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Make Electrical Connection; Install Filters; Check Operation - KitchenAid KHTU105RSS1 Installation Instructions And Use & Care Manual

30" (76.2 cm) and 36" (91.4 cm) range hood
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Shock Hazard
Disconnect power b efore servicing.
Replace a im parts and
panemsbefore operating.
Failure to do so can resuJt in death or emectr}cal shock.
1. Disconnect
power at the circuit breaker of fused circuit box.
2. Connect the white wire of the power supply cable with the
white lead in the range hood using a twist-on connector.
3. Connect the black wire of the power supply cable with the
black lead in the range hood using a twist-on connector.
For recirculating installations only, install the charcoal filters
included in Recirculation
Kit Part Number 4396565. Place the
charcoal filter against the blower cover and rotate to the right
(clockwise) to attach to cover. Repeat with other charcoal
A. Filter
Replace metal filter. Turn knob on metal filter to the right
(clockwise) to attached to range hood.
Electricam Shock Hazard
EmectricaHy ground
ground wire to green ground screw in
terminam box.
Faimure to do so can resumt in death or e_ectricam shock.
4. Connect the green power supply ground wire to the unused,
green ground screw.
A. Green ground screw
B. Hood wiring
C. White wires
D. Twist-on connectors
E. Black wires
F Power supply cable
5. Tighten strain relief screws.
6. Replace the terminal box cover.
Check operation of the range hood by turning on the power.
The range hood controls are located on the right-hand
underside of the range hood.
A. Controls
B. Filters
3. Move the light switch to "1" position. The light should turn on.
4. Move blower switch to "1" position. The blower should
5. Move the blower speed switch to "1" position for low speed,
"2" position for medium speed or "3" position for high speed.
6. Move blower and light switches to "0" position to turn blower
and light off.
7. If range hood does not operate, check to see whether a
circuit breaker has tripped or a household fuse has blown.
power supply and check that the wiring is
NOTE: To get the most efficient use from your new range hood,
read the "Range Hood Use" section.

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