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Sony Handycam CCD-TRV21E Service Manual

Video camera recorder
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CC,-T,V, ]E,
T,V2 ,V2 E ,V2
is model that cartingbag are added in
is different from CCD-TRV21
only in the accessory and packing materials.
US Model
Canadian Model
AEP Model
UK Model
E Model
Australian Model
Hong Kong Model
Tourist Model
refer to the I
8mm Video
Video camera recorder
V'Kleo recording system
Two rotary heads, Helical
scanning, _ system
Audio recording system
Rotary heads, FIVI system
Usable cassette
8 nun video format cassette
(standard 8 ram)
Image device
CCD (Charge Coupled
Electronic viewfinder
Black and white
12x, Combined
power zoom
lens, FI.8--2.7
Filter diameter 37 mm (1 _
Color temperature
Recommended illumination
More than 100 Ix
* Mizdmum illundnation
the light level a
camcorder requires to
a picture. Visible
low light expresses
the light level to produce
visible signal
LCD screen
2.5 inches measured
50.3x 37.4mm
(2x 1½ inches)
active matrix
Total dot number
61_a80 (279x 22o)
Input and Output connectors
Vldeo output
Phono jacL 1 Vp-p, 75 Q,
Audio output
Phono jack, 327
mY, (at load _pedance
k.q), impedance
less than 2.2
Specialminijack,iX: SV
Earphone lack
LANC control jack
Stereo mL, d -mi.-diack (e 2-5
* Refer to the table on page 2 for the differences
of specifications between the respective models.
MR: jack
Minijack, 0.388 mV, low
impedance with 2.5 to 3 V DC
output,impedance 6.8 k.q (e
3.5 men)
Power requirements
7.5 V (AC power adaptor)
Operatlng temperature
0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)
Storage temperature
-20°C to +60°C (--4OFto
Dimensions (Approx.)
113 x 106 x 210 mm
(41/_ x 4 V4x 8 3/8 inches) (w/h/
Electret condenser
AC power adaptor
Power requirements
110 - 240 V AC, 50/60Hz
Power consumption
AC-V16A_ 22 W
DC OUT in operation mode
V, 1.6 A
7.5 V, 1.8 A
Bat_z 7 charge _mLnal
10 V, 1.1 A. m charge mode
Sony battery packs NP-55
(supplied), NP-55H,NP-C65,
NP-67, NP-77H, NP-77I-ID, NP-
98, NP-98D
Operating temperature
O°C to 40°C (32OFto 104°_
Storage temperature
-20°C to +60°C (--4°F to +140°F)
Dimensions (Approx.)
166 x 43 x 75 mm (6 s/a x 1 11A6x
3 inches) (w/h/d)
projecting parts and
Mass (Approx.)
g (15 oz)
450 g (16 oz)



Summary of Contents for Sony Handycam CCD-TRV21E

  • Page 1 61_a80 (279x 22o) 7.5 V (AC power adaptor) Image device App,_ Operatlng temperature CCD (Charge Coupled Device) Sony battery packs NP-55 Input and Output connectors 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F) Viewflnder (supplied), NP-55H,NP-C65, Vldeo output Electronic viewfinder Storage temperature...
  • Page 2 Preparativos Check that the following accessories are supplied Compruebe si los siguientes accesorios est_tn Before using your camcorder, you first need to Antes de utilizar la videocLmara, primero tendril with your camcorder, incluidos con su videoc_nara. charge and install the battery pack. To charge the que cargar y colocar la baterfa.
  • Page 3 DuraciGn de la bateria Battery life Notes on charging the battery pack Notas sobre la carga de la baterla CCD-TRV11 CCD-TRV11 • The POWER lamp will remain lit for a while • Es normal que la l_mpara POWER permanezca • While even if the battery pack is removed and the...
  • Page 4 Make sure thata power sourceisinstalled. Aseg_rese de que haya una fuente de Make sure that a power source and a cassette is Asebn£rese de que haya una fuente de alimentad6n conectada a la videoc_mara. inserted end that the START/STOP MODE (I)While pressingthesmallblue button,slide alimentaci6n conectada, un videocassette...
