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Answers To Common Questions - HP 10bII+ User Manual

Financial calculator.
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The calculator responds to keystrokes, but you suspect that it is malfunctioning:
It is likely that you've made a mistake in operating the calculator. Try rereading portions
of the manual, and check Answers to Common Questions below.
2. Contact the Calculator Support department. The contact information is listed on the
product CD.

Answers to Common Questions

Hewlett-Packard is committed to providing you with ongoing support. For more information on
calculators and calculator learning products, visit You also may
contact HP Customer Support. Contact information and phone numbers are available on the
product CD included in the package along with your calculator.
Please read Answers to Common Questions before contacting us. Our experience has shown
that many of our customers have similar questions about our products. If you don't find an
answer to your question, you can contact us using the contact information and phone numbers
listed on the product CD.
Q: I'm not sure if the calculator is malfunctioning, or if I'm doing something incorrectly. How
can I determine if the calculator is operating properly?
A: See Determining If the Calculator Requires Service.
Q: My numbers contain commas instead of periods as decimal points. How do I restore the
A: Press
Q: How do I change the number of decimal places that the HP 10bII+ displays?
A: Press
Q: What does an E in a number (for example, 2.51E–13) mean?
A: Exponent of ten. For example, 2.51 × 10
Q: Why do I get a wrong answer or the No Solution message when using TVM?
A: Be sure to enter a value for four of the five TVM values before you solve for the fifth, even
if one of the values is zero. (Don't forget to store a zero for
loan.) Clearing all the TVM registers (
accomplishes the same thing. Check to see that the calculator is in the appropriate payment
mode (Begin or End mode) and that P/YR is set correctly.
(Ch. 2 Getting Started).
and the number of decimal places that you want (Ch. 2 Getting Started).
(Ch. 2 Getting Started).
if you completely pay off a
) before entering your known values
Appendix A: Batteries and Answers to Common Questions


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