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Whirlpool SF385PEW Use And Care Manual

Self-cleaning sealed burner gas range
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  Summary of Contents for Whirlpool SF385PEW

  • Page 1 Manual oven light switch Surface burners Automatic oven light switch Anti-tip bracket Removable ntarane drawer. (behind right side of storaae drawer) oven SELF-CLEANING SF385PEW SF386PEW Electronic MEALTIMER control (not shown) SEALED BURNER GAS RANGE ” oven Oven vent Burner grates Fiberglass...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    The oven light ... If You Need Service Or Assistance Whirlpool Cooking Product Warranty 01990 Whirlpool Corporation Thank you for buying Page Please complete ..3 tion Card provided complete the form below. Have this information ready if you need service or call with a question.
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    Important Safety Instructions Gas ranges have been thoroughly tested for safe and efficient operation. However, as with any appliance, there are specific installation and safety precautions which must be followed to ensure safe and satisfac- tory operation. damage when using the range, follow basic precautions, DO NOT STORE OR USE GASOLINE FLAMMABLE VAPORS AND LIQUIDS...
  • Page 4 Important Safety Instructions Continued Install or locate the range only in accor- dance with the provided Installation Instruc- tions. It is recommended installed by a qualified installer. The range must be properly connected to the proper gas supply and checked for leaks. The range must also be properly connected to electrical supply and grounded.
  • Page 5 Do not leave children alone or unattended area where the range is in use. They should never be allowed to sit or stand on any pat-t of the range. They could be burned or injured. Never use a match or other flame to look for a gas leak.
  • Page 6: Using Your Range

    Using Your Range i i’ Surface burner maker Using the surface burners Control the LITE position. The clicking sound is the ignition sparking. To stop the clicking sound after the burner lights, turn the control knob back to a desired setting. The control knob has stops for HI, medium and low, however, it can be set anywhere between LOW and OFF.
  • Page 7: The Electronic Oven Controls

    The electronic oven controls There are three parts in the oven control section: -The digital display. -The command buttons. -The Set Knob. Instructions for each oven control are covered on the following pages. Read them carefully. When you first plug in the range, the time display will flash until you set a new time.
  • Page 8: Setting The Clock

    Using Your Range Contmued Setting the clock 1. Push the Time of Day button. The TIME indicator will show in the display. Release the Time of Day button. 2. Turn the Set Knob until the correct time shows in the large display. Using the electronic Minute Timer The Minute Timer does not start or stop the oven.
  • Page 9: Using The Oven Off Button

    Using the Oven Off button The Oven Off button will cancel any command except for times set with the MiniSec Timer button. The large display will then show the time of day or, if Minute Timer is also being used, the time remaining.
  • Page 10: Broiling

    Using Your Range Contmued Broiling Position the rack before turning the oven on. Refer to the chart on page 11 for recom- mended rack positions. Preheat in BROIL for 5 minutes with oven door closed. Do not preheat with broiler pan in place.
  • Page 11 Broiling tips Use the broiler pan and grid for broiling. They are designed to drain excess liquid and fat away from the cooking surface to help prevent spatter, smoke or fire. If you broil small quantities, you may want to use a small broiler pan.
  • Page 12: Adjusting The Oven Temperature Control

    Using Your Range Continued Adjusting the oven temperature Does your oven seem hotter or colder than your old oven? The temperature of your old oven may have shifted gradually without you noticing the change. Your new oven is properly adjusted to provide accurate temperatures.
  • Page 13: Using The Electronic Mealtimer'" Control

    Using the electronic MEALTIMER’“’ control The electronic MEALTIMER to turn the oven on and off at times you set, even when you are not around. Automatic baking is ideal for foods which do not require a preheated oven such as meats and casseroles.
  • Page 14 Using Your Range Contmued To delay start and stop automatically: Position the oven rack(s) properly, and place the food in the oven. Push the Bake Time button. “--:--” will show in the large display and the BAKE and TIME indicators will come on. 3.
  • Page 15: The Oven Vent

