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  • Page 1 DVD Recorder User's Guide Changing...
  • Page 2 l+++@P++++++ WARNING To reduce the risk of fire or shock hazard, do not expose insulation between hazardous mains voltage and user [_--_ accessible parts¸ this DVD Recorder to rain or moisture. This symbol indicates that this product incorporates double "Ihis symbol indicates "dangerous rIhis symbol indicates CAUTION vokage"...
  • Page 3 Talbl of Cont÷n s Recording from a DV Camcorder ........Types of Discs..............Things to consider before you connect ......Recording from a VCR ............ Unpack the Box ..............DVD Playback ..............Choose Your Connection ..........Editing DVD Discs ............Explanation of Input Jacks and Cables ......
  • Page 4: Discs You Can Use For Recording

    C@nnec ÷ns Se u E Types of Discs DISCS YOU CAN USE FOR RECORDING DVD_+R2.4x, 4x, or 8x, and 16x ONLY; DVD_+ RW 2.4x and 4x ONLY, IMPORTANT? It is NOT possible to record content that is copy-protected. This is usually true for most pre- recorded DVD discs and most...
  • Page 5: Unpack The Box

    Ch_p_er 1:_ C@_nect_÷ns S÷_u_ Connection Pictures Audio/video cablvs ale ustlally bundl_'d togeth_'i. For better visibility, the' connection pictmes in this book show each cable sq_aJ ttely (audio left, audio right, and video). Graphics contained within this publication a_e h_l lep_esentation onl}_ Unpack the Box Yore DVD _eco_d_'l came witb tile folio_ing items:...
  • Page 6: Audio Receiver

    ,C_i_ 1:_ C@nnecti÷ns S÷_n E Choose Your Connection Theie ale several wa):_ to connect ),our DVD iecorder. Please use the following chart to detcimh3e which connection is best for you. "Ibm to the appropriate page for specific instructions. Cables Needed Connection Go to Components...
  • Page 7 Some cables are supplied with your product or you can purchase other cables by calling 1800-338-0376, order online at, or go to Tour local dectronics store). There are several ways to connect yore DVD recorder to Tour TV depending upon dle cables Tou have and the jacks dlat are on the back of your "I_...
  • Page 8 1:: C@nne¢ o s S÷tu E vmEom ®o0 _VlPEO m S-VtDEO Back of the DVD Recorder The back of your recoider might look a litde ow_lwhdming tt first. This section explains what goes where and There are t'_'o sets of jacks on the back _r_)_ of yore¸...
  • Page 9: Front Of The Dvd Recorder

    Front of the DVD Recorder STANDBY/ON- rIhms the DVD Jecordel on and o_,i CH- (channel down) - Goes to the pievious channel in tile channel list when )_m're watching TV. CH+ (channel up) - Goes to the next channel in the channd list when you;Je watching "I_7.
  • Page 10 ,¢_er 1:: ¢@_nect_ons S÷_u E DVD recorder In from cable or antenna C_AX]AL OUT g WDE_O_T _coFdeF S-VIDEO VIDEO S.V_DEO (INPUT1 CABLE/ANTENNA Tv I The back of your TV might look different than the one pictured here. Details about the different kinds of cables used to connect your DVD recorder...
  • Page 11: Dvd Recorder + Tv

    Ch p er 1: C@ nect ÷ns Connection: DVD recorder + TV Connect the signal (cable or antenna): Note: Depending upon how you currently have your TV connected, you'll have to disconnect the cable from your TV's Antenna Input jack (_ometimes labeled CABLE/ ANTENNA) or your VCR's Input jack before you connect the cable as explained betow_ Cable service: If you have cablc se_vk-_'via a cable that comes out of the wall, ccmn_'ct the end of that RFCoaxial cable...
  • Page 12: Dvd Recorder

    C@ nect ons and S÷ u E DVD recorder +TV+ Basic Cable Box The back of your TV and/or Cable Box might recorder than the ones £_ Iookdifferent ..pictured here. SVlOEOOUT CABLEOUT Cable Box S-VIDEO VIDEO INPUT, _ CABLE/ANTENNA S-VIDEO( INPUT2 _ Notes...
  • Page 13 Ch p er C@ nec ÷ns Connection: DVD recorder + TV + Basic Cable Box Connect the cable box signal Note: Before you connect the DVD recorder, you'll need to disconnect some of the cables first in order to reconnect them, Connect the RF coaxial cable that is connected...
  • Page 14: Satellite Receiver