  • Page 5 To focus the vlewfinder lens Para enfocar la lente del visor To stop recording momentarily Para detaner moment_tnearnente Press START/STOP again. The "REC"indicator If the viewfinder is not in focus at all or when Cuando el visor no est_ enfocado en absoluto, o grabad6n in the viewfinder changes to the "STBY"...
  • Page 6 Notes on the tape counter Notas sobre el €ontador de la cJnta • The t_l:_ co_mter indicates the recording * E1 contador de la cinta indicar_ el tiempo de playback time. Use it as a guide. There will be a grabaci6n o de reproducci6n.
  • Page 7 _S_ti_g_ it h the' LCD screen: _!_ Videofilmaci6n con la pantalla Notes on digital zoom (CCD-TRV21 Notas sobre el zoom digital only) (CCD-TRV21 solamente) • Amas de 12 aumentos, el zoom se realizant You can also record the picture while looking at •...
  • Page 8 When attaching a non-Sony podr_ emplearlo tambi_n con esta videoc_lmara. pulgar. Cuando utilice un trlpode clueno sea Sony, tripod, make sure that the langth of the tripod screw is less than 6.5 mm (9/32 in). Otherwise, asegfirese de que la longitud del tomilio del tHpode sea in_erior a 6,5 ram.
  • Page 9 Para parar la reproduccidn To stop playback Ufilizando EDITSEARCH, usted podr_t revisar la SuelteEDITSEARCH. Release EDITSEARCH. Using EDITSEARCH, you can review the last _ltima escena grabada o comprobar la imagen recorded r_"eneor check the recorded picture grabada en el visor. Para volver al Gltimo...
  • Page 10 When watching on the LCD screen You can monitor the playback picture on the Usted podr_l contemplar las im_lgenes de Cuando contemple im_genes en la LCD screen. reproducci6n en la pantalla de cristal lfquldo. You can turn the LCD panel over and move back pantalla de cristal Ifquido...
  • Page 11 ]a transici6n entre la d]tima the transition between the last scene you Sony video product. When recorded and the next scene smooth. The tape escena grabada y ia siguiente no resulte brusca.
  • Page 12 To remove the adaptor Para qultar el adaptador Util!_6n €onla €?rflente de la red QuJtelo igual que la baterfa. The adaptor is removed in the same way as the barfer), pack. To use the supplied AC power adaptor: Para utilizar el adaptador de alimentad6n de CA...
  • Page 13 To cancel mirror mode Para cancelar el modo de espeJo Before you start recording or during recording, Antes de comenzar la videofilmaci6n, presione Turn the LCD panel back toward the viewfinder. Gire la pantalla de crista] llquido hacia el visor. press DATE(+) or TIME(NEXT).You can record DATE (+) o TIME (NEXT).
  • Page 14 Youcan selectfromthreePROGRAM AE (Auto Usted podr_ selecdonar entre ires modos When you shoota subject with thelight source Cuando videofilmetunmotivo con lafuentede Exposure) m odes to suityourshootingsituation. PROGRAM AE (exposiddn autom_ttlca behind thesubject o r a subject w ith a light fluminadOn deft:%de 41o a contraluz, u tilice la When you use PROGRAM AE,you can capture programada),...
  • Page 15 You_ camcorder has two modes besides normal Su videograbadora posee dos modos adem_ls del , Using the PROG_M_AE _nctioh normal de inicio/parada. Estos modos ]e start/stop mode. These modes enable you to take Set the mark of the desired mode to the • mark a series of quick shots resulting in a lively video.
  • Page 16 You can select from nine preset rifles to Usted podnl seleccionar m'Ltttu]o entre nueve - CCD-TRV21 solamente - CCD-TRV21 only superimpose it on the picture during recording. tftulos memorizados y superponer]o sobre ]as You can record • 16.'9 wide picture to watch on Usted podr_i videnfllmar im,_lgenes con 16:9 Each time you press TITLE, t he preset rifles...
  • Page 17 - CCD-TRV21 only - CCD-TRV21 solamente You can change themode settings t o further Usted podr_t cambiar los ajuste de modo para disfrutar m_LS de ]as funciones de la videoGImara. You can use the Steady Shot to compensate for Usted podrJI utilizar lafund6n de videofiLmad6n enjoythe features and functions.
  • Page 18 If you connect directly to TV Para realizar la conexl6n directa a un televisor You can use this camcorder as a VCR by Usted podr_l utilizar esta videoc_Imara cored Conecte la vldeoc_L_ara alas entradas del Connect the camcorder to the inputs on the TV connectingit toyoux TV forplayback.
  • Page 19 Mantenga reducido e! volumen de la otra de litio CR2025 Sony o DL-202S Duracell. battery. Use of any other battery may present videocLmara durante la edici6n. De lo contrario, El empleo de otra pile puede suponer After connecting...
  • Page 20 Reset the date and time using the DATE(+) and Reajuste la far.ha y la hora utilizando ]as teclas' TIME(NEXT) buttons. DATE(+) y TIME(NEXT). (1) Deslice el selector POWER hasta CAMERA. (1) Set the POWER switch to CAMERA. When replacing the lithium battery, keep the Durante el reemplazo de ]a pila de litio, (2) Gire STANDBY hacia arriba.
  • Page 21 The playback mode (SP/LP) is selected El modo de reproducci6n (SPiLP) se seleccionart autom_iticamante de acuerdo con el sistema de automatically according to the recording system Mientras est_ utilizando la videoc_unara en el While you are using your camcorder, the in which the tape has been recorded.
  • Page 22 battery heats La baterfa se calentarJ During charging or recording, the battery pack Durante lacargao lagrabaci6n, l abaleffa se heatsup.This is caused by energy thathasbeen calentarA Estose debe a laenerg_a generaday al Baterias nuevas A brand-new battery generated and a chemical change that has cambio qufrnico que seproduce en elinterior de la Una bateria nueva no estara cargada.
  • Page 23 Si el cassette de limpieza V8-25CLH no est_t in your area, consult your nearest Sony dealer. bag and allow it to adapt to room conditions over C6mo prevenir la condensaciGn...
  • Page 24 ]a videootmara arrow and pull it out. deslizado el mando RELEASE y tire del checked by your nearest Sony dealer before (2) Clean the surface with a commercially ocular. haga que sea revisada por su proveedor Sony m_ts cercano antes de reutilizarla.
  • Page 25 Brazil Brasil - Polvorientos o sucios If any difficult), should arise, unplug the unit and contact your nearest Sony deaJer. - Muy htlmedos PAL N system countries Pa|ses con el sistema PAL N - Sujetos a vibraciones Argentina, P araguay,Uruguay...
  • Page 26 CCD-TRV21 1_ I._mpara indicadora de videofilmacibn Recording lamp _[] Tedas de transporte de la cinta (p,_g. [] Tape transport buttons (p.22, 23, 24) 22,23, 24) • STOP Tecla de ajuste de la fecha IDATE (+)] (pig. 29) DATE (+) button (p.29) Parada 1•...
  • Page 27 ._ Compartimiento del videocassette (p;_g. 10) [] Cassette compartment (p.10) _, Tec|a de inicio/parada (START/STOP) (p-',g. START/STOP button (p.18) _-_ Mando de expuIsi6n del videocassette EJECT knob (p.10) Use this button when recording in a low (EJECT) (pig. 10) Ufilice esta tecla cuando \'ideofilme position.
  • Page 28 Preparacidn del telemando To prepare remote commender • Remote ¢ommander_',-_:TTi!; i_'Teie_m-anclo i::_:;::-_ 7_::: Para utilizar el te_emando, deberA colocar dos To use the Remote Commander, you must insert pilas R6 (tarna_o AA). Utilice las pflas R6 Utilizacidn telemando two R6 (size A A) batteries. Use the suppliedR6 Using Remote Commander...
  • Page 29 Sony Sony VCRs to avoid remote control para evitar una operaci6n err6nea de control misoperafion. If you use another Sony VCR at remoto. Si utiliza otra videograbadora Sony en commander mode VTR 2, we recommend el modo de mando...
  • Page 30 Remaining battery indicator (p. 45) Indicador de bateria restante (pig. Disconnect the power source and contact Desconecte la fuente de alimentaci6n your Sony dealer or local authorized facility. p6ngase en contacto con su proveedor Sony o una estaci6n de servicio autoHzada local.