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P 7100


   Summary of Contents for NIKON COOLPIX P7100

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    DIGITAL CAMERA COOLPI._ P 7100 Reference Manual...

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    QUAL I mage Quality Image Size To set the image quality and image size, see "Changing the Image quality and Image Size" (_74). ISO Sensitivity (Setting ISO sensitivity) The higher the ISO sensitivity, the less light needed for taking pictures. The higher the ISO sensitivity, the darker the subject that can be shot.

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    Quick Menu Types of ISO Sensitivity Description Option AUTO Auto (default setting):The sensitivity is [SO 100 in bright places; in dark places the camera automatically raises the sensitivity to a maximum of ]SO 800. High ISO sensitivity auto: The ISO sensitivity is set automatically within the range of ISO 100 to 1600 according to the brightness of the subject.

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    Quick Menu White Balance (Matching Image Colors with Colors as Seen with the Naked Eye) P, S, A, M, [] Rotate balance the mode dial to or NJ_-) (Quick menu dial) ([_)72) -_ White The color of light reflected from an object varies with the color of the light source.

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    Quick Menu Types of White Balance Option Description Auto (normal) The white balance is automatically adjusted to suit the lighting AUTO1 (default conditions. Default setting is suitable for most situations. setting) When set to Auto (warm lighting), the images are preserved with warm colors if they are shot under an incandescent light source.

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    Quick Menu Color Temperature The perceived color of a l ig ht source varies with the viewer and other conditions. Color tern perature is an o_ective measure of the color of a light source, defined with reference to the temperature which an object would have to be heated...

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    Quick Menu Using Preset Manual Use when you want to make pictures taken under unusual lighting conditions (such as lamps with reddish light) look as though they were shot in normal light. Use the procedure below to shoot after measuring the white balance value under the shooting light.

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    Quick Menu Bracketing (Continuous Shooting While Changing the Shutter Speed, ISO Sensitivity White Balance) Rotate the mode dial to P, S, A or M -_ BKT(Quick menu dial) ([_72) -_ Auto bracketing Continuous shooting can be performed while changing the exposure (brightness) automatically with the shutter speed (Tv) or ISO sensitivity (Sv),or multiple pictures can be recorded while varying the white balance (WB).

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    Quick Menu Types of Auto Bracketing Description Option OFF(default Bracketing is not performed. setting) [ Set the number of pictures to shoot continuously, the range of exposure increments, and the bracketing range. When the Exposure shutter-release button is pressed all the way, pictures are shot bracketing (Tv) continuously...

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    Quick Menu I_ Picture Control (COOLPIX Picture Control) (Changing Settings for Image Recording (Quick menu dial) Rotatethe P, S, A M • [] (_72) modedial Change the settings for image recording according to tl_e shoodng scene or your preferences. Sharpness, contrast and saturation can be adjusted...

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    Quick Menu Customizing Existing COOLPIX Picture Controls: Quick Adjust and Manual Adjust CIOOLPIXPicture Control carl be customized using Quick adjust, which allows for balanced adjustment of sharpness, contrast, saturation and other image editing components, or manual adjust, which allows for detailed adjusting of the components individually.

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    Quick Menu Types of Quick Adjust and Manual Adjust Option Description Adjust the sharpness, contrast and saturation levels automatically. Five levels of adjustment are available from -2 to Quick adjust 1 Choose from options between -2 and +2 to reduce or emphasize the effect of the selected COOLPIX Picture Control.

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    Quick Menu • !'_'_ Option Description Control the tint used in monochrome photographs from B&W (black-and-white, the default setting), Sepia, and Cyanotype Toning 3 (blue-tinted monochrome). Pressing the rotary multi selector • when Sepia or Cyanotype is selected enables you to choose from seven levels of saturation. Press _ or _ to adjust the saturation.

