Sony DSC-H50 Cyber-shot&reg Brochure & Specs

Sony DSC-H50 Cyber-shot&reg Brochure & Specs

Cyber-shot® cameras: cyber-shot® digital still camera
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Handycam & Accessories 2004 / 2005
You make it a Sony


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Summary of Contents for Sony DSC-H50 Cyber-shot®

  • Page 1 Handycam & Accessories 2004 / 2005 You make it a Sony
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    With Sony quality imaging Thanks to breathtaking image quality and a host of new technologies, making home movies on a Sony Handycam has never been more rewarding. The Sony range is stylish, compact and full of user-friendly features so getting those great shots isn’t hard at all, it’s fun! With image quality like this, you can keep your memories moving –...
  • Page 3 All six Handycam formats deliver Pro settings excellent quality images. From new High Meet professional film Definition Video to DVD Handycam standards with a Sony semi-pro and miniature MICROMV, Sony movie Handycam. magic is guaranteed. (see pp. 8-9, 24-25) Beautiful colours...
  • Page 4: High Definition Video

    (RGB) on its you zoom and select from own dedicated chip. 8 zoom speeds. Sony’s new flagship HDR-FX1E High Definition (HD) Handycam delivers unprecedented Handycam film-making power – to put you right at the forefront of the HD revolution.
  • Page 5 PC like a VAIO desktop or notebook. And of course you can admire your finished HDV film on a Sony High Definition Ready WEGA Engine TV – and let the quality shine through. You’ll adore the pro- fessional big screen feel when you watch your very first HDV movie.
  • Page 6: Your Imaging Engine

    Your Imaging Engine Engineered for excellence. It’s an image thing Watch any movie made on a Sony megapixel Handycam, and you can’t help noticing the outstanding image quality. That’s down to our new ultra- fast processors that give your...
  • Page 7 3 million pixels! By retaining this data, the Resolution Converter delivers unprece- dented image quality. 67,5 MHz Speed is the key to digital clarity – and a Sony Handycam processes your images phenomenally fast Raw Data Noise Reduction Inter-frame NR This new Sony technology...
  • Page 8: Ccd Movies

    Whether you’re filming moving images or want to catch the still shot of your life, your Sony Digital Handy- cam won’t let you down. When you select your Handycam, we offer a...
  • Page 9: Megapixel Photos

    Sony range. High numbers of pixels are ideal for taking excellent photos Primary Color Filter too. Combined with special Sony features like a Carl Zeiss lens and Sony’s Primary Color Filter delivers...
  • Page 10: Wonderful Widescreen (16:9)

    3.3 megapixels + 561% Enhanced True Widescreen performance compared to 800,000 pixel camcorders with the zoom set to wide. When you capture your life in Sony Increased wide- Handycam quality, the real buzz angle recording comes when you get your images home.
  • Page 11: Perfect Prints

    You can edit your photos first on your PC* or print directly from a Sony Memory Stick™. Either way, the colours are vivid and the contours stay crisp. 13 x 18 cm: 1.55 megapixels 15 x 20 cm: 2.11 megapixels...
  • Page 12: User-Friendly Features (Handycam Station)

    – but to make sure you cap- ture those priceless moments, your Handycam has to be ready and easy to use. From Sony’s ‘dock-and-go’ cradle to clever on-screen controls, your Handycam makes day-to-day movie magic a matter of course.
  • Page 13 – simply by tapping the LCD screen! Design your own menu Special Sony technology means you can decide which features your LCD displays when you turn it on. Choose which language too! Battery updates anytime Handycam on or Handycam off –...
  • Page 14: Burn, Edit And Share

    … or burn a DVD on your PC* and simply – so everyone can join in the fun! Burn copies on DVD or CD, One click and it’s done! With Sony’s send movies via e-mail or print out still Click to DVD** software, you can photos on your printer at home.
  • Page 15 G o o d v i e w s t r a v e l f a s t – o n U S B Sony’s clever Picture Package ™ *** software makes cutting e-Movies and photos a lot of fun on your PC*. This software does just about everything for you –...
  • Page 16: Dvd Handycam

    DVD player. * Sony DVD-R media recorded in Video mode can be played back on most Sony DVD players and recorders sold after the year 2000 and on a PlayStation PlayStation is a registered trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
  • Page 17 – scene you want. right on the LCD screen. DCR-DVD201E DVD Handycam Your DVD Handycam records direct to DVD, so watching and sharing your movies is easy – on a DVD player and...
  • Page 18: Important Accessories

    We’ll let you into a secret – a few well-chosen acces- sories make the world of difference … Sony’s precision tele conversion lenses Our polarising filter kit removes add character to your footage. Zoom up unwanted reflections to ensure clear close for the all-important details of definition and vibrant colours.
  • Page 19 Batteries and chargers Nothing’s worse than running out of power just when you’re about to film something great, but with Sony spare batteries your Handycam is always ready. You can recharge our InfoLITHIUM models as often as you like! Tripods...
  • Page 20: Accessory Compatibility

    Accessory Compatibility Extras make movie-making Camcorder Type Batteries NP-FP90 InfoLITHIUM P Series 7.2 V / 17.7 Wh (2460 mAh) NP-FP70 InfoLITHIUM P Series 7.2 V / 9.7 Wh (1360 mAh) NP-FP50 InfoLITHIUM P Series 7.2 V / 4.9 Wh (680 mAh) NP-F970 InfoLITHIUM L Series 7.2 V / 47.4 Wh (6600 mAh)
  • Page 21 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Accessory Compatibility Digital 8 Hi8 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •...
  • Page 22: Technology Glossary

    Black & White, Sepia, Mosaic and Negative Art. DV In / Out (i.LINK™) Most Sony Digital Handycams come with DV out for transferring full quality footage to other devices using an i.LINK™ cable. DV in lets you transfer edited movies back to your Handycam.
  • Page 23 Megapixel Engine Ultra-fast processing is the key to our ‘Megapixel Engine’, a group of cutting-edge technologies that set Sony digital imaging apart from the rest. To find out more, turn to page 6. NightShot / NightShot Plus / Super NightShot Plus Find your subject and make movies in complete darkness with Sony’s...
  • Page 24 Product Overview Find the ideal Handycam for you HDV standards • HDV / DV switchability High Definition Video Handycam • Optical Image Stabiliser with 3 x 1 megapixel CCDs and a host • 1440 x 1080 HDV of manual features.
  • Page 25 (DV in / out DCR-PC107E only) • 16:9 High-quality Mode • i.LINK™ DV in / out • Pop-up flash • Intelligent Accessory Shoe MICROMV standards • 10x optical / The world’s smallest megapixel 120x digital zoom tape camcorder with Handycam •...
  • Page 26 Product Overview More special Sony DVD standards • Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens Very compact entry-level DVD • 10x optical / 120x Handycam that records directly digital zoom on an 8 cm DVD disc. • Save movies and still photos on same media •...
  • Page 27 Optical Image Optical Image Optical Image • • • stabilizer stabilizer stabilizer Carl Zeiss Carl Zeiss Carl Zeiss Carl Zeiss Carl Zeiss Sony Vario-Sonnar T* Vario-Sonnar T* Vario-Tessar Vario-Sonnar Vario-Sonnar T* 120x 120x – 150x 120x • High-quality High-quality •...
  • Page 28 Sony Baltic, Branch of Sony Nordic a/s 74/76 Dzirnavu - 1050, Riga Latvia

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