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Toshiba SD-V280 Owner's Manual

Dvd video player & video cassette recorder
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_,G,T_LAU_,O D i G I T A L
Basic setup
Recording (VCR)
@2002 Toshiba Corporation
This device does not tape-recorded
copy protected DVD



Summary of Contents for Toshiba SD-V280

  • Page 1 _,G,T_LAU_,O D i G I T A L , VIRTUALSURROUND DVD VIDEO PLAYER & VIDEO Basic setup CASSETTE RECORDER SD-V280 Playback (VCR) Recording (VCR) OWNER'S MANUAL Hi-Fi Otherfunctions (VCR) Basic 79077192 @2002 Toshiba Corporation This device does not tape-recorded copy protected DVD...
  • Page 2 IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS The lightning flash with arrowhead symbol, within equilateral triangle is intended to alert the user to the presence of uninsulated dangerous voltage within the product's enclosure that may be of sufficient magnitude to constitute a risk of electric shock to persons. CAUTION: TO REDUCE THE RiSK O F ELECTRIC SHOCK, DO NOT REMOVE COVER...
  • Page 3 IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS 1. READ INSTRUCTIONS All the safety and operating instructions should be read before the unit is operated. 2. RETAIN INSTRUCTIONS The safety and operating instructions should be retained for future reference. 3. HEED WARNINGS All warnings on the unit and in the operating instructions should be adhered to. 4.
  • Page 4 IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS 13. LIGHTNING TO protect your unit from a lightning storm, or when it is left unattended and unused for )ong periods of time, unplug it from the wall outlet and disconnect the antenna or cable system. This witl prevent damage to the unit due to lightning and power line surges.
  • Page 5 IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS Power Source 25. LASER BEAM Do not look into the opening of the disc tray or ventilation opening of the product to see the source of the laser beam. It may cause sight damage. 26. DISC Do not use a cracked, deformed, or repaired disc. These discs are easily broken and may cause serious personal injury and product malfunction.
  • Page 6 Moisture condensation damages the DVDNCR. • When shipping the DVD/VCR, the original shipping Please read the following carefully, carton and packing materials come io haody. For maximum protection, repack the unit as it was Moisture condensation occurs, for example, when you originally packed at the factory.
  • Page 7: Contents

    i!iii::!_!!i!ii!! !if!i! ! il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !ii! on discs •...
  • Page 8 on discs (continued) This DVDNCR can play the following discs. This owner's manual explains the basic instructions of this DVDNCR. Some DVD video discs are produced in Disc Maximum a manner that allows specific or limited operation during Disc Mark Contents Size playback time playback.
  • Page 9 Introduction Basic playback (DVD) IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS ......Playing a disc ..........Power source ..........Locafiong a specific title, chapter, or track ..46 Precautions ............Notes on discs ..........Advanced playback (DVD) Contents............Repeat playback/Random playback ....47 Identification of Controls ......... Playing in a favorite order ......
  • Page 10 of Controls See the page in [ _ for details. OPEN/CLOSE button VCR/DVD mode selector button Input select button Cassette Loading Slot [_ DVD indicator [_ EJECT button [_ VCR indicator Disc tray REC button [A_ Display window STOP button [_ FF (Fast Forward) POWER Remote sensor [_...
  • Page 11 i!_ii::!_!!i!ii!!l!i_li!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i VCR indicator (VCR) Tape loadedindicator (VCR) CATV channel indicator (VCR) Play indicator (VCR) Play indicator (DVD) v,.,-,,-, - ,,-, 1 Multifunctional indicator Tape speed indicator (VCR) AM/PM indicator Timer Recording indicator (VCR) Recording indicator (VCR) Press CALL to display information the screen.
  • Page 12 ntificatw of Controls (continued) The instructions in this manual describe the functions on the remote control. See the page in [_> for details, I/_b ) Power ( button 2_ OPEN/CLOSE button TAPE EJECT button DISPLAY button Direct channel CALL button [_ selection buttons [_ Number buttons [48_...
  • Page 13 ii{ii::!_!!i!ii!! !if{!ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! ii!!!!! iii! &...
  • Page 14 tenna connections If you are using an antenna system, follow these instructions. If you are a cable (CATV) subscriber, skip ahead to page 16 for the proper connections. The DVDNCR must be connected "between" the antenna and the TV. First, disconnect the antenna from the TV and connect it to the DVD/VCR, Then connect the DVD/VCR to the TV.
  • Page 15 i1_@!_!!i!ii!!I!I_II!I!I_I!I!I!I_I!I!I!I_I!I!I!I_I!I!I!I_I!I!I!I_I!I!I!I_I!I!I!I_I!I!I!I_I!I!I!I_I!I!I!I_I!I!I!I_I!I!I!I_I!I!I!I_I!I!I!I_I!I!I!I_I!I!I!I_I!I!I!I_I!I!I!I_I!I!I!I_I!I!I!I_I!I!I!I_I!I!I!I_I!I!I!I_I!I!I!I_I!I!I!I_I!I!I!I_I!I!I!I_I!I!I!I_I!I!I!I_I!I!I!I_I!I!I!I_I!I!I!I_I!I!I!I_I!I!I!I_I!I!I!I_I!I!I!I_ After you have connected the antenna to the DVDNCR, you must connect the DVD/VCR to the TV. Below are 3 common methods of connecting your DVD/VCR to a TV. Find the type of TV you are using and follow the connection diagram.
  • Page 16 (CABLE TV) connections Many cable companies offer services permittingreception of extra channels including pay or subscription channels. This DVDNCR has an extended tuning range and can be tuned to most cable channels without using a cable company supplied converter box, except for those premium channels which are intentionally scrambled. If you subscribe to a premium channel which is scrambled, you must have a descrambler box for proper reception.
  • Page 17 i1_il::!_!!i!ii!!l!i_ll!l!i_l!l!l!i_l!l!l!i_l!l!l!i_l!l!l!i_l!l!l!i_l!l!l!i_l!l!l!i_l!l!l!i_l!l!l!i_l!l!l!i_l!l!l!i_l!l!l!i_l!l!l!i_l!l!l!i_l!l!l!i_l!l!l!i_l!l!l!i_l!l!l!i_l!l!l!i_l!l!l!i_l!l!l!i_l!l!l!i_l!l!l!i_l!l!l!i_l!l!l!i_l!l!l!i_l!l!l!i_l!l!l!i_l!l!l!i_l!l!l!i_l!l!l!i_l!l!l!i_l!l!l!i_l!l!l!i_l!l!l!i_l!l!l!i_l!l!l!i_l!l!l!i_l!l!l!i_l!l!l! IMPORTANT: Make sure the TV/CATV menu option is set to the "CATV" mode. This DVD/VCR cannot receive scrambled programs since it does not contain a descrambler. In order to receive scram- bled programs, your existing descrambler must be used. Descrambler boxes are available from cable companies, Con- sult your local cable company for more information concerning connection to their descrambier equipment.
  • Page 18 a TV Connect the DVDNCR to your TV. For details of output sound, see [_. Notes: This method transports VHS and DVDwideo signals, For enhanced DVDwideo performance, we recommend you also connect the S-Video on ColorStream ® component video outputs to your TV/monitor, (see page 19,) @ @_ To wall outlet (T_iA)NALOG AUDIO OUT...
  • Page 19 i1_ill:l!_!!i!@l!i_l!_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@ Notes: VCR and DVD are output from the composite video output. The S-Video output and component video output transports the DVD-video signal exclusively and will deliver enhanced DVD video picture performance. Signal flow (white) _ TOANALOG AUDIO OUT t4n_, -_-@ r f/ To wall outlet...
  • Page 20 nnecting to optional equipment You can enjoy high quality dynamic sounds of DVD video discs or audio CDs by connecting the DVD/VCR to optional audio equipment. For connection to your TV, see "Connecting to a TV" [:_ _. : Front speaker : Center speaker : Signal flow For details of output sound, see _"...
