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Using Your Range - Whirlpool SF387LEGQ5 Use & Care Manual

Super capacity 465 with accubake system 4.65 cubic foot oven self cleaning gas range
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Fire Hazard
Do not let the burner flame extend beyond
the edge of the pan.
Turn off all controls when not cooking.
Failure to follow these instructions can
result in death or fire.
Your range comes with electric ignition. Electric
ignitors automatically
light the burners each time
you turn the control knobs to LIGHT.
• Place a filled pan on the burner grate before
turning on the surface burner. Do not operate a
burner for extended periods of time without
having cookware on the grate.
• Push in the control knob and turn it counter-
clockwise to the
LIGHT position. The
clicking sound is the
ignitor sparking. Make
sure the burner has lit.
• To stop the clicking
sound after the burner
lights, turn the control
knob to the cook
setting you want. You
can set the control
knob anywhere between HIGH and LOW.
NOTE: All four electric ignitors will click at the same
time. However, the burner with the control knob
turned to LIGHT is the one that will ignite.
When range is in use or during
the Self-Cleaning cycle, the entire cooktop area
may become hot.
Use the following chart as a guide.
• To provide highest heat
(between HIGH
and LOW)
• To start food cooking.
• To bring liquid to a boil.
• To hold a boil.
• To fry chicken or pancakes.
• To cook gravy, pudding, or
• To cook large amounts of
• To simmer.
• To provide lowest
simmer/heat setting.
(right rear burner)
• To melt chocolate or butter.
NOTE: Do not leave empty cookware, or cookware
which has boiled dry, on a hot surface burner. The
cookware could overheat, causing damage to the
cookware or cooking product.
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POWER Burner is an adjustable setting for the left
front burner which provides an ultra-high heat setting.
It can be used to rapidly bring liquid to a boil and to
cook large quantities of food.
is an adjustable setting for the right
rear burner. It allows more accurate simmer control at
the lowest setting.
• To help shorten your cooking time, use the least
amount of liquid possible.
• Preheat your pots and pans only when
and for the shortest time possible.
• Start your food on a higher heat setting, then turn
the control to a lower setting to finish cooking.

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