Frigidaire FES365ESE Use & Care Manual
Frigidaire FES365ESE Use & Care Manual

Frigidaire FES365ESE Use & Care Manual

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  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    Care & Cleaning ....18=25 Adjusting Your Oven Temperature ....25 Before You Call Solutions Commo. P_obi_m_ ....... 26-27 Visit the Frigidaire Web Site at: http://www, frigidaire,com Warranty ....Back Cover READ AND SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS 318203821 (0703) Rev. A...
  • Page 2 Congratulations on your purchase of a new appliance! At Electrolux Home Products, we are very proud of our product and are completely committed to Questions? providing you with the best service possible.Your satisfaction is our number one priority. 1-800-944-9044 We know you'll enjoy your new appliance and ThankYou for choosing our product (United States) We hope you consider us for future purchases.
  • Page 3 Read all instructions before using this appliance. Save these instructions for future reference. This guide contains important safety symbols and instructions. Please pay special attention to these symbols and follow all instructions given. Here is a brief explanation of these symbols. This SYmbo! will help alert you to situations that maY cause seiieus bodily harm I deat h or property damage.
  • Page 4 DO NOT IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS USING TOUCH SURFACE UNITS, AREAS NEAR THESE UNITS, OVEN HEATING ELEMENTS OR iNTE- YOUR COOKTOP RiOR SURFACES OF THE OVEN OR WARMER = Know which knob controls each surface heating unit. DRAWER (if equipped). Both surface units and oven heating elements may be hot even though they are dark in Use Proper Pan Size--This appliance is equipped with...
  • Page 5 • Avoid scratching the cooktop glass with sharp ob- Cleaners/aerosols--Always follow the manufacturer's recommended directions for use. Be aware that excess jects. residue from cleaners and aerosols may ignite causing IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS USING damage and/or injury. YOUR OVEN SELF=CLEANING OVENS: •...
  • Page 6 Right rear Left front Left rear control Electronic Oven control and Right front control and and digital display Controls with digital display control and digital display (some models) Clock and Kitchen (some models) digital display (some models Timer (some models) Broil elemen Convection fan cover Oven Vent...
  • Page 7: Setting Surface Controls

    Setting Surface Controls Models with Coil Elements NOTE: All knobs shown in this owner's Guide are typical only. 1. Place the pan on the surface element. 2. Push in and turn the surface element control knob to desired setting. 3. The surface signal light will glowwhen one or more elements are turned on. Always turn the element off before removing the pan.
  • Page 8 Models with Ceramic Glass Cooktop Cooktop About Ceramic Glass The ceramic cooktop has radiant surface elements located below the surface of the glass. The design of the ceramic cooktop outlines the area of the surface element underneath. Make sure the diameter of the pan matches the diameter of the element outline on the cooktop (See Figure 1).
  • Page 9 Models with Ceramic Glass Cooktop (continued) Radiant surface elements may appear Surface Cooking Settings (Models with Ceramic Glass Cooktop) to have cooled after they have Use the chart (Figu re 1) to determine the correct setting for the kind of food you are preparing. been turned off.
  • Page 10 Models with Ceramic Glass Cooktop (continued) The Electronic Surface Element Control (ESEC) (some models) Hot Surface Indicator Lights After using any of the radiant element positions the cooktop will become very hot. After turning any of these elements OFF, the cooktop will remain HOT for some time. The "Hot Surface" indicator light will glow whenever any of the element positions becomes HOT.
  • Page 11 so,.,., s.,.o Models with Ceramic Glass Cooktop Large (continued) Small El ement Element Operating the Dual Surface Radiant Element Figure Figure 6 (Models with Ceramic Glass Cooktop Only) Sma, Large Small Peril Model A is equipped with Dual radiant surface elements at all Pe_, G,ood o hi...
  • Page 12 setting S.r aceComrols Models with Ceramic Glass Cooktop (continued) Operating the Bridge Surface Radiant Element Front Bridge Element (Models with Ceramic Glass Cooktop Only) Element 8 Hi Model D (See Page 8) is equipped with a "BRIDGE" surface element located at the left front and middle (See Figure 6) positions.
  • Page 13: Surface Cooking

    *CORRECT iNCORRECT Surface Cooking (Continued) Selecting Surface Cooking Cookware • Curved and warped pan t" bottoms. Cookware should have flat bottoms that • Flat bottom and straight sides. make good contact with the entire surface ® Tight fitting lids. heating element.
  • Page 14: Setting Oven Controls