  • Page 21 ii_ili:l!_!!i!ii!!l!l_l!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l Warning • When you are connecting (via the BITSTREAM/PCM AUDIO OUT jack) an AV decoder that does not have Dolby Digital, Digital Theater Systems (DTS) or MPEG2 decoding function, be sure to set "Audio Out Select" to "PCM" from the on- screen displays _.
  • Page 22 tting the video channel When a TV is connected with the 75 ohm coaxial cable only. To view playback of a recorded tape or DVD disc, or to watch a program selected by the VCR's channel selector, the TV must be set to channel 3 or4 (video channel).
  • Page 23 i!_ii::!_!!i!ii!!l!l_li!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l f ......g the language i C>C>C_Ci i You can choose from three different languages (English, 2, 3 French and Spanish) for the on-screen displays. Preparation: Press VCR MENU until the MENU screen is • Turn ON the TV and select to the corresponding cleared.
  • Page 24: Clock Setting

    The Auto Clock function will automatically set the built-in clock (Month, Day, Year and Time) when the DVD/VCR is connected to an Antenna or Cable system and it is turned off. The DVDNCR searches for a station in your area containing the necessary Auto clock setting signals. Once received, it will take approximately 4 minutes for the clock to set itself automatically...
  • Page 25 i!_ii::!_!!i!@l!l_l_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_!l_@_ In the rare event that you live within broadcast range of two You can set the Daylight Saving Time automatically stations in two different time zones, the DVD/VCR manually. recognize the wrong station for the Auto Clock set. To correct the situation: PressVCR MENU.
  • Page 26: Timer Recording

    setting (continued) If the auto clock process did not set the date and time correctly, you i C_ C C¸¸ i must set them manually for timer recording and daylight saving time. EXAMPLE: After setting the clock, date and time starts Setting the clock to "8:30 AM"...
  • Page 27 i1_ii::!_!!i!ii!!l!l_li!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l! This DVD/VCR is equipped with a channel memory feature which allows channels to skip up or down to the next channel set into memory, skipping over unwanted channels. Before selecting channels, they must be programmed into the DVDNCR's memory. In addition to normal VHF and UHF channels, this DVDNCR can receive up to 113 Cable TV channels.
  • Page 28 setting (continued) BUTTONS 1, 2 ii ill i_ ill _ _: :i i 1 _ii I To ADD/DELETE channels ..Noise elimination When you don't want to receive a weak signal broadcast, a Blue back screen can be obtained by selecting the NO NOISE BACK- GROUND "ON".
  • Page 29 TAPE EJECT adi'ng and unloading a cassette tape i _ ¸¸¸_¸¸¸ ¸¸ ¸ ¸¸¸¸¸_ ¸¸¸¸ ¸¸¸i _'" Use only video cassette apes mar e [_ r.j_. i C,C-O C_ i ii (i ii i( :iil ii ____:_ _: _ __'!i insert the cassette tape with its labeled side facing up...
  • Page 30 ........ \ ssette tape playback To play a prerecorded tape. > PLAY STOP t ..Preparation: Stop the playback or recording via STOP on remote. • Turn ON the TV and select the corresponding video input. • Press DVDNCR to select the VCR mode. (The VCR TO rewind the tape: indicator will light).
  • Page 31 i1_ii::!_!!i!ii!!I!i_1i!I!i_i!i!I!i_i!i!I!i_i!i!I!i_i!i!I!i_i!i!I!i_i!i!I!i_i!i!I!i_i!i!I!i_i!i!I!i_i!i!I!i_i!i!I!i_i!i!I!i_i!i!I!i_i!i!I!i_i!i!I!i_i!i!I!i_i!i!I!i_i!i!I!i_i!i!I!i_i!i!I!i_i!i!I!i_i!i!I!i_i!i!I!i_i!i!I!i_i!i!I!i_i!i!I!i_i!i!I!i_i!i!I!i_i!i!I!i_i!i!I!i_i!i!I!i_i!i!I!i_i!i!I!i_i!i!I!i_i!i!I!i_i!i!I!i_i!i!I!i_i!i!I!i_i!i! TRACKING CM SKIP PLAY STOP PAUSE/STILL SLOW • Automatic tracking adjustment Reverse picture search function Press REW once or twice during playback. Whenever you insert a tape and start playback, the automatic tracking feature continuously analyzes the signal Forward picture search function to enable optimum picture quality during playback.