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    Quick Menu QUAL M ovie Options (Changing the Type of Movie to Shoot) Movie (Quick menu dial) options Rotate the mode dial Jl_ -_ QUAL (_72) You can choose the type of movie to shoot. The higher the image size and bit rate, the higher the image quality, but the file size also becomes larger.

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    Custom Picture Control (COOLPIX Custom Picture Control) P, S, A P, S, A Rotate the mode dial to -_ MENU button tab (_13) ")' Custom Picture Control The picture editing options created by customizing COOLPIX Custom Picture Controls can be registered up to two options. The registered options can be displayed as Custom 1 and Custom 2 in COOLPIX Custom Picture Control.

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    Shooting (P,S, A or M Mode) Menu Metering P, S, A, M P, S, A, M Rotate the mode dial to or [] "_ MENU button "_ or [] tab (_ -_ Metering The process of measuring the brightness of the subject to determine the exposure is known...

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    Shooting (P,S,A or M Mode) Menu Continuous Shooting P, S, A, M P, S, A, M Rotate the mode dial to or [] "_ MENU button "_ or [] tab (_ -) Continuous Change the settings for continuous shooting and BSS (Best Shot %lector). Option Description One picture is shot each time the shutter-release button...

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    Shooting (P,S, A or M Mode) Menu Notes on Continuous Shooting • Focus, exposure and white balance are fixed at the values determined with the first shot in each series • The frame rate may become slower depending on the image quality, image size, memory...

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    Shooting (P,S,A or M Mode) Menu Choose the interval between each shotand press the _) button. • The maximum amount of frames that can be taken during interval timer shooting differs according to the interval taken between each shot. - 30 s: 600 images - 1 rain: 300 images - 5 min:60 images...

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    Shooting (P,S, A or M Mode) Menu AF Area Mode P, S, A, M, EFFECTS or _ -_ MENU P, S, A, M, _ Rotate the mode dial to button tab (_13) _' AF area mode You can set how the camera selects the focus area for autofocus.

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    Shooting (P,S,A or M Mode) Menu Option " Description Choose manually the focus position from gg areas in the screen.This option is suited to situations in which the intended subject is relatively still and not positioned at the center of the frame. Rotate the multi selector or press A, V, _1 or •...

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    Shooting (P,S, A or M Mode) Menu Subject Tracking Mode (Focusing on a Moving Subject) P, S, A, M P, S, A, M Rotate tile mode dial to or [] -) MENU button or [] tab (_ -) AF area mode Choose this mode to shoot moving subjects.

  • Page 23

    Shooting (P,S,A or M Mode) Menu Notes on Subject Tracking • The digital zoom is not available. • Set the zoom position, flash mode, focus mode, or menu settings before registering a subject. any of these are changed after a subject is registered, the subject will be canceled.

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    Shooting (P,S, A or M Mode) Menu Autofocus Mode Rotate to P, S, A or M -_ MENU P, S, A or M (_13) Autofocus the mode dial mode button Choose how the camera focuses. Option _' Description Single AF The camera focuses only when the shutter-release button is AF-S...

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    Shooting (P,S,A or M Mode) Menu Noise Reduction Filter P,S, A or M -_ MENU P, S,A or M Rotate the mode dial to reduction filter button -_ tab (_Jl 3) "_ Noise Set the strength of the noise reduction function that is normally performed...

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    Shooting (P,S, A or M Mode) Menu Distortion Control P, S, A P, S, A Rotate Distortion the mode dial to control -> MENU button tab (_13) ") Choose whether to correct the peripheral distortion that occurs due to the intrinsic characteristics of lenses.

  • Page 27

    Shooting (P,S,A or M Mode) Menu Notes on the Wide-angle Converter Shooting • Set Wide-angle converter to On before shooting, Set Wide-angle converter to None when no converter lens is attached. • The built in flash is set to (_) (off) when Wide-angle converter is set to On, Use flash units...