    Before Setting Oven Controls This range has a fan that will turn "ON" and "OFF" by itself to keep the electronics cool. it may continue to run after the range has been turned "OFF", but may also stop immediately and then turn "ON" after a while.
  • Page 15 Arranging Warmer (Warm & Ready Drawer Rack Positions The rack can be used in 2 ways: • in the upright position to allowlow profile food items to be placed both under and on top of the rack (for example, rolls or biscuits on top of the rack and a casserole dish underneath).
  • Page 16 Oven Baking For best cooking results, heat the oven before baking cookies, breads, cakes, pies or pastries, etc... There is no need to preheat the oven for roasting meat or baking casseroles. The cooking times and temperatures needed to bake a product may vary slightly from your previously owned appliance. Baking Problems Solutions...
  • Page 17 Cooking lnformations Broiling Broiling is a method of cooking tender cuts of meat by direct heat under the broil element of the oven. Preheating Preheating is suggested when searing rare steaks. (Remove all utensils before preheating the oven. Foods will stick if placed on hot metal.) To preheat, set the oven control(s) to BROIL as instructed in the Electronic Oven Control Guide.
  • Page 18 Cleaning Various Parts of Your Range Before cleaning any part of the range, be sure all controls are turned OFF and the range is COOL. REMOVE SPILLOVERS AND HEAVY SOILING AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. REGULAR CLEANING WILL REDUCE THE NUMBER OF MAJOR CLEANING LATER.
  • Page 19 (Cleaning Chart) Oven Racks Oven racks should be removed, or else their finish will dull and their color turn slightly blue. If they do go through the self-clean cycle, wait until the oven has cooled, then remove the oven racks and rub their sides with wax paper or a cloth containing a small amount of baby or salad oil;...
  • Page 20 Cooktop Cleaning- Coil Surface Element Models Only (Continued) To Raise theTop for Cleaning (some models) 1. Grasp the sides and lift from the front. A lift-up rod will support the top in its raised position. Only lift the top high enough to allow the support rod to rest in place under the front of the cooktop.
  • Page 21 Models with Ceramic Glass Cooktep Ceramic Glass Cooktop Cleaning & Maintenance consistent and proper cleaning is essential to maintaining your ceramic glass cooktop Prior to using your cooktop for the first time, apply the recommended CERAMA BRYTE® Cleaning Creme to the ceramic surface.
  • Page 22: Care & Cleaning

    Models with Ceramic Glass Cooktop (Continued) Do not use the following on the ceramic glass cooktop: = Do not use abrasive cleaners and scouring pads, such as metal and some nylon pads. They may scratch the cooktop, making it more difficult to clean.
  • Page 23 Oven Cleaning (Continued) Cleaning Self=Clean Oven (some models) Adhere to the following cleaning precautions: - Allow the oven to cool before cleaning. - Wear rubber gloves when cleaning any exterior parts of the oven manually. During the self-clean cycle, the outside of the wall oven can become very hot to the touch. DO NOT leave small children unattended near the appliance.
  • Page 24 • 'o +Hinge lever Removing and Replacing the Oven Door Hinge I_ I / hookjl The door is heavy. For safe, temporary storage, lay the door flat with the inside of the door facing down. TO Remove Oven Door: 1. Open the door to the fully opened position. Lock engaged for door 2.
  • Page 25: Oven Temperature

    To Remove and Replace Warmer Drawer (some models) remove Warmer Drawer: Turn power off before removing the warmer drawer. Open the drawer to the fully opened position. Locate the latches on both sides of the warmer drawer. Pull up latch Pull up on the left glide latch and push down on the right glide latch.
  • Page 26: Before You Call

    Before you call Solutions to Common Problems Before you call for service, review this list. It may save you time and expense. The list includes common occurrences that are not the result of defective workmanship or materials in this appliance. You will be charged fora service call while the appliance is in warranty if the problem is not caused by defective product workmanship or materials.
  • Page 27 Solutions to common Problems OCCURRENCE POSSIBLE CAUSE/SOLUTION Metalmarks. (1) Sliding or scraping of metal utensils on cooktop surface. Do not slide metal utensils on cooktop surface. Use a ceramic-glass cooktop cleaning cream to remove the marks. "Cooktop Cleaning - Ceramic Glass Cooktop Models" section under General Cleaning. Brown streaks or specks.
  • Page 28: Warranty

    or A o oe n ,n a,,on¸¸¸¸¸¸¸ ¸ i Your appliance is covered by a one year limited warranty. For one year from your original date of purchase, Electrolux will pay all costs for repairing or replacing any parts of this appliance that prove to be defective in materials...

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