RCA DRC8030N User Manual

RCA DRC8030N User Manual

Rca dvd recorder user manual


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It is important to read this instruction book prior to using your new product for the first time.
Nous vous recommandons de lire ce manuel d'instructions avant d'utiliser votre nouveau produit pour la première fois.
Es importante leer este manual antes de usar por vez primera su euipo.
u s e r
m a n u a l
guide de l'utilisateur
manual de usuario


Table of Contents

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Summary of Contents for RCA DRC8030N

  • Page 1 Nous vous recommandons de lire ce manuel d’instructions avant d’utiliser votre nouveau produit pour la première fois. Es importante leer este manual antes de usar por vez primera su euipo. u s e r m a n u a l guide de l’utilisateur manual de usuario DRC8030N...
  • Page 2: Safety Information

    SHOCK HAZARD, DO NOT EXPOSE THIS PRODUCT TO RAIN OR MOISTURE. Safety information Technical specification Product: DVD Player and Recorder Brand: RCA Model: DRC8030N Electrical consumption: Power Supply: 120V~60Hz Power consumption: 30 Watts IMPORTER Comercializadora Thomson de México, S.A. de C.V.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Content of box Setup ..... . .23 Installation Connecting your DVD recorder Disc options Recording options Connections ....2 Languages Parental control .
  • Page 4: Getting Started

    YOU CANNOT COPY PRE-RECORDED FILMS TO DVD IF THEY HAVE BEEN COPY PROTECTED. Contents of box • DVD recorder • Remote control • 1 set of audio video cables (RCA-type) • RF Coaxial cable • User manual • Safety leaflet • owner registration card...
  • Page 5: Connections

    5. AV input (INPUT 1) These jacks receive audio and video from a compatible component, such as a satellite receiver. Another set of input jacks are on the front of the DVD recorder for temporarily connecting components such as Antenna cable a camcorder or a video game unit.
  • Page 6: General Controls

    Note: do not forget to connect the audio cables since the S-Video socket handles only images and not sound. View the images using the INPUT key. Note: 9 & 10 are labeled as INPUT 2 11. Displays your DVD recorder’s modes of operation. 12. Disc tray.
  • Page 7: Initial Setup

    1. Turn on the DVD recorder by pressing ON/STANDBY. 2. Turn on the TV and select the input mode connected with the DVD recorder output signal. To do so, you usually press the AV button on the TV remote control until you get to the video input channel that matches how the DVD recorder is connected to the TV.
  • Page 8: Display

    - If the RCA logo appears, the screen saver may have been triggered, press OK to quit screen saver mode.
  • Page 9: Watching Tv

    Current time or delayed time Audio mode 3. Press CH+ / CH- to change channel. To select viewing a device connected to your DVD recorder (e.g. satellite receiver) press INPUT. Take a break (Time shift function) Your recorder can save in its memory images of the last 60 or 120 minutes (see “Buffer Length” in the “Setup”...
  • Page 10: Stop Recording

    Recording 7. Store your program by selecting “Keep Timer” and then press OK. 8. Return to the main menu by pressing MENU in order to continue using your DVD recorder or turn it off by pressing ON•OFF. To program a transfer: Press 1.
  • Page 11: Library

    DRC8030_EN 8/15/06 10:30 AM Page 22 Library Library The library lets you locate the various recordings present on the DVR hard disc or the different DVD R/RW discs in your DVD library. The recordings are distributed according to the title and the nature of the files in four sub-libraries. Each one will let you access functions specific to the nature of the recordings.
  • Page 12: Playing Discs

    Playing discs Regional coding Both the DVD recorder and the discs are coded by region. These regional codes must match in order for a pre-recorded DVD to play. This player’s code is region 1. However, discs you use for recording (DVD+R and DVD+RW) are not assigned region numbers.
  • Page 13 Replaces the title image (on the play menu) title on a DVD R/RW disc or on the displayed by your DVD recorder with an image of your choice. • Split Title (internal DVR) To access this function you must first select “Play all chapters”...
  • Page 14: Disc Menu

    To start playing a disc from the beginning, press OK. Note: this function allows the playing of the last title on a DVD R/RW disc. If your DVD recorder is locked (small padlock displayed), a message appears asking you to enter your password.
  • Page 15: Setup

    Disc options Disc Autoplay Select autoplay on, if you want the disc to be played automatically once the DVD recorder tray is closed. Screen Format - (DVD / VCD) Depending on the format of the DVD disc being played, select the image format that corresponds best to the format of your television screen - cinema screen 16 x 9, classic screen 4 x 3 (Letter Box or Standard).
  • Page 16: Installation

    Installation Interactive setup The first time you turned on the the DVD recorder, you had to complete an interactive setup so your DVD recorder could have the information it needs to function properly. Refer to “Initial Setup” for details. To go through this procedure again to change settings, highlight this option and press OK.
  • Page 17: Troubleshooting

    You don’t see any picture the appliance, otherwise the infrared signal • Turn on your TV set and your DVD recorder. carrying the remote control commands will be • On your TV set, select the socket which blocked.
  • Page 18: Dvd Copy Protections

    • As with computers, your DVD recorder has a Power consumption: screen saver which replaces the fixed menu by • Operating: < 30 W a mobile RCA logo. Press on a navigation key • Standby: < 3 W to bring back the fixed menu. Hard disc capacity: 80Gb Functioning conditions: 5°C to 35°C (41°F to 95°F)
  • Page 19: Limited Warranty

    SCOPE OF THIS WARRANTY. How you get service: • REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT AS PROVIDED • Take your unit to any Authorized RCA Audio UNDER THIS WARRANTY IS THE EXCLUSIVE Service Center. To identify your nearest REMEDY OF THE CONSUMER. THOMSON Authorized RCA Audio Service Center, ask MULTIMEDIA LTD.

Table of Contents