Toshiba SD-V296 - DVD/VCR Owner's Manual

Dvd video player / video cassette recorder.
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© 2008 Toshiba Corporation
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Owner's Record
The model number and serial number are on the back
of your product. Record these numbers in the spaces
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with your Toshiba dealer about this product.
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   Summary of Contents for Toshiba SD-V296 - DVD/VCR

  • Page 1

    The model number and serial number are on the back of your product. Record these numbers in the spaces below. Refer to these numbers whenever you communicate with your Toshiba dealer about this product. Model number: © 2008 Toshiba Corporation Serial number: E8EB5UD_SD-V296KU_EN_ES_v1.indd 1...

  • Page 2: Laser Safety

    PRECAUTIONS TO REDUCE THE RISK OF FIRE OR ELECTRIC SHOCK, DO NOT EXPOSE THIS WARNING: APPLIANCE TO RAIN OR MOISTURE. The lightning flash with arrowhead symbol, within an CAUTION equilateral triangle, is intended to alert the user to the RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK presence of uninsulated “dangerous voltage”...

  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS This unit has been designed and manufactured to assure personal safety. Improper use can result in electric shock or fire hazard. The safeguards incorporated in this unit will protect you if you observe the following procedures for installation, use and servicing. This unit is fully transistorized and does not contain any parts that can be repaired by the user.

  • Page 4: Installation Location, Avoid The Hazards Of Electrical Shock And Fire, Moisture Condensation Warning, About Copyright

    & pending. DTS and DTS Digital Out are regarding your TV set compatibility with this 480p DVD registered trademarks and the DTS logos and recorder, please contact Toshiba Customer Service. Symbol are trademarks of DTS, Inc. ©1996-2007 DTS, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Maintenance Table of Contents PRECAUTIONS SERVICING Laser Safety ......................2 • Please refer to relevant topics on the “Troubleshooting” IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS ..........3 Installation Location .....................4 on page 27 before returning the unit. Avoid the Hazards of Electrical Shock and Fire ..........4 •...

  • Page 6: Playable Media, Unplayable Media

    • Because of problems and errors that can occur during the creation of DVD and CD software and/or the manufacture of DVD and CD discs, Toshiba cannot assure that this DVD player will successfully play every disc bearing the DVD and CD logos. If you happen to experience any difficulty playing a DVD and/or CD disc on this DVD player, please contact Toshiba Customer Service.

  • Page 7: Index To Parts And Controls, Front Panel, Rear Panel

    Index to Parts and Controls Front Panel 3 4 5 6 7 21 20 19 18 ( * ) The unit can also be turned on by pressing these buttons or by 11. B (PLAY) button (DVD only)* inserting a cassette tape. Press to start or resume playback.

  • Page 8: Remote Control, Installing The Batteries For The Remote Control, Camera Angles, Virtual Surround

    Remote Control DVD mode VCR mode Media Button (Alphabetical order) • To turn the unit on/off. • To turn the unit on/off. • To turn the unit on/off. • To select chapter or title • To select track or file directly. directly.

  • Page 9: Dvd Display Panel, Vcr Display Panel, Selecting Dvd Or Vcr Operation

    DVD Display Panel Displays a type of the disc which is inserted on the tray. No disc inserted or • DVD: DVD-video cannot read • CD: Audio CD/JPEG on CD Appears when the A-B repeat function Tray open is on. Appears when the Appears when the repeat function is on.

  • Page 10: Connections, Connection To Rf Modulator (not Supplied), Connection To A Tv

    Connections If your TV has AUDIO/VIDEO input jacks, see the section “Connection to a TV” on this page. If not, it is still possible to connect this unit to your TV by using a STEREO AUDIO/VIDEO RF modulator (commercially available). In this case, follow the instructions below. Connection to RF Modulator (Not Supplied) 1) Disconnect the power cords of the devices from the AC outlet.

  • Page 11: Connection To An Audio System, Connection To An External Tuner

    Connection to an Audio System If using this DVD player to play back a DVD in a Dolby Digital Multi-channel surround or DTS surround format, the DVD player outputs a Dolby Digital or DTS data stream from its COAXIAL DIGITAL AUDIO OUT jack. By hooking up the player to a Dolby Digital or DTS decoder, you can enjoy more convincing, realistic ambience with powerful and high- quality surrounding sound of a professional standard which can be heard in movie theaters.

  • Page 12: Preparation For Use, Turning On Unit For The First Time, Clock Setting

    Preparation for Use Turning on Unit for the First Time Clock Setting Please note: most instructions in this man- ual refer to remote control use. Be sure your TV’s input is set to VIDEO. (Name may Press [SETUP] and select “CLOCK SET”. - M E N U - vary with TV manufacturer.

  • Page 13: When You Playback A Cassette Tape Recorded In Hi-fi Stereo, Other Operations, Index Search

    VCR FUNCTIONS Playback Before: Turn on the TV. Note: • When a cassette tape without a record tab is inserted, the unit will start Insert a cassette tape To start playback playback automatically. into this unit. • Tracking will be automatically adjusted PLAY upon playback.

  • Page 14: Auto Repeat, Recording, Timer Recording, Repeat Playback

    Auto Repeat The unit will automatically rewind the cassette tape when it has reached the end and will automatically start playback unless you press [STOP C] or you turn off the unit. Press [SETUP], and choose “AUTO REPEAT”. - M E N U - Press [B] to “AUTO REPEAT”...

  • Page 15

    Select “ONCE”, “DAILY” (Mon-Fri), or “WEEKLY”. Select recording speed. ONE TIME PROGRAM PROGRAM NUMBER 1 Then press [B] to go to next step. Then press [SETUP]. PROGRAM NUMBER 1 B ONCE DATE 1 0 / 0 7 TUE DAILY START TIME 0 7 : 3 0 WEEKLY TIME 0 8 : 3 0...

  • Page 16: Satellite Link, Copying A Cassette Tape

    Satellite Link You can set the unit to start recording whenever it detects a video signal from the external tuner. Preparing for the Satellite Link Timer Recording: Preparation on the tuner Preparation on this unit • Satellite link accepts only the connection from L1 (rear) with the external tuner.

  • Page 17: Dvd To Cassette Tape Duplication

    DVD to Cassette Tape Duplication This will be possible only if the DVD is not copy protected. Press [SPEED] repeatedly until the desired tape speed (SP or SLP) Before you begin: appears briefly on the screen. • Insert a cassette tape in the cassette compartment. Make sure For details about tape speed, refer to page 16.

  • Page 18: On-screen Display

    Slow Forward / Reverse Search Zoom Press [g] or [h] repeatedly in the pause mode to 1) Press [ZOOM] during playback. select the required forward or reverse speed. 2) Press [ZOOM] repeatedly to select the required zoom factor: To continue playback, press [PLAY B]. 2x, 4x or off.

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