Sharp MX Series Connection Manual

Sharp MX Series Connection Manual

Dropbox connector guide


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Dropbox Connector Guide


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Summary of Contents for Sharp MX Series

  • Page 1 Dropbox Connector Guide...
  • Page 2: About This Guide

    • Aside from instances provided for by law, SHARP is not responsible for failures occurring during the use of the product or its options, or failures due to incorrect operation of the product and its options, or other failures, or for any damage that occurs due to use of the product.
  • Page 3 Dropbox Connector Guide Cautions when using the Dropbox Connector function • Print results using the Dropbox Connector function may not have the same quality as print results using other print methods (printer driver, etc.). The contents of some files may cause incorrect printing or prevent printing. •...
  • Page 4 Initial value settings on Dropbox Connector Click the [Detail] key on the page which will have been displayed after selecting Dropbox Connector from the [System Settings] → [Sharp OSA Settings] → [Embedded Application Settings] under the "Setting (Administrator)" to configure the following items.
  • Page 5 Dropbox Connector Guide USING Dropbox Connector Uploading scanned data Dropbox Connector Printing data from the cloud Dropbox Tap the [Dropbox Connector] key on the Home screen. Dropbox Connector Toner Quantity Operation Enlarge Settings Total Count Brightness Job Status Guide Display Mode Adjustment If you cannot find the Dropbox Connector icon on the Home Screen, register the Dropbox Connector to the Home Screen in the Home Screen Settings of the machine System Settings.
  • Page 6: Print Data

    Dropbox Connector Guide Print data Select the files that you wish to print. Up to 10 files can be printed simultaneously. Up to 16 print jobs can be reserved. In the screen displayed after login, Scan a document Print User switch to the print screen and select No.
  • Page 7: Print Settings

    Dropbox Connector Guide Print settings To print a single file, you can change the following settings. When multiple files are selected, only the number of copies can be changed. Initial values are used for the other settings. Item Initial values Description No.
  • Page 8 Dropbox Connector Guide Scan/upload data. Upload the data scanned on the machine to Dropbox. Select the folder where you want to store the file. Scanned data up to the size set in "Maximum Size of Data Attachments(FTP/Desktop/Network Folder)" of System Settings (Administrator) or up to 9999 sheets (pages) per file can be uploaded.
  • Page 9: Scan Settings

    Dropbox Connector Guide Scan settings Base screen Item Description File Name Sets the file name. Initially, displays the "File Name" set in the detailed settings of Dropbox Connector. Displays the scanned date and time in the File Name entry box when the "Include Date in File Name"...
  • Page 10 2018J-EN1...

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