    1: C@ nect ons and Se u E DVD recorder +TV+ Satellite Receiver SATELLITE The back of your DISH satellite receiver might look ANTENNA ..L.*;;_ ..... different than the one pictured here. DVD recorder Important You can_ watch one satellite pJogram and Jecord anotheJ satellite program at the same thne.
  • Page 15 Ch p er C@ nect ÷ns Connection: DVD recorder + TV + Satellite Receiver Tbe following instructions enaNe you to retold tile plograms from your satellite receiver. Because the jack configuration and labels vary on different satellite receivers and televisions, the steps provided are general gtfiddines.
  • Page 16 1: ¢o ect ÷ns and S÷ u E DVD recorder +TV + Basic Cable Box + Audio Receiver Audio Receiver The back of your TV and/or Cable Box might look different than the ones pictured here. Cable Box _BtEOUT CABLUANTENNA Notes about cable boxes:...
  • Page 17 Chap el Connection: DVD recorder + TV + Basic Cable Box +Audio Receiver You'll need to consult instructions that came with your audio video receiver in order to connect it properl); "Ihe information below provides genelal guidelh>'s fm the' DVD recmdet's Audio Otltput Jacks. Botb Dolhy* Digital@ and D'IS(_) aJe audio formats used to _ecord 5.1 cbannel audio signals onto the digital track offihn (while tile film is being made).
  • Page 18 C@nnect ÷ns Se n E The audio input iacks on the audio receiver ?:ou use to connect to the DVD recorder will determine which sotlrce or input you need to select on the A/V receJvel when you want to watch "I_/or play a disc. 319.If you have a Dolhy Digital or DTS receiver, connect a digital audio coaxial cable to the DIGI'IAL AI JDIO O[ r-[ iack on the DVD recorder and the Digital Audio Input jack on the receJveI (cable not supplied with DVD recoider).
  • Page 19: Install Batteries

    Chap el Connec ÷ s Install Batteries in the Remote Removt _ the batt_qy co[npaJtnlent cov_'l oi_ the' had< of the lemot_'. Insert new batteries. Match the polarities (+ and _ on the battelies with the diagram inside the Jemotek battely compamnent.
  • Page 20: Setting The Clock

    1:: C@nnec @ns S÷ u E Setting the Clock Press SEt[ OI) to bring up the DVD tecot&i's main metal (,_'nera! is alr_'adv higHighted, so press the, OK button to bring tip the General menu. Piess the down anow button to highlight Cloth and piess OK. The clock settings metal appeals.
  • Page 21: What To Expect

    1: C@nnec ÷ s What to Expect Turn on the DVD recorder to Watch In ord_'r to use the h'attH¢'s of the DVD Jecotder, you'll have to get used to turning on yore DVD I_corder to watch rI\_ h_m also need to tune the TV to thc Video Input Channd instead of changing channels with thc TV's channel tip and dlannel down i)uttons, you change channels via the DVD recorde_'s channel up and down buttons (oi nmni)er buttons).
  • Page 22 1: C@nnec o s S÷tu E How to find your TV's Video Input Channel In o_de_ to sec whags playing on yore [)VD r_'cordel, you need to rune the TV to the \qdeo Input (hanncl that coHesponds to the Input Jacks on your PV that you used to connect the DVD lecorder to the TV.
  • Page 23: Explanation Of The Remote Control Buttons

    Conne¢ @ s Explanation of the Remote Control Buttons (in alphabetical order) can use this iernote to operate the DVD recorder, and to access the features available. -[he descriptions that follow descril)e how each button works when operating the DVD recorder. Many buttons will petit)ira different functkms depending upon the type of disc and menu fimctions of the disc.
  • Page 24: Button Descriptions For Tv