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    Shooting (P,S, A or M Mode) Menu Active D-Lighting P, S, A P, S, A MENU Rotate the mode dial to b utton tab (_13) ") Active D-Lightin "Active D-Lighting" preserves details in highlights and shadows, creating photographs with natural contrast. The image taken reproduces the contrast effect that is seen with the naked eye.

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    Shooting (P,S,A or M Mode) Menu Zoom Memory Rotate the mode dial to P, S, A or M -_ MENU b utton _' P, S, A or M tab (_13) "_ Zoom memory When the zoom control is operated while pressing the button, the camera changes in steps to the focal length (equivalent to 3Smm [135] format of angle of view) of the zoom lens that is set in advance in Zoom memory.

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    The following describes how to use Save user settings and Reset user settings. "Ul, U2 and U3 (User Setting Modes)" (_57) for more information other than Save user settings and Reset user settings. Save User Settings U1,U2 The frequently used settings for shooting can be changed and saved it] and U3.

  • Page 31

    Specialized Ul, U2 or U3 Menu for Clock battery If the internal clock battery (_27) is exhausted, the settings saved in U1, U2 or U3 will be reset, Writing down any important setting is recommended, Confirmation Screen User Settings Rotate the zoom control toward T (q) to display...

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    For more information about image editing function; Quick retouch, D-Lighting Skin softening, Filter effects, Small picture, Black border, Straighten NRW (RAW) processing, see "Editing Still Images" (_9). Print Order (Creating a DPOF Print Order) Press the MENU button ") [] tab ([_]I ") _ Print order...

  • Page 33

    The Playback Menu Choose whether or not to also print shooting date and shooting information. • Choose Date press the _) button to print shooting date on all pictures in the print order. • Choose Info and press the _) button to print shooting...

  • Page 34

    The Playback Menu Notes on Print Order • When setting a print order in list by date mode and pictures other than those on the chosen date are already set for printing, screen shown on the right is displayed. Select Yes to add the print order setting to the existing print...

  • Page 35

    The Playback Menu Slide Show Press the MENU button ") [] tab (_]13) ") _ Slide show View pictures stored in the internal memory or on a memory card in an automatic: slide show. Use the multi selector to choose Start press the _)

  • Page 36

    The Playback Menu Delete Press the MENUbutton -_ [] tab ([_13) -_ _ Delete Delete a picture. Multiple pictures can also be deleted. -'_W=_Option Description In the image selection screen, choose the pictures for deletion. See '%he Image Selection Screen" (_65) for more information.

  • Page 37

    The P layback Menu The Image Selection Screen Tile image selection screen is displayed in tile following menus. Only one image can be selected for some menu items, while for other menu items, multiple images can be selected. Functions for which only on_°m_e_an_e _' Functions for which multiple images can be selected...

  • Page 38

    The Playback Menu OeProtect Press the MENU button -'_ [] tab (_]13) -'_ _ Protect Protect selected pictures from accidental deletion. In the picture selection screen, choose a picture and set or cancel protection. See "The Image Selection Screen" (_65) for more information.

  • Page 39

    The Playback Menu _1 Voice Memo Press the MENU button -') [] tab (_]13) -') _1Voice memo Use the camera's microphone to record voice memos for pictures. • The recording screen is displayed for a picture without voice memo, while the voice memo playback screen is displayed for a picture with voice memo (a picture marked with _] in full-frame playback mode).

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    The P layback Menu _-.qCopy (Copy Between Internal Memory and Memory Card) Press the MENU button -') [] tab (_]13) -') P._ Copy Copy pictures between the internal memory and a memory card. Use the multi selector to select an option from the copy screen and press the _) button.

  • Page 41

    Autofocus Mode Rotate the mode dial to _1_-) MENU button -') Jl_ (Movie) tab (_]13) -) Autofocus mode Choose how the camera focuses when recording movies. option Description Lock on the focus when file shutter-release button is pressed Single AF halfway.

