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Frigidaire CFCS366EC5 Use & Care Manual

Dual fuel range slide-in models


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Safety Instructions
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Controns ....................
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Setting Warm & Serve Drawer
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Care & CWeaning .............. 14-19
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Summary of Contents for Frigidaire CFCS366EC5

  • Page 1 Controns ..11 Cooking Jnformations ..12-13 Care & CWeaning ....14-19 Adjusting Your Oven Temperature ....Before You Call SoButions Com_or, P_obi_m, ....... 20-21 Visit the Frigidaire Web Site at: Warranty ........ READ SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS 318203871 (0703) Rev° A...
  • Page 2 Welcome &Congratulations Congratuiations on your purchase of a new applianc!! At Electroiux Home Products, we are very proud of our product and are compbteUy committed to Questions? providing you with the best service possiMe, Your satisfaction is our number one priority, 1 °800°944°9044 We know you'H enjoy your new appliance and ThankYou for choosing our product,...
  • Page 3 Important Safety mstrUcdons Read all instructions before using this appliance. Save these instructions for future reference. This manuaU contains important safety symbob and k_structions. PUease pay attention to these symbob and follow aH instructions given, This symbol wii! henp ale rt y°u to situations that may cause bodi!y !nju[y or property damage, if the information in this manua! is not followed...
  • Page 4 , Donot leave children alone--Children should not be mMPORTANT mNSTRUCTmONS FOR USmNGYOUR teft alone or unattended in the area where appliance is COOKTOP in use. They shouUdnever be allowed to sit or stand on Use proper flame size--Adjust flame size so it does not extend beyond the edge of the utensil, The use DO NOTTOUCH SURFACE BURNERS, AREAS NEAR of undersized utensils will expose a portion of the burner...
  • Page 5 Donotusedecorative surfaceburnercovers,ifa o Do not use a broiter pan without its insert. The broiler burner i saccidentally turned on,thedecorative cover w ill pan and its insert allow dripping fat to drain and be kept become h otandpossibly m eLBurns willoccur i fthehot away from the high heat of the broiler, covers a retouched, Damage m ay abebedone tothe o Do not cover your broiler insert with aJuminum foil.
  • Page 6 Electronic O ven Control w ith Warm& Serve Kitchen Timer (Features w ill Drawer Control LeftRearBurner varyaccording m odel) Valve&Knob Knob LeftFrontBurner V alve& Valve& Knob Broil Vent Dual O ven interior OvenLights with Shields Convection Self-Cleaning Oven-- Convection Fan Cover Adjustable OvenRacks...
  • Page 7 Before Setting Surface Controls Assembly of the Surface Burner Heads, Burner Caps Burner Grates It is very important to make sure that a[[ of the Surface Burner Heads, Surface Burner Caps and Surface Burner Grates are installed correctly and at the correct locations, Remove a[[ packing tape from cooktop area, Remove a[[ Burner Caps and Burner Heads, Discard a[[ packing material located under Burner Heads...
  • Page 8 Operating Gas Surface Controls: Place cooking utensil on surface burner, Push the surface control knob down and turn counterclockwise out of the OFF position, Release the knob and rotate to the LITE position (see figure 1), Note: All four electronic surface ignitors will spark at the same time, However, only the burner you are turning on will ignite, Visually check that the burner has a flame, Turn the control knob countercJockwise...
  • Page 9 r Oven Controls continue to run after the range has been turned "OFF" but may also stop immediately This range has a fan that wilt turn "ON" and "OFF" by itself to keep the electronics to turn "ON" after a while. cool.
  • Page 10 Air Circulation in the Oven Forbest a ircircuUation andbaking resuUts aUUow 2-4"(5-10 cm)aroundthe cookware f orproper a ircircuUation andbesurepans andcookware d onot touch each other, the oven door, sides or back of the oven cavity, The hot air must circulate around the pans and cookware in the oven for even heat 1 Oven Rack to reach around the food, Multiple Oven Racks...
  • Page 11 Warm & Serve Drawer Temperature Selection Warm & Serve Drawer Recommended Warm &Serve Drawer s ettings t abbisshown aside, H apaHbular recommended Food Settings foodisnotlsted,start w iththeMED setting, H more crispness i sdesired, remove Tabte the lid or aluminum foil fromthe food, Mostfoodscan be keptat serving temperatures ontheiViED setting, W hena combination o ffoodsaretobekept Food Item Setting...