    JPEG files. Button Descriptions for TV (in alphabetical order) This t,maote _ontrol is designed t() opelate most RCA, GE, and Pioscan TVs. The }_dlowing list provides basic information about these buttons. TV Controls ms on and off the "I\_ Power-'Ib MUTE - Mutes the "PV's volume.
  • Page 25: Dvd Recording

    DVD Recording After you load a disc into the DVD recorder_ disc tray, there are sevelal ways to recold progralnming. When you insert a blank disc, tile DVD recorder will need to format the disc so you may need to wait several seconds. "Ihe quickest way to start recc.ding is to press the Rt CORD button while you?re watching a show (the recording banneJ appears).
  • Page 26: Recording From A Dv Camcorder

    -[b suspend a timer recmding for a later time, highlight the Hand icon and press OK. The timeJ recording shows Suspend in the list under the Seams cohmm "Io unsuspend a recolding, highlight and select the Hand icon again. Note: If a recording fails, you can highlight and select the Hand icon to display the reason why the recording failed.
  • Page 27: Dvd Playback

    DVD Playback "I_ play recordings, do the _ollowing: "Iim_ on tile TV and the DVD Iecot&q. Make sure the TV is tuned to the correct Vide() Input Chamlel (for help, go to page 20). Insert the disc you want to play and press PLAY. Editing DVD Discs You can edit a DVD+R or DVD+R\V disc you r_coM_d using the DVD recordm.
  • Page 28: Regional Coding

    Regional Coding Both the DVD recorder and thediscsarecodedby region.Theseregionalcodesmust matcfiin order fbra pre-recorded DVD o play.This playerscodeis regi(m1. Howe,.erdiscsyou usefbr recording (D_[)±Ra d D\D±I'_\_')a e tassgned eg n "_nbes. Typesof discsyou can play DVD±Rand DVD±RWdiscs - usedto I,'cordploglamming,h_strnctlons a bout playicgand recor&%tfiesc&sc,s a rc m (.fiapter :_.
  • Page 29 Chap el 3: IPIma ID scs Using Different Menus Each disc is progi.mmed with difl_l.'nt te.tures. "Ih.'re' ale three sepalate types of menus that yotl US__ [O acce£s t_a[Hlc_S_ The DVD's Disc menu - "Ih__ Disc menu is part of eacll disc and is sepalat_- flora the DVD Jecorder's menu.
  • Page 30: Using The On-Screen

    Using the On-screen Info Display The on screen Info Display contains the inforn_atioi_ for all of the advanced settings of the disc, inchlding subtitles, angles, etc. "IS see tile Ink_>Displa> press the INFO button on the remote while a disc is playing (the Infi) Display appeals at the top of the screen). can change the appropriate setting by plessing the coHespond]ng button on the remote control.
  • Page 31 Ch p er IPl a Discs Creating an mp3 Disc on Your Computer Your DVD recmdPi handles MPt G 1, later 3 audio. If'you encode yore own rap3 flies flora an audio CD, avoid rising the f_'atmes of MPIG2, such as the'22kHz sarnplblg fiequcIRy.
  • Page 32 4: IM÷nu The DVD Player Menu System The DVD play_'r menu system is not the same as tile disc menu or the Into Display. rphe DVD player menu comes up if you press SETUI ) when no disc is playing. Ifa screensavet is on the screen, press STOP or CI FAR.
  • Page 33 Chajp ÷l 4: IM÷nu S ste Setting your Password (Locking the System) Use the nmnbe_ buttons on the remote to ,'nt*'r a four digit password and piess OK Ihess the down arrow to highlight leue/and press OK. Use the up and down arrow buttons to choose the desired tadng limit yot_ want, and press OK (all limits above that will also be locked).
  • Page 34 ,C t r 4: IM÷nu DivX This f?atme allows Tou to see d_e DivX Vkb'o On Dernand legistladon code for your DVD _¢coldeJ. Fo= mo=e infoHnation, visit _vw.dix Version I'his screen shows ?_)uthe version of softwcale the DVD recorder is using. Restore You can restore the unit to factory default settings with Restore.
  • Page 35 Chap ÷r I ÷nu A/V Output Menu (Audio/Video Output) -[h_' A/V Out menu contains the settings that &al with advanced audio/vi&o options, including audio output and aspect ratio settings. Video TV Shape -[his s,'tting adjusts the way a movk _appems on you= rp\_ Standald rIYS are 4x3/k_unat. Deptmding on the type ofI'V )<>uhave, you may want to adjust the screen setting (also called the aspect ratio).
  • Page 36 IM÷nu Audio Digital Output Mode If you connected youl DVD iecorder to a ieceiver via the [)IGI]_L AUDIO OUT jack on the back of the player, choose the type of ieceiver (or decoder) signal you have. Provides convelted (2D-quality stereo. You would use this setting if you didn't have a DTS or Dolby Digital compatible receiver.
  • Page 37: Erase Disc