  • Page 42

    Welcome Screen screen Press the MENU button -') _ tab ([_1 -') Welcome Choose whether or not to display the welcome screen on the monitor when camera is turned Option Description None Display the shooting or playback screen without displaying the welcome screen.

  • Page 43

    The Setup Menu Time Zone and Date Option Description Set the camera dock to the current date and time. Use the multi selector to set the date and time. • Choose an item: Press i_ or • (selected in the following order: D Date and time (day) _ M (month) _ Y (year)

  • Page 44

    The Setup Menu Setting the Travel Destination Time Zone Usethe multi selector to choose Time zone and press the _) button. • The Time zone screen is displayed. Choose Travel destination press button. • The date and time displayed on the monitor change according to the region currently selected.

  • Page 45

    The Setup Menu Time Zones The camera supports the time zones listed below. For time differences not listed below, set the camera clock using Time zone and date. UTC+7 -_'_ ..Location ..UTC +_-_'_ _"-_!_'_!_Loc_ ..:-_ Midway, Samoa Madrid, Paris, Berlin Hawaii, Tahiti Athens, Helsinki, Ankara...

  • Page 46

    The Setup Menu Monitor Settings Press the MENU button -) V tab ([_/_]13) -) Monitor settings Description Option On (default setting): Picture is displayed on the monitor immediately after shooting and the monitor display returns to shooting screen. Off: Picture is not displayed after shooting. Zoom in on active focus point: Picture is displayed on the monitor immediately after shooting and the monitor display returns to the...

  • Page 47

    The Setup Menu Print Date (Imprinting Date and Time on Pictures) Press the MENUbutton "_ V tab ([_13) "_ Print date The shooting date and time can be imprinted on pictures at the time of shooting. This information can be ..

  • Page 48

    The Setup Menu Self-timer: After Release Press the MENU button -'_ V tab ([_] 13) -'_ Self-timer: after release Set whether or not to cancel the self-timer mode (_64), or ten seconds or two seconds remote mode (_105), after shooting pictures. Description Cancel the self-timer mode after shooting pictures.

  • Page 49

    The Setup Menu Motion Detection Press the MENU button -_ V tab (1]_]13) -_ Motion detection Enable motion detection to reduce the effects of camera shake and subject movement when shooting still pictures. Option -_°_ ...... _'_- ..Description If the camera detects the movement of the subject or camera shake, the [SO sensitivity is raised and the shutter speed is increased to reduce their effects.

  • Page 50

    The S etup Menu AF Assist Press the MENU button -'_ V tab (_]13) -'_ AF assist Enable or disable the AF-assist illuminator that assists the autofocus when lighting is dim. ,_,u,_,u,_,u,_,u,_,u,_,u,_ Description AF-assist illuminator lights automatically if the lighting is dim. The illuminator has a range of about 8.0 m (26 ft) at the maximum wide-angle...

  • Page 51

    The Setup Menu Digital Zoom Press the MENU button ") V tab ([]_]I 3) ") Digital zoom Enable or disable the digital zoom. Option "_ Description When the camera is zoomed in to the maximum optical zoom On (default setting) _osition, rotating and holding the zoom control toward T (% triggers the digital zoom ([]_)31).

  • Page 52

    The Setup Menu Zoom Speed Press the MENU button "_ V tab ([_13) "_ Zoom speed Set the zoom operation speed. Slow down the zoom speed to minimize the recording of the zoom operating noise during movie recording. Description During still picture shooting, operate the zoom at the Normal speed.

  • Page 53

    The Setup Menu Sound Settings Press the MENU button -_ V tab (_]13) -_ Sound settings Adjust the following sound settings. Option Description Set fl_e following all sound settings to On (default setting) or Off. • Setting beep (beep sounds once when the settings are completed) •...

  • Page 54

    The Setup Menu Rotate Tall Press the MENU button "> V tab (_]13) "> Rotate tall When On (default setting) is selected, pictures taken with orientation data in "tall" or with face detection are automatically rotated in accordance with the recorded orientation data for display.

