Grass Catcher 1 - Craftsman 917.249393 Owner's Manual

Grass catcher
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1o Know the controls and how to stop quickly. READ THIS
OPERATOR'S MANUAL and instructions furnished with
your trector_
Do not allow children to operate the machine, Do not allow
adults to operate it without proper instructlon_
Do not carry passengers° Do not mow when children and
others are around,
Always wear substantial footwear. Do not wear loose fit-
ting clothing that could get caught in moving parts_
Keep your eyes and mind on your tractor, mower and the
area being cut. Do not let other interests distract you,
Do not attempt to operate your tractor or mower when
not in the drivers seat,
Always get on or off your tractor from the operator's left
hand side,
Clear the work area of objects (wire, rocks, etco) which
might be picked up and thrown,
Disengage all attachment clutches and return gear shift
control to neutral before attempting to start the engine.
Disengage power to attachments
and stop the engine
before leaving the operator's position.
Disengage power to mower, stop the engine and discon-
nect spark plug wire(s) from spark plug(s) before clean-
ing, 'making an adjustment or repair, Be careful to avoid
touching hot muffler or engine components,
12, Disengage power to attachments when transporting or not
in use.
Take all possible precautions when leaving the vehicle un-
attended. Disengage the power-take-off, lower the at-
tachments, return gear shift control lever to neutral, set
the parking brake, stop the engine and remove the key_
14, Do not stop or start suddenly when going uphill or
downhill. Mow up and down the face of slopes (not
greater than 15°); never across the face. Refer to sight
guide in tractor manual.
15_ Reduce speed on slopes and make turns gradually to pre-
vent tipping or loss of control Exercise extreme caution
when changing direction on slopes°
16o While going up or down slopeschoose a speed low enough
to negotiate the slope without stopping, To reducespeed,
move gear shift control lever to neutral position.
17. Never mow in wet or slippery grass, when traction is un-
sure or at a speed which could cause a skid_
18. Stay alert for holes in the terrain and other hiddenhazards_
Keep away from drop-offs`
19. Do not drive too close to creeks, ditches and public
20, Exercise special care when mowing around fixed objects
in order to prevent the blades from striking them,, Never
deliberately run tractor or mower into or over any foreign
21. Never shift gears until tractor comes to a stop.
22_ Never place hands or feet under the mower, in discharge
chute or near any moving parts while tractor or mower
are running. Always keep clear of discharge chute
23, Use care when pulling loads or using heavy equipment.
a_= Use only approved drawbar hitch points.
boLimit loads to those you can safely control.
c, Do not turn sherplyo Use care when backing_
d, Use counterweight or wheel weights when suggested
in the owner's manual
24_ Watch out for traffic when crossing or near roadways.
25o When using any attachments, never direct discharge of
msterial toward bystanders nor allow anyone near the
vehicle while in operation.
26_ Handle gasoline with care - it is highly flammable_
ao Use approved gasoline containers.
b, Never remove the fuel cap of the lust tank or add
gasoline to a running or hot engine or an engine that
has not been allowed to cool for several minutes after
running. Never fill tank indoors, always clean up spill-
ed gasoline,
c_ Open doors if the engine is run in the garage _exhaust
fumes are dangerous, Do not run the engine indoors.
27. Keep the vehicle and attachments
in good operating con-
dition, and keep safety devices in place and working_
28. Keep all nuts, bolts and screws tight to be sure the equip-
ment is in safe working condition.
29. Never store the equipment with gasoline in the tank in-
side a building where fumes may reach an open flame or
spark. Allow the engine to coof before storing in any
30. To reduce fire hazard, keepthe engine free of grass, leaves
or excessive grease_Never attempt to clean product while
engine is running_
Except for adjustments; DO NOT operate Engine if air
cleaner or cover directly over carburetor air intake is
removed. Removal of such part could create a fire hazard.
32_ Do not operate without a muffler or tamper with exhaust
system, Damaged mufflers or spark arresters could create
a fire hazard_Inspect periodically and replace if necessary_
33= The vehicle and attachments should be stopped and in-
spected for damage after striking a foreign object and the
damage should be repairedbefore restarting and operating
the equipment.
Do not change the engine governor settings or overspeed
the engine; severe damage or injury may result.
35_ When using the vehicle with mower, proceed as follows;
a. Mow only in dayiight or in good artificial light,
b Shut the engine off when unclogging chute_
c Check the blade mounting bolts for proper tightness
at frequent intervals.
36_ Do not operate the mower without entire grass catch-
er, on mowers so equipped or the deflector shield in place.
Disengage power to mower before backing up_ Do not
mow in reverse unless absolutely necessary and then on-
ly after careful observation of the entire area behind the
38_ Under normal usage the grass catcher bag material is sub-
ject to deterioration and wear_ tt should be checked fre_
quently for bag replacement° Replacement bags should
be checked to ensure compliance with the original
manufacturer's recommendations or specifications_

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents