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ProForm 20.0 CrossTrainer User Manual page 15

Elliptical exerciser
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Measure your heart rate if desired.
tf there are
sheets of dear
plastic on the
metaJ contacts
on the handgdp
puJse sensor,
remove the plas-
tic. To measure
your heart rate,
hold the handgrip
pulse sensor with
your palms resting against the metal contacts.
Avoid moving your hands or gripping
the con-
tacts too tightly.
When your puJse is detected, one, two, or three
dashes will appear in the display, and then your
heart rate wilJ appear. For the most accurate heart
rate reading, hold the contacts for at least 15 sec-
onds. Note: if you continue to hold the handgdp
pulse sensor, the display wiiJ show your heart rate
for up to 30 seconds.
If the dispJay does not show your heart rate, make
sure that your hands are positioned as described.
Be careful not to move your hands excessively or
to squeeze the metal contacts too tightly. For opti-
maJ performance, clean the metal contacts using
a soft cJoth; never use alcohol,
to dean the contacts.
Turn on the fan if desired.
To turn on the fan at low speed, press the Fan
button once. To turn on the fan at high speed,
press the Fan button a second time. To turn off
the fan, press the Fan button a third time.
When you are finished
the console
wilJ turn off automaticaHyo
If the pedaJs do not move for several seconds, a
tone wilJ sound and the console will pause. If the
pedals do not move for several minutes and the
buttons are not pressed, the console wiJJturn off
and the display will be reset.
Begin pedaling
or press any button on the
console to turn on the consote.
A moment after you begin pedaling or press a
button, the dispJay wiJJlight.
SeJect a cross
To select one of
the nine cross
trainer programs,
press the
Interactive Cross
Trainer Programs
button repeatedly
untiJ Program 1, 2,
3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9 appears in the display. The
program time and a profiJe of the resistance set-
tings for the program will also appear in the dis-
After a moment, the voice of a personal trainer
will welcome you to the program and guide you
through the workout. To adjust the volume level of
the speakers, press the increase and decrease
buttons untiJ the desired voJume level is selected.
There are five volume leveJs.
Begin pedaling
to start the program.
Each program is divided into either 30 or 45 one-
minute segments. One resistance setting and one
target rpm (pace) setting are programmed for
most segments. (Note: The same resistance
and!or target rpm setting may be programmed for
two or more consecutive segments.) During other
segments, the console will prompt you to perform
strength exercises.
The resistance setting and the target rpm for the
first segment will appear in the center of the dis-
play for a few seconds. The resistance setting will
then be indicated by the height of the flashing col-
umn of the profile in the display. The resistance
settings for the next several segments will be indi-
cated by the heights of the columns to the right of
the flashing coJumn.
When the first segment of the program ends, the
resistance setting and the target rpm for the sec-
ond segment will appear in the center of the dis-
play for a few seconds to alert you. The entire
profiJe wiJJthen shift one column to the Jeff, and
the pedals will automaticaJJy adjust to the resis-
tance setting for the second segment.

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