Sharp Multi Access Operation Manual

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  • Page 2: Multi-Access

    Multi-Access Introduction This manual explains Multi-Access, how it operates, and how it is used. The explanations are tar- geted toward models that have the most features installed. For information on copy functions, fax functions, printer functions, and scanner functions, refer to the corresponding manual for each those modes.
  • Page 3 Multi-Access Jobs processed simultaneously Scanner transmission jobs, memory transmission jobs (memory transmission jobs cannot be processed simultaneously with direct transmission jobs). 1st priority group Walkup jobs Copy jobs (including electronic sort functions) Fax scan jobs Direct transmission jobs Simultaneous processing Scan jobs Auto transmission jobs Memory transmission jobs...
  • Page 4 Multi-Access Modes and the display The display shows the base screen or function setting screen of the currently selected mode. During operation, or during the execution of a walkup job, the display of the corresponding mode appears. When there is no walkup job, or during the execution of a print or fax print job, the display shows "PRINTING".
  • Page 5: Changing Modes

    Multi-Access Changing modes To use a mode, press the corresponding mode key. Press the mode key of the mode you wish to use. The machine changes to the selected mode and the mode light illuminates. The following illustration shows the model with the most features installed. Note The functions of some keys and display contents vary depending on the mode.
  • Page 6 Multi-Access A misfeed has occurred. A temporary interruption of operation has occurred due to an error during a copy job (for details, refer to "Operation when an error has occurred"). Jobs and Multi-Access Changing jobs In the case of a walkup job, you can temporarily interrupt a job that is currently being executed and perform the walkup job.
  • Page 7 Multi-Access Displaying the print job status menu The job type, job status, paper tray, and paper size appear in the print job status menu. The procedure for displaying the print job status menu from copy mode is explained here. Press the JOB STATUS key. ( page 5) Select "FAX/PRINT OUTPUT"...
  • Page 8: Interrupting A Copy Job

    Multi-Access Operation Procedures for Using Multi-Access 1) Interrupting a copy job Press the INTERRUPT key during a copy job. Copying stops temporarily and the job can be interrupted. For details, refer to the manual for copy mode. 2) Changing to a different print job during a copy job or auto print job The procedure for changing to a print job during a copying job is explained here.
  • Page 9: Stopping A Print Job

    Multi-Access Operation Stopping a print job A print job is normally stopped by changing to print mode and then changing the job to "Offline". Press the JOB STATUS key. ( page 5) Select "FAX/PRINT OUTPUT" or "JOB OUTPUT" with the keys and then press the OK key.
  • Page 10 Multi-Access Operation 5) Changing to an auto print job when there is no paper or the exit tray is full When one auto print job temporarily stops because there is no paper or the exit tray is full, and an- other job is waiting, the other job will begin after a certain time elapses.
  • Page 11: Other Restrictions

    Multi-Access Operation 8) Direct transmission while the line is being used If you perform a direct transmission while the line is being used, the job is stored. The display shows "Line is busy. Direct transmission will start after finishing." a) Other combinations a-1 Can be used after you change to the mode you wish to use.
  • Page 12: Error Table

    Operation when an error occurs Error table When an error occurs during a job, the error immediately appears in the display. The job is inter- rupted if the error affects the job; otherwise, the job continues. In the case of a walkup job, if the error does not affect the job, the error message appears after the job is completed.
  • Page 13: Out Of Paper

    Operation when an error occurs Out of toner The display shows "Add toner. Cannot copy or print." The mode can be changed. However, the mode cannot be changed if the toner runs out during a copy job. In this case, you can press the CLEAR ALL key or CLEAR key to cancel the job, and then change the mode.
  • Page 14: Other Errors

    Operation when an error occurs Full exit tray A message appears in the display prompting you to remove paper from the exit tray. The mode can be changed. However, if the exit tray became full during a copy job, the mode can- not be changed.
  • Page 15: Other Operation

    Other operation Modes and exit trays Types of exit trays An optional finisher can be installed to increase the number of exit trays. Only the machine Center tray (with offset function) Job separator tray With finisher Center tray (with offset function) Top tray Offset tray Exit tray when job interrupt occurs...
  • Page 16 Other operation Power save function and operation When the power is turned on and the machine is not used for a certain duration of time, the machine automatically enters power save mode. When a job occurs in power save mode, the machine re- turns to the state in which it can execute the job (standby).

Table of Contents