  • Page 32 ......VCR MENU CLOCK COUNTER SET +/- ENTER COUNTER RESET ZERO RETURN PLAY STOP The entire video tape will play until its end, The tape will This function rewinds the tape to the 00:00:00 counter position automatically rewind to the beginning and the playback will be automatically, repeated.
  • Page 33 DVD/VCR i Q 0 CLOCK COUNTER ....STOP INDEX I_1/1_1 This function enables you to locate the beginning of any recording Press CLOCK/COUNTER The clock and tape counter made on the VCR, alternate with each other in the display window. Recording an INDEX MARK COUNTER The Index Search function auto-...
  • Page 34 p ......% a TVprogram Recording and viewing the same TV program Preparation: Press Number button or CH ^/v to select the • Turn ON the TV and set to the video input mode, channel to be recorded. • Press DVDNCR to select the VCR mode. (The VCR indicator will light.) Load a cassette tape with the erase prevention...
  • Page 35 i1_ill¸!_!!i!iil!l!i_ll!lllll!lllll!lllll!lllll!lllll!lllll!lllll!lllll!lllll!lllll!lllll!lllll!lllll!lllll!lllll!lllll!lllll!lllll!lllll!lllll!lllll!lllll!lllll!lllll!lllll!lllll!lllll!lllll!lllll!lllll!lllll!lllll!lllll!lllll!lllll!lllll!lllll!lllll!lllll!lllll!lllll!lllll!lllll!lllll!lllll!llll mAuto Rewind feature Press STOP to stop recording. This VCR will automatically rewind the tape when the tape "•" will appear on screen for about has ended (except during OTR and timer recording). It will 4 seconds, also eject the tape. STOP To s__p _ c _ _di_g _ P_ ra_i!Y...
  • Page 36 DVDNCR touch Timer Recording (OTR) The One-touch Timer Recording feature provides a simple and convenient way to make a timed recording. Preparation: Press Number button or CH AIV to select the channel to be recorded. • Turn ON _heTV and select the corresponding video input. •...
  • Page 37 i1_ii::!_!!i!ii!!l!l_1i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i! f ......% DVD/VCR TAPE EJECT Timer recording can be programmed on-screen with the remote control. The built-in timer allows automatic unattended recording of up to 8 programs within 1 month. 1, 5 _TIMER Preparation: To enter other programs, repeat step 2 Press DVDNCR to select the VCR mode.
  • Page 38 DVDNCR recording (continued) _VCRMENU TIMER Weekly (e.g. WKL-TU: each Tuesday) or daily (e.g. MO- If the Timer has been activated, press TIMER SA: Monday to Saturday) Timer recording REC to deactivate the Timer. Follow the procedure of timer recording on the previous The timer symbol (_"l) will page.
  • Page 39 DVD/VCR recording and playback / Separate Audio Program (SAP) The VHS Hi-Fi audio system permits high fidelity recording Your DVD/VCR is fitted with a SAP broadcast system which ena- of MTS STEREO TV broadcasts. bles you to switch to a separate audio program when viewing a selected channel.
  • Page 40 y ......% DVDNCR licating a video tape If you connect the DVD/VCR to another VCR or Camcorder, you can duplicate C ¸C ¸C_ _ i a previously recorded tape. Make all connections before turning on the power. Preparation: Connection with second video recorder •...
  • Page 41 cording a DVD/CD disc You can record disc material in DVD,Audio CD, etc. onto a Video tape with this DVD/VCR. Notes: Preparation: • You may not be able to record the beginning of the disc. • Turn ON the TV and select the corresponding video Begin VCR recording once program playback commances input, on the DVD.
