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HP 10BII Quick Start Manual
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Does it Pencil Pre Course Workbook
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Summary of Contents for HP 10BII

  • Page 1 PRE COURSE WORKBOOK DOESTPENCIL.COM ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Does it Pencil Pre Course Workbook ©2021 The Core Course, LLC.
  • Page 2 To take Does it Pencil, you must have either the physical calculator or the smart phone app as a part of this course. Please get your 10BII as soon as you can. You will need it to go through this workbook and watch the videos.
  • Page 3 VIDEO 1 INTRODUCTION TO THE CALCUALTOR Time value of money BEG/END key. Changes keys. N, I/YR, PV, beginning or end of year. PMT and FV. IRR/YR: Internal rate of Return. NPV: Net Present Value Gold Key Clear or Clear All. DISP.
  • Page 4 1.7 Set the Significant Places On the HP 10BII calculator, changing the number of digits shown to the right of the decimal point will not affect the internal iteration of the calculator. The calculator will always performs tasks and store digits up to 12 places. EXCEPTION: when performing mortgage loan calculations (discussed later), the calculator will round to the number of places you have pre- set in the calculator.
  • Page 5 VIDEO 2 TIME VALUE OF MONEY INTRODUCTION 2.1 The 5 Time Value of Money Keys (The Top Row) There are 5 fundamental “time value of money” keys on the top row of the HP10BII calculator. They are: The number of time “periods”. Note: this is not always the number of years, rather the number of “periods”...
  • Page 6 TIME VALUE OF MONEY EXAMPLES In Video 3 I will give you a quick example of using the 10BII to do Time Value of money. The setup, sequence and keystrokes are always the same. The problem I will show is this:...
  • Page 7 VIDEO 4 ENTERING CASH FLOWS INTO THE HP 10BII Time Period Description Symbol pay out $95,000 <95,000> receive $4,895 $4,895 receive $4,895 $4,895 receive $4,895 + $289,049 $293,944 Note: The are two ways to enter cash flows (CF’s) depending on whether you are using the hard calculator or which phone app you have.