    Oven vent To cancel the MEALTIMER’ control Push the Oven Off button. The time of day will then show in the large display. To avoid sickness and food waste when using the MEALTIMER II control: . Do not use foods that will spoil while waiting for cooking to start, such as...
  • Page 16: The Storage Drawer

    Using Your Range Continued Drawer’slide rail The storage drawer The storage drawer is for storing pots and pans. The drawer can be removed to make it easier clean under the range, and to check for installa- tion of the anti-tip bracket. Use care when handling Removing 1.
  • Page 17: Caring For Your Range

    Caring For Your Range Burn, Electrical Shock, Fire and Explosion Hazard . Make sure all controls are OFF and the range is cool before cleaning. 9 Do not use oven cleaners, removers. Do not use gasoline or other flammable liquids or vapors to clean this or any other appliance.
  • Page 18: Surface Burner Grates

    Caring For Your Range Continued 5. Replace control knobs and command buttons by pushing them firmly into place. NOTE: When cleaning, never use steel wool, abrasives, or commercial oven cleaners which may damage the finish. After cleaning, make sure all control knobs point to the OFF position. Make sure you have not turned oven ON when replac- ing buttons.
  • Page 19 lgnitor Contoured well area Burner cap Typical surface burner flame Locating Cleaning the contoured well areas The contoured well is recessed area located around each burner. If spills occur in the con- toured well section, blot up spill with an absorbent cloth.
  • Page 20: Using The Self-Cleaning Cycle

    Caring For Your Range Continued Hand clean frame Hand clean door around edge ’ Do not hand clean seal Using the Self-Cleaning cycle The Self-Cleaning burn away soil. Before you start, make sure you understand exactly how to use the Self-Cleaning cycle safely.
  • Page 21 Personal Injury and Product Hazard m Do not touch the oven during the Self- Cleaning cycle. It could burn you. m Do not use commercial oven cleaners your oven. Cleaners may produce hazardous fumes or damage the porce- lain finish. .
  • Page 22 Caring For Your Range Continued (Option) Delayed clean: After setting the cleaning time, immediately Time button. Immediately turn the Set Knob to the new stop time. The DELAY, CLN, STOP and TIME indicators will come on. After the Self-Cleaning cycle is started, the LOCKED indicator will come on when the oven temperature exceeds normal baking...
  • Page 23 How it works During the Self-Cleaning cycle, the oven gets much hotter than it does for baking or broiling...approximately 875°F (468°C). This heat breaks up grease and soil and burns it off. This graph shows approximate and times during a Self-Cleaning hours.
  • Page 24: Cleaning Tips

    Caring For Your Range Continued Cleaning tips Control knobs Clean with warm, soapy water and a soft cloth. Wash, rinse and dry well. Do not soak. Control panels Clean with warm, soapy water or spray glass cleaner and a soft cloth. Wash, rinse and dry well.
  • Page 25: The Oven Light

    The oven light The Oven Light will come on when you open the oven door. To turn the light on when the oven door is closed, push the Oven Light Switch on top of the backguard. Push the switch again to turn off the light.
  • Page 26: If You Need Service Or Assistance

    9 Do the cooking utensils have smooth, flat bottoms and fit the surface burners being used? See the Cooking Guide for more information on cooking problems and how to solve them. 2. If you need assistance*... Call Whirlpool COOL-LINE” telephone number. the U.S.: and talk with one of our trained consultants.
  • Page 27 Whirlpool appliance. To locate FSP replacement parts in your area, refer to Step 3 above or call the Whirlpool COOL-LINE service assistance Step 2. 5. If you are not satisfied...
  • Page 28: Whirlpool Cooking Product Warranty

    If you need service, first see the “Service and Assistance” and Assistance,” additional help can be found by calling our COOL-LINE” number, l-800-253-1301, from anywhere in the U.S. 8 Registered Trademark / TM Trademark / SM Service Mark of Whirlpool Corporation Part No. 56001180077/816515 01990 Whirlpool Corporation WHIRLPOOL” WHIRLPOOL WILL PAY FOR FSP”...

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