  • Page 55

    The Setup Menu Format Memory/Format Card Press the MENU button ") V tab ([_]I 3) ") Format memory/Format card Format the internal memory or a memory card. Formatting permanently deletes all data in the internal memory or memory card. The deleted data cannot be recovered. Be sure to transfer important pictures to a computer before formatting.

  • Page 56

    The Setup Menu TV Settings Press the MENU button -_ V tab ([_13) -_ TV settings Adjust the settings for connecting to a TV. Option Description Video mode Select the analog video output system from NTSC or PAl in accordance with your TV. Select a picture resolution for HDMI output from Auto (default HDMI setting), 480p, 720p, or 1080i.

  • Page 57

    The Setup Menu Built-in ND Filter Pressthe MENU b utton -_ V tab (_]13) -_ Built-in ND filter When the camera's built in ND filter is used, the amount of light that enters the camera while shooting can be reduced in three steps. Use in situations such aswhen overexposure results from the subject being too bright.

  • Page 58

    The Setup Menu Customize Command Dials Press the MENU button -_ V tab (_]13) -_ Customize command dials Multi Selector Right Press Press the MENU button "_ V tab (_]13) "_ Multi selector right press Set to Off if you do not want to display the AF area mode (_48)

  • Page 59

    The Setup Menu AE/AF Lock Button Press the MENU button -') V tab (_]13) -') AE/AF lock button Select the function to be performed when the _:_ (AE-L/AF-L) button (_5) pressed while shooting. Description Lock both the focus and exposure when the _[ (AE-L/AF-L)

  • Page 60

    The Setup Menu Fnl + Shutter Button Press the MENU button "_ V tab ([_13) "_ Fnl + shutter button Set the function to be performed when the shutter-release button is pressed while pressing (FUNC1) button (_2) during shooting. • This can be used when P, S, A, M, U1, U2 or U3 is chosen...

  • Page 61

    The Setup Menu Fnl + Command Dial Press the MENU button -_ V tab (_13) -_ Fnl + command dial Set the function to be performed when the command dial is rotated while pressing the Ynl (FUNCI) button during shooting. •...

  • Page 62

    The Setup Menu Fn2 Button Press the MENU button -) Iii tab (_]13) -) Fn2 button Choose the function to be performed when button (_2) is pressed while shooting. option Description Off (default setting) Shoot without the function. Operation will be disabled. Virtual horizon, Select whether to view or hide the virtual horizon, histogram or View/hide...

  • Page 63

    The Setup Menu Registering into My Menu Use the multi selector to choose the menu item and press the _) button. • The menu item selection screenis displayed. Choose the menu item to be registered press the _]_ button. • The chosen menu item is switched. •...

  • Page 64

    The Setup Menu Blink Warning Pressthe MENU b utton -) Iii tab ([:_)13) -) Blink warning Choose whether or not blinking eyes are detected when using face detection (_85) in the following shooting modes. • In the following scene modes: Scene auto selector (_40), Portrait (_40) Night portrait (_41) P, S, A, M, Ul, U2 U3, _ (low...

  • Page 65

    The Setup Menu Eye-Fi Upload Press the MENUbutton ") V tab ([_)13) ") Eye-Fi upload Notes on Eye-Fi Cards • Note that images will not be uploaded if signal strength is insufficient even if Enable is selected, • Select Disable where wireless devices are prohibited,...

  • Page 66

    The S etup Menu MF Distance Indicator Units Pressthe MENU b utton _ V tab ([_ 13) _ MF distance indicator units Set either m (meter) (default setting) or ft (feet) for the unit of gauge displayed when the focus mode is set to manual focus (_2). Reverse Indicators Press the MENUbutton...

  • Page 67

    The Setup Menu Special Effects Menu Option °T Default value Special effects (_]48) LCreative monochrome Low Noise Night Mode Menu Option Default value °'I Continuous (_]50) Flash exp. comp. (_50) Metering (_50) Movie Menu Quick Menu Option Default value Image quality (_75) Normal Image size (_77) I_ 3648x2736...

