Gas Installation; Tank Information - Electrolux E57NB60ESS Use & Care Manual

57" stainless steel gas grill
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Gas Re uirements
Electrolux Icon Gas Grills that are set to operate with L.P. gas come with a high capacity hose and
regulator assembly.
(Note: Only use the pressure
and hose assembly
the grill or a replacement
and hose assemblies
by Electrolux).
This assembly is designed to connect directly to a standard 20 lb. L.P. cylinder. L.P. Cylinders are
not included with the grill. L.P. Cylinders can be purchased separately at an independent dealer.
LP hose/
with grill.
7 /
Never use a dented or rusted L.P. tank or cylinder with a damaged valve.
L.P. cylinders are equipped with an O.P.D (Overfilling Prevention Device). The device shuts off the
flow of gas to a cylinder after 80% capacity is reached. This limits the potential for release of gas
when the cylinder is heated, averting a fire or possible injury.
The LP. cylinder must have a shut-off valve terminating in an L.P. gas supply cylinder outlet specified,
as applicable, for connection No. 510 in the standard for compressed gas cylinder valve outlet and
inlet connection ANSI/CGA-V-1.
Cylinders must not be stored in a building, garage, or any other
enclosed area. (The L.P. cylinder must have an overfill protection device, OPD, on it.)
The L.P. gas supply cylinder must be constructed and marked in accordance with the specifications
for L.P. gas cylinders of the U.S. Department of Transportation
(DOT) or the National Standard of
Canada, CAN/CAS-B339,
"Cylinders, Spheres and Tubes for the Transportation of Dangerous
• When turning the L.P. tank on, make sure to open the valve SLOWLY two (2) complete turns
to insure proper gas flow. Most gas tanks now come equipped with a leak detector mechanism
internal to the tank, when gas is allowed to escape rapidly it shuts off the gas supply. Opening
the valve rapidly may simulate a gas leak, causing the safety device to activate, restricting
gas flow causing low flames. Opening the valve slowly will insure this safety feature is not
falsely triggered.
• When not in use, gas supply cylinder valve is to be in the "OFF" position.
• The tank supply system must be stored upright to allow for vapor withdrawal.
• The regulator and hose assembly must be inspected before each use of the grill. If there is excessive
abrasion or wear or if the hose is cut, it must be replaced prior to the grill being used again.
• Cylinders must be stored outdoors out of the reach of children and must not be stored in a building,
garage or any other enclosed area.
Only a qualified gas supplier should refill the L.P. tank.
Do not store a spare L.P. gas cylinder under or near the grill.


Table of Contents

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