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Care And Maintenance; Limited Warranty - Pullman Holt 102 12P Operation & Care Instructions

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Vacuum Assembly Guide:
1. Remove and carefully set aside motor head and wet pick up
2. Slide rear wheels onto axle of frame. Secure with hub caps.
3. Insert and push casters into the holes located at the front of
the vacmobile metal frame. Secure with hub cap.
4. Replace the motor head and wet pick up adapter.
To Connect the Hose:
Secure the hose end over the inlet. Wands and/or tools are then
fi tted to the opposite end of the hose.
To Operate:
The vacuum cleaner is designed to perform as a wet/dry unit.
With the Air Filter Assembly in place, the motor head securely
clamped, and hose connected to the inlet, plug the power cable
into the proper outlet. Select the appropriate hose and place over
the inlet. Connect the wands and/or tools at the opposite end of
the hose. The vacuum cleaner is ready for dry use. The use of
disposable bags will prolong the life of your primary air fi lter.
Convert this vacuum cleaner from dry to wet pick-up by substituting
the Water Pick-up for the Air Filter Assembly. The purpose is to
provide protection for the vacuum cleaner bypass motor. When
the maximum water level in the vacuum cleaner collection can is
reached, the safety valve (fl oat) closes off suction, automatically
preventing further liquid intake. This will cause the motor to race.
Turn off motor and empty collection can. Thoroughly clean fl oat
When fi nished using vacuum, thoroughly clean the wet pan and
fl oat assembly. Be sure to replace either wet pan adaptor or air
fi lter assembly before securing the motor head.
The vacuum cleaner is warranted for 1 year from the date of purchase as
shown on your distributor's invoice. Parts not covered under warranty are
power cords, fi lters, motor brushes and squeegee blades. The warranty
covers only failure due to defective parts or workmanship and will be


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(813)971-2223 • fax (813)971-6090

Care and Maintenance:

Air Filter Assembly:
The Air Filter Assembly with Never-Clog(R) Bag is the standard
fi lter unit shipped with this vacuum cleaner. This fi lter consists
of a moleskin bag and metal frame, rubber gasket and dacron
Never-Clog(R) Bag. This dacron fi ltration fabric is designed to
trap the minute dirt and dust particles, minimizing the need for
frequent replacement of the moleskin fi lter. After each use, just
tap the Never-Clog (R) fi lter and the dust buildup falls into the
collection can.
The Never-Clog(R) fi lter is also washable. Carefully remove the
rubber gasket from the metal frame and strip the fi lter bag. To
replace, stretch the Never-Clog (R) fi lter evenly around the rim of
the metal frame, and then secure with the rubber gasket.
Gasket must be seated evenly of the rim of the fi lter frame to
insure proper vacuum seal. No lubrication is required. Service
of electrical parts must be performed by an authorized service
Water Pick-Up Adapter:
Large quantity water pick-up REQUIRES the Water Pick-up
Adapter. The Water Pick-up Adapter is equipped with a safety
shut-off known as the fl oat assembly.
IMPORTANT: Remove packing material from a new unit before
using and clean periodically to assure proper action.
When changing from wet to dry vacuuming, always rinse the
collection can with clean water. Dry the tank and replace the
Water Pick-up Adapter with the Air Filter Assembly.
Store in a dry location indoors. Wrap the cord carefully
around the vacuum head to avoid accidental damage.
Be sure the building voltage is the same as the voltage on the
motor head nameplate and that a proper ground exists
invalidated by improper application and abuse.
In NO circumstance should you return a failed unit to the factory. If you
experience any problems with your vacuum during the warranty period,
contact the Customer Service.



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