  • Page 68

    The Setup Menu Shooting Menu Option Default value Metering (_44) Matrix Continuous (_45) Single Intvl timer shooting (_'546) 30 s AF area mode (_48) Auto Autofocus mode (_52) Single AF Flash exp. comp. (_52) Noise reduction filter (_53) Normal Long exposure NR (_53) Auto Distortion...

  • Page 69

    The Setup Menu Option Default value Auto off (_'_82) ] rain HDMI (_'_84) Auto HDMI device control (_'_84) External mic sensitivity (_84) Auto Built-in ND filter (_'_85) Customize command dials (_'_86) No swap Multi selector right press (_'_86) AF area mode Delete button options (_'_86)

  • Page 70

    The Setup Menu • Choosing Reset all also clears the current file number (_99) in the memory. After resetting, numbering continues from the lowest number available in the internal memory or the memory card. If Reset all is performed after all pictures are deleted from the internal memory or memory card (_64), the file numbers for the next pictures taken start from "0001 _'...

  • Page 71

    • A folder for storing files is automatically created using the following naming convention: "Folder number + NIKON" (e.g., "100NIKON"). If there are 200 files in a folder, a new folder is created. (For example, tile folder name following "100NIKON" becomes "101NIKON.') A new folder is also created when tile file £...

  • Page 72

    File and Folder Names • In Panorama assist (_45), a folder is created for each shooting session using the following naming convention: "Folder number + P_XXX" (e.g., "101P 001"). Pictures are saved in sequence in file numbers starting from 0001. •...

  • Page 73

    The c amera isequipped with an accessory shoe, allowing the following Speedlights or Wireless Speedlight Commander tobe attached tothe camera. the Speedlights when t he built-in flash cannot provide sufficient lighting. • Speedlights %-400, %-600, %-700, %-800, %-900 • Wireless Speedlight Commander SU-800...

  • Page 74

    Speedlights (External Flash Unit) Use Only Nikon Flash Accessories Use only Nikon Speedlights. Negative voltages or voltages over 250 V applied to the accessory shoe could not only prevent normal operation, but damage the sync circuitry of the ca mera or flash.

  • Page 75

    Rechargeable Rechargeable LNon Battery EN-EL141 battery Battery charger Batterv Charger MH-241' AC Adarater EH-Sb (connect as shown) and Power Connector EP-5A _connecr as snown) When the Power Connector is inserted into the camera and the AC Adapter is connected, the camera can be powered from an electrical...

  • Page 76

    Optional Accessories Remote Control ML-L3 _i!iii _!ili _i_iii_i _!:i How to replace the battery (3 V CR2025 lithium battery) in the remote control. (3> D ® ® i_ i When changing the remote control battery, be sure that the battery's positive (+) and negative (-) terminals are oriented correctly.

  • Page 77

    Optional Accessories Shooting with Remote Control Use the Remote Control ML-L3 (available separately) (_104) to release the shutter. It is convenient for taking self-portraits and effectively eliminates blur caused by camera shake that occurs when the shutter-release button is pressed. Use of a tripod is recommended during shooting with the remote control.

  • Page 78

    Optional Accessories the transmitter at the infrared Rear Front receiver on the front or rear of the camera ([Z[_2, 3) and press the transmission button. • Press the transmission button from a distance of 5 m (16 fl) or less. •...

  • Page 79

    The following table lists the error messac es and other warnings displayed on the monitor, as well as the solutions for dealinc with them. Display Description Solution [_[_] Clock not set, Bet date and time. (blinks) Battery exhausted. Battery exhausted, Charge or replace the battery, 18, 20 Turn off camera, and allow...

  • Page 80

    Error Messages ,_,W,_ Display Description Solution Use an approved card, This card cannot Check that connectors are clean. Error accessing used. memory card, Confirm that memory card is correctly inserted. This card cannot be read. All data stored on the memory card is deleted when formatted, there is any data on the card that you...

  • Page 81

    Error Messages Display ° Description " Solution Confirm the conditions that are required for editing, RAW processing cannot Cannot edit selected performed for NRW (RAW) pictures image cannot )icture, that were taken with cameras modified, other than COOLPIX P7100, These options cannot be used with movies.

  • Page 82

    Turn camera offand then on again. If Lens error Lens is not operating error persists, contact retailer or properly, Nikon authorized service representative. Error occurred during i_23 communication with Turn offcamera and reconnect cable. Communications error 6"...

  • Page 83

    Error Messages Solution Display ° Description Check printer, After solving Printer error: check Printer error problem, select Resume and press printer status, the _) button to resume printing2 Load the specified size of paper, Specified size of paper select Resume and press the _) is not loaded.

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  • Page 85: Table Of Contents

    _ Technical Notes and index Caring for the Products ..........The Camera ......................_:-2 The Battery ......................_i-3 The Battery Charger ..................... _i-4 The Memory Cards ...................._i-5 Caring for the Camera ..........Cleaning ........................_1-6 Storage ........................_1-6 Troubleshooting ............

  • Page 86

    The Camera To ensure continued enjoyrr_ent of ttlis Nikon product, observe tile folk)wing precautions when using or storing the device. Be sure to read and .follow the warnings of"For your Safety" (_vi to _viii) thoroughly before using the products. Keep...

  • Page 87: Caring For The Products

    LED backlight. Should the monitor begin to dim or flicker, contact your Nikon authorized service representative. Battery • Be sure to read and follow tile warnings of"For Your Safety" (_vi to _viii) thoroughly before using the battery.

  • Page 88: The Battery Charger

    Caring for the Products • If the battery will not be used for some time, insert it in the camera and run it flat before removing it for storage. The battery should be stored in a cool location with an ambient temperature of 1S°Cto 25°C (Sg°F to 77°F). Do not store the battery in hot or extremely cold locations.

  • Page 89: The Memory Cards

    Caring for the Products Memory Cards • Use only Secure Digital memory cards. See "Approved Memory C}ards"(_23). • Be sure to observe the precautions in the memory card documentation when you use the memory card. • Do not affix labels or stickers to the memory card. •...

  • Page 90: Cleaning

    Cleaning ..Avoid touching glass parts with your fingers. Remove dust or lint with a blower (typically a small device with a rubber bulb attached to one end that is pumped to produce a stream of air out the other end). To remove fingerprints, oily substances, or other stains that cannot be removed with a blower, carefully wipe the lens with a dry soft cloth or eyewear cleaning cloth, using a spiral viewfinder...

  • Page 91

    If the camera fails to function as expected, check the list of common problems below before consulting your retailer or Nikon-authorized service representative. Refer to the page numbers in the right-most column for more information. • See "Error Messages" (_107) for more information.

  • Page 92: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Problem Cause/Solution [_[_J Print date Time zone and date has not been set. 26, 104 available. Date not A shooting mode that does not support print date selected, appearing pictures even Another function that is set now is restricting the print when Print date is date,...

  • Page 93

    Troubleshooting Shooting Issues Problem CauselSolution _i"!_ Cannot set to Disconnect the HDMI cable or USB cable. shooting mode. When camera is in playback mode, press the [] shutter release button. When menus are displayed, press the MENUbutton. Battery is exhausted. When the scene mode is Night portrait...

  • Page 94

    Troubleshooting Problem Cause/Solution _"_!_'_' Flash is set to (_) (off). A scene mode that cannot turn on flash is selected, The movie mode is selected. Flash does not fire. Another function that is set now is restricting the flash, Built in flash does not fire when a Speedlight (external flash unit) (available...