    Chapt÷r 4: IM÷nu Disc Menu -[his m_'ntl allox_s you to do some of the tool," advanct'd disc functions, such as _m_sing and finalizing the discs. Erase Disc Erases,1DVD+RW disc so you can Jecord ne_ pl:oglamming onto it. Not available fi_ DVD+R discs.
  • Page 38: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Most probk-ms ?ro(_encounter _ ith yore prodt_ct can be couect_'d by consulting the fi>llowing troubleshooting list. If you still have plot_lcms oi need addkional help, call 18667750976 ol visit General Problems Playerwon't work (locksup) • Try mrnhlg off'd_e DVD recorder by pressil/g and hoJdh/g the STANDBY/ON button for 10 seconds. The clock S]_o_rs O il []_efrO[_[office unit to sbow that it is off Then try again.
  • Page 39 Chapter I nfoH • If)vu are trydng to play a disc that was recorded oti a PC, it must have been recorded using a compatible video format. This product pla)v_DVD _ideo (MPEG2), MPEG4, Video CDs (MPEG 1), audio CDs, or data discs (CD°R, CD-RW) wid_ jpeg pictures, mp3s, WMA files, or DivX files. •...
  • Page 40: Remote Control

    To order a new remote cor_trol, go to pah_e 42. The buttons on the front oftke DVD recorder operate die DVD recorder's basic fmxctions, but you wodt be able to usethe menu system without tile remote col/trol. The buttons on the front of the unit are described oil page 7. Also, if you have another RCA, GE, or Proscan braild product with a remote cotltrol that hiesa DVD button, some of tile burtons will probably operate this product if you press the DVD button first.
  • Page 41: Handling Cautions

    Handling Cautions Bef(m" connecting otb_q"components to this DVD r_cordeJ, be sure to ruin all components off. Don't mo_e the player while a disc is being played. The disc may g_'t sclatched oJ blok_'n, and tbc play_::'s intcm.d parts may be damaged. Don't put any container filled with fiquid or any small metal objects on the DVD recoide_: Don't put }<)ur hand into the disc tra}_ Don't place anything otbel than the disc in the disc ira>...
  • Page 42: Limited Warranty

    Jefmbished replacement parts requiJed to repaiJ yore DVD recorder. How you get service: "I_k_" );out DVD lecoMe_ to a_y .Autholized RCA St'trice (;enter. -I_-_ i dcnfify ?x)urnea_cst Aurholized RCA Service Center, ask );out de'ahq, look ill the Yellow Pages, ot call 1800-336-1900.
  • Page 43 How state law relates to warranty: Some' states do not allow the exclusion nor limitation of incidental or cons_'quential damage's, or lhnitations on ho_ long an impJicd w,ulanty lasts, so thc above' limit_rions ol _×cJusions may not apply to you. -[his warrant 3"gives ),ou sp_-cific legal lights, and you also tnay have ot]3_l: Jights that valy from st,m _to state.
  • Page 44: Accessory Information

    A shipping and handling fee will be chaig_'d upon ordering, and we are requir_d IW law to collect rht' appropriate sales tax for each individual state, countr> and localhy to which the merchandise is being sent, For more information about accessories, go on-line to www, Digital Coaxial Audio cable for Coaxial Surge Protector...
  • Page 45 Visit the RCA website at Please do not send any products to the Indianapolis address listed in this manual or on the carton. This will only add delays in service for your product. Thomson Inc. 10330 North Meridian Street...

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