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Limited Warranty - Pullman Holt 102ASB-12PD Operation & Care Instructions

Dry asbestos vacuum cleaner
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1. Remove and carefully set aside motor head and HEPA filter.
2. Position 8" rear wheels and insert 3/8" x 3 1/4" mounting bolts
through the wheel and frame. Secure with 3/8" lock nuts.
3. Insert and push casters into the holes located at the front of the
vacmobile metal frame.
4. Lock the casters in place with the hub nuts, using a rubber
5. Replace motor head and filter.
Always disconnect power cable from outlet when working on
this vacuum.
With HEPA filter and water pick-up pan in place, securely clamp
motor head to the spacer. When the maximum water level in the
vacuum cleaner polytank is reached the water pick-up pan's safety
valve (float) closes off suction, automatically preventing further
liquid intake.
NOTE: This will cause the motor to race. Turn off motor, remove
and empty poly tank. Thoroughly clean float assembly.
Replace water pick-up adapter, HEPA filter and motor head,
then clamp securely. The vacuum cleaner is ready for wet
The vacuum motor is warrantied for 1 year and other parts except fil-
ters for 90 days from the date of purchase as shown on your
distributor's invoice.
The warranty covers only failure due to
defective parts or workmanship and will be invalidated by improper
application and abusive damage.
With the HEPA Filter Assembly in place, the motor head securely
clamped,and the metal hose adapter connected to the inlet,plug the
power cable into the proper outlet. Select the appropriate hose,
wand and/or tool and connect to the hose adapter. The vacuum
cleaner is ready for dry use.
Over filling the bag will result in loss of vacuum efficiency. The rec-
ommended bag replacement procedure is as follows:
1. Remove vacuum head and HEPA filter.
2. Tape a 6-mil poly bag over the canister so that the canister is
3. Using the poly bag as a glove,disengage the paper bag from the
4. Invert the canister so that the paper bag falls into the poly bag.
5. Attach a new paper bag to the vacuum inlet securely and fold the
6. Replace the HEPA filter and motor head.
7. Thoroughly vacuum the work area to recover any asbestos dust
When removing the motor head,care in handling is essential. Dropping,
banging or other abuse may result in poor vacuum seal and a loss in
suction power, and will invalidate your warranty.


In NO circumstance should you return a failed unit to the factory of a
service center.
If you experience any problems with your vacuum during the
warranty period, contact the Pullman-Holt National Service Manager
in Tampa, FL at (800)237-7582.
10702 N 46th Street • Tampa, FL 33617
(813) 971-2223 • fax (813) 971-6090
completely enclosed.
vacuum inlet stem inside the canister.
Seal the poly bag and dispose as prescribed by law.
top of the bag down so it does not interfere with the HEPA filter.
which may have been dropped.
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