  • Page 42 CAUTION Keep your fingers well clear of the disc tray as it is closing. Neglecting to do so may cause serious personal injury. This section shows you the basics on how to play a disc. Display window 2 STOP PLAY Preparations: •...
  • Page 43: Playing A Disc

    i!_il::!_!!i!ii!!l!l_ll!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l • To obtain a higher quality picture i!!i_ _ DVD/VCR Occasionally, some picture noise not usually visible during a normal broadcast OPEN/CLOSE may appear on the TV screen while playing a DVD video disc because the high resolution pictures on these discs include a lot of information. While the amount of noise depends on the TV you use with this DVDNCR, you should generally reduce the sharpness adjustment on your TV when viewing DVD video discs.
  • Page 44 select the corresponding video input. a disc (continued) You can play discs at various speeds, and resume playback from the location where you stopped playback. • TO resume normal playback Press REW or FWD during playback. Press PLAY. PLAY _REW FWD_ REW: Fast reverse playback...
  • Page 45 i!iii::!_!!i!ii!! !if!i! ! il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !ii! F ......
  • Page 46 a specific title, chapter, or track Normally, DVD video discs are divided into titles, and the titles are sub-divided into chapters. VIDEO CDs and audio CDs are divided into tracks. You can quickly locate any specific title, chapter, or track. •...
  • Page 47 F ......You can play a specific title, chapter, track, or segment repeated{y. And also you can play titles, chapters within a title, or tracks in random order. Press PLAY. Press PLAY MODE. Each time yeu press the PLAY PLAY The DVD/VCR starts repeat playback P ,Y ODE L_pY/_Lp...
  • Page 48 a favorite order Youcan combine your favorite titles, chapters, or tracks and play them in the order you determine. You can program up to 30 selections into the memory. (Memory playback) _j_ 4¸¸¸¸ _ !! ii • To cancel the programmed selections 1 While the display appears on the TV screen, press Press MEMORY.
  • Page 49 i!iii::!_!!i!ii!! !if!i! ! ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ill!i! !ili You can magnify areas within a picture, •...
  • Page 50 cting the camera angle If the scene was recorded from multiple angles, you can easily change the camera angle of the scene you are watching. ANCEL • To turn off the angle number display Press ANGLE while playing a scene recorded Press CANCEL, with multiple angles.
  • Page 51 i1_ii::!_!!i!ii!!l!l_li!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l! cting subtitles You can display subtitles on the TV screen and select a subtitle language from those included on the DVD video disc. • To turn subtitles on or off 1 Press SUB TITLE during playback. Press SUB TITLE during playback. SUB TI'II_E The current subtitle setting is SUBTI'I1.E...
  • Page 52 a language i C_ O C_O i i O O O O i You can select a preferred language and sound recording system from those included on the DVD video disc. Press AUDIO or • / • while the audio setting is PressAUDIO during playback.
  • Page 53 cting the sound enhancement (E.A.M.*) You can easily select a preferred audio enhancement. *E.A.M.: Enhanced Audio Mode • To exit the audio enhancement selection Press CANCEL. Press DISPLAY twice. The foiling display appears. CANCEL DISPLAY/CALL © ;> < Notes: • Actual effects to audio may vary depending...
  • Page 54 -screen di nlav on _s,_.._j v,_ era__n DISPLAY When you turn on the on-screen display, you can view information on operational • / • status and access features and settings. ENTER Press DISPLAY. The following display appears. DISPLAYICALL Each time you press the DISPLAY button, the on-screen display changes as follows. If you pressthe 4 / Ib buttons to select an icon, then press the ENTER button, you can access the specific feature.
  • Page 55 i!_ii::!_!!i!ii!!l!l_li!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l f ......screen display operation (continued) DISPLAY * : Title number Track number Locatea title ortrack using the number buttons. [_ []_D_DD Chapter number Locate a chapter using the number buttons. [_ : To stop playback. : Playback starts from the beginning of the current chapter or track.