  • Page 12 Oven Baking For best cooking results, heat the oven before baking cookies, breads, cakes, pies or pastries, etc,,, There is no need to preheat the oven for roasting meat or baking casseroles, The cooking times and temperatures needed to bake a product may vary slightly from your previously owned appliance, Baking Problems and Solutions Chart Baking...
  • Page 13 Cooking reformations Broiling Broiling is a method of cooking tender cuts of meat by direct heat under the broil element of the oven, Preheating Preheating is suggested when searing rare steaks, (Remove all utensils before preheating the oven, Foods will stick if placed on hot metal,) To preheat, set the control(s) to BROIL as instructed in the Owner's Guide, Wait for the element to become red-hot, usually about 2 minutes, Preheating is not necessa_7 when broiling meats well-done, To Broil...
  • Page 14 Seff-C eaning Seff-C_eaning Oven A Self-Cleaning oven cleans itself with high temperatures (well above cooking During the Self-Cleaning temperatures) which eliminate soils completely or reduces them to a fine cycle, the outside of the range can become powdered ash you can wipe away with a damp cloth, very hot to the touch, DO NOTleave small children unattended near the appliance, Adhere to the following...
  • Page 15 Surfaces Howto Ctean AJuminum (trimpieces)& Usehot,soapywateranda cloth,Drywitha cleancUoth, Vinyl GJass, P ainted andPJastic Using a softcloth, c lean withmilddishdetergent andwater o ra 50/50 soUution ofvinegar andwater, Follow byrinsing t hearea withclean water; dryand polish withasoft c loth, G Uass BodyParts,ControlKnobs &Decorative TrimPieces cleaners m ay beused ifsprayed o na soft c loth first,DONOT spray Hquids directUy onthe controU p adanddispUay area,Donotuselargeamounts o fwateronthecontrol p anel -...
  • Page 16 C eaning the Cooktop, Burner Heads, Caps & Grates The cooktop is designed to make cUeaning easier, Because the gas Burners are seaUed,cUeanups are easy when spiUUovers are The cooktop, Burner Heads and Caps should be routinely cleaned, Keeping the Burner Head Ports clean wiii prevent improper ignition and an uneven flame, Refer to the following instructions: THE COOKTOP IS NOT REMOVABLE.
  • Page 17 Care and Cleaning of Stainless Steel (Stainless only) Steel models Some models are equipped with stainless steel exterior parts. Special care and cleaning are required for maintaining the appearance of stainless parts. Please refer to the table provided at the beginning of the GeneraJ Care & Cleaning section in this Use &...
  • Page 18 Removing and Repnacing Warm & Serve Drawer To Remove Warm & Serve Drawer: Turn power off before removing the warm & Serve drawer, Open the drawer to the fully opened position, Locate guide Ueveron each side of drawer, pull up on the Ueftguide Ueverand Left Glide Pull up latch with finger...
  • Page 19 Changing Oven Light Be sure the oven is unpUugged and aHparts are COOL before repUacing the oven Hght buD, Do not turn the oven Hght on during a seUf=deaning cycle, High temperature wHU reduce UampHfe, An interior oven Hght wHU turn on automatically when the oven is opened, The oven light may also be turned on and off when the door is closed by using the oven light switch located on the control panel or on the electronic oven control, The oven light bulb is covered with a glass shield held in place by a wire holder, THIS GLASS SHIELD MUST ALWAYS BE IN PLACE WHEN THE OVEN IS IN USE.
  • Page 20 So/utions to Common Problems OCCURRENCE POSSmBLE CAUSE/SOLUTmON Poor instalIation. Place oven rack in center of even. Place a level on the oven rack. Range is not level Adjust leveling legs at base of range until the rack is level. When range is level, cooktop may appear out of alignment if countertop is not level Weak, unstable floor.
  • Page 21 Surface burner flame is orange. Dust particles in main line. Allow the burner to operate a few minutes until flame turns blue. SaIt air in coastal areas. A slightly orange flame is unavoidable. Poor baking resumts. Many factors affect baking results. Make sure the proper rack position is used. Center food in the oven and space pans to allow air to circulate.
  • Page 22 Your appliance is covered by a one year limited warranty. For one year from your original date of purchase, Electrolux will pay all costs for repairing or replacing any parts of this appliance that prove to be defective in materials or workmanship when such appliance is installed,...