  • Page 95

    Troubleshooting Problem _°_I Cause/Solution ..As the subject is dark, shutter speed is too slow or ISO Randomly spaced sensitivity is too high. bright pixeB Use flash, ("noise") appear Specify a lower ISO sensitivity setting, image. Apply Long exposure NR in the shooting menu to suit situations.

  • Page 96

    & connected to a with the camera. Computer is not set to launch Nikon Transfer 2 automaticall computer. For more information on Nikon Transfer 2, refer to help information contained in ViewNX Pictures to be...

  • Page 97

    Nikon COOLPIX P7100 Digital Camera ' :' Compact digitaE camera i_ct@pixei , ':iit ,:_ 10.1 m _H_on 1/1 J-in. type CCD; approx. 10.39 re@ion total pixels 7.1× optical zoom, NIKKOR lens 6.0-42.6mm (angle of view equivalent to that of 28-200 mm lens in 35mm [135] format) f/2.8-5.6...

  • Page 98

    Specifications • 10 M 3648×2736 • 8 M 3264x2448 • 5 M 2592x1944 • 3 M 2048×1536 • 2 M 1600×1200 • I M 1280x960 • PC 1024x768 • VGA 640x480 • 3:2 3648×2432 • 16:9 3584×2016 • 1:1 2736×2736 •...

  • Page 99: Specifications

    Specifications Audio/video output; digital I/O (USB); HDMI Mini Connector (Type C) (HDMI output), external microphone connector (stereo mini-pin jack (3.5 mm diameter), plug-in power type) : Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese •...

  • Page 100: Supported Standards

    ForArgentina:Approx. 70 x 68 × 104 mm (2.8 × 2.7x 4.1in.) Approx. 89 g (3.1oz),excluding plug adapter ForArgentina: Approx. 125g (4.5oz) _1_ Specifications • Nikon will not be held liable for any errors this manual may contain, • The appearance of this product...

  • Page 101

    .MOV _99 S_/mbols _Ii!£F=L a,64 .NRW _99 .WAV _99 Ir{AE-L/AF-L button [-I-1AF area mode 12, 48, 50, 55, _48 Aperture-priority auto mode 51, _'_5 AC adapter 19, _103 _) Apply selection button 6, 12 Accessory shoe _101 Auto bracketing 72, 73, _'_36 Accessory Shoe Cover _101 I_1 Auto mode 28...

  • Page 102: Index

    Index Face detection Calendar display 35 Charger 18, _103 Face priority 55, _'_48 Features that cannot be used Close-up _ Color temperature simultaneously File name _9"_99 Computer Fill flash 62 Continuous 50, 54, _'_45 Continuous flash 54, _'_45 Filter effects 89, _'513, _'_40 Contrast _'_40...

  • Page 103

    Index Movie mode 98 Identifier Movie options 73, _42 Image copy 90, _68 Movie playback Movie recording Image quality 74, 75 Multi selector 4, 6, 12, 60 Image sharpening _'_40 Multi selector right press 107, _86 Image size 74, 77 Multi-shot 16 54, _45 Infinity 68...

  • Page 104

    Index Programmed auto mode 51, _5 Slow sync 62 Protect 89, _66 Small picture 89, _14 Smile timer 65 Snow [] Quick adjust _40 Sound settings 106, _81 Quick menu 72 Special effects menu 48 Quick menu dial 72 Special effects mode 46 Quick retouch 89, _11 Speedlight...

  • Page 105

    Index Welcome screen 104, _70 White balance 73, _'_32 Wide 31 Wide-angle converter 55, _'_54, _'_103 Wind noise reduction 101,_'_69 Zoom 31 Zoom control 4, 6, 31 Zoom memory 56, _'_57 Zoom speed 106,_'_80 _.221...

  • Page 106

    Nikon No reproduction in any form of this manual, in whole or in part (except for brief quotation in critical articles or reviews), may be made without written authorization from NIKON CORPORATION. NIKON CORPORATION FX1102(11) 5MM09811-02 © 2011 Nikon Corporation...

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