  • Page 56 Ostomizing the function settings You can change the default settings to customize performance to your preference. _,/V/_l/I_ ENTER RETURN Press • / • to select the setting you want to Press SET UP during stop. change, then press ENTER. SETUP The following on-screen display...
  • Page 57 i!iii::!_!!i!ii!! !if!i! ! il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !il!!i! !ii! Setting Details Page...
  • Page 58 stomizing the function settings (continued) 4:3 Letterbox: Select when a standard 4:3 TV is Select the output sound format corresponding to your connected. system connection. Displays theatdcal images with For details of sound recording systems, see [_. masking bars above and below the Bitstream: picture.
  • Page 59 i!l_ili:l!_!!i!ii!!l!i_l!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i!l!i_i!i! Off: The primary vocal is not output. On: The primary vocal is output when it is recorded _dEoL_rd__ on the disc. Notes: • The vocal output feature is used during playback of Doiby Digital (multi-channel) recorded DVD KARAOKE discs. This feature allows you to turn off vocal audio tracks, or restore them for background accompaniment.
  • Page 60 stomizing the function settings (continued) 3) Press the • / • buttons to shift and select the second character by pressing the • / • buttons. English: To play sound tracks in English. French: To play sound tracks in French. Spanish: To play sound tracks in Spanish.
  • Page 61 i!_ii::!_!!i!ii!!l!l_li!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l_i!i!l!l paren_l L _d( T'_ e Off: Operational modes (e.g. ° _", "_') are not Auto: For normal use. Still and fast motion images displayed. can be paused. On: Operational modes (e.g. "B B", ° _ ") are Frame: The resolution of still pictures is improved, displayed on-screen.
  • Page 62 stomizing the function settings (continued) (Continued) 3) Press the • / • buttons to select the parental lock level, then _ress the ENTER button, 1) Press the number buttons to create a personal 4-digit security code, then press the ENTER button.
  • Page 63 i!_il::!_!!i!ii!!l!l_ll!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l_l!l!l!l Off: The DVD/VCR continues after playback of a title is completed. On: The DVD/VCR stops after playback of a title is completed. Off: When playing a VIDEO CD without using the menu, On: To use the menu when playing a PBC-featured 1) Press the •...
  • Page 64 of languages Abbreviation Language Abbreviation Language Abbreviation Language Guarani No alternate Portuguese Quechua language Gujarati Chinese CHI (ZH) Hausa Rhaeto-Romance Dutch Hindi Kirundi DUT (NL) Croatian Rumanian ENG (EN) English French Russian FRE (FR) Hungarian German Armenian GER (DE) Kinyarwanda Italian Sanskrit ITA (IT)
  • Page 65 calling service personnel Check the following guide for the possible cause of a problem before contacting service, • Make sure the power cord is plugged in. • Try another AC outlet. DVD/VCR does not operate. • Power is off, check fuse or circuit breaker. •...
  • Page 66: Specifications

    ;ENERAL Power supply AC 120V 60Hz Power consumption Operation: 20W, Stand by: 4W Weight 9.91bs (4.5 kg) Dimensions Width : 16-15/16inches (430 mm) Height : 3-7/8 inches (99 ram) Depth : 12-3/8 inches (314.5 mm) Tuner 181 channel freq. synthesized 2-13 14-69 CATV...
  • Page 67: Limited Warranty

    DVD VIDEO PLAYER Toshiba America Consumer Products, Inc. ("TACP"), Toshiba Hawaii ("THI') and Toshiba Canada Limited ("TCL') make the following limited warranties. These limited warranties extend to original purchaser or any person receiving this set as a gift from the odginal purchaser and to no other purchaser or transferee.
  • Page 68 TOSHIBA OF CANADA to "Register and Validate" their warranty. Product must be purchased from an Authorized Canadian Dealer. Products purchased in the U.S.A. and used in Canada are not covered by these warrant es.