associ-
ated with the equals key,
primary function (equals):
secondary function (display):
tertiary function (random):
Note the symbol for the primary function of the key, in this case,
key symbols depicted above. This repetition is intended to serve as a visual aid. By looking
for the symbol of the primary function on the key, you can quickly locate the keys used for the
secondary and tertiary functions on the calculator.
Displayed text
Text that appears in the display screen of the calculator is presented in BOLD CAPITAL letters
throughout the manual.
Example problems appear throughout the manual to help illustrate concepts and demonstrate
how applications work. Unless otherwise noted, these examples are calculated with CHAIN
set as the active operating mode. To view the current mode, press
current mode, CHAIN or ALGEBRAIC, will flash, then disappear. To change the mode, press
followed by
. To turn the calculator off, press the orange shift key,
. To change the brightness of the display, hold down
, are illustrated in the text as follows:
and then
, appears on each of the
. The
Getting Started
) in


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