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Sony Handycam DCR-SR100 Operating Manual

Digital video camera recorder
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Camera Operating
Video Camera
Using the Setup items a
Editing images a
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Table of Contents

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  Summary of Contents for Sony Handycam DCR-SR100

  • Page 1 In frequently asked quesliens can be see "Computer found at our Cuslemer Support Website. Application Guide". http:i/ Printed on 100% recycled paper using MfoLITHIUM 0 VOC (Volatile Organic Compeund)-free vegetable oil based ink. © 2006 Sony Corporation Printed in Japan 2672377120...
  • Page 2 To reduce fire or shock hazard, do not expose the unit to rain or moisture. CAUTIONTO_UC_ THERISKOF _ _CT_ICS_IOCK nO _omREMOWCOVER (O__AC_. _O USER-SEaVlC_A_EPA_TSI_SI_F. REFER SERVlClN_TO OU_IFIED SERVICE PERSO_E[- This symbol is intended to alert tile user to file presence uninsulated 'dangerous voltage"...
  • Page 3: Important Safeguards

    IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS Cleaning For your protection, please read these safety instructions completely before operating Unplug the sel fi'om the wall outlet belore the appliance, attd keep this manual for cleaning or polishing il. Do not use liquid cleaners future reference. or aerosol cleaners.
  • Page 4 _MPOR_NT SAFEGUARDS {c0_ti_÷_} SafetyCheck Lightning For _ldded protection for this _t during _L lighming Upon completion of rely selvice or repairs to tile Slol'm, or when it is let_ unatlended and unused lor sel. ask the service lechniciiul to perl_)rnl ro/itine long periods ol time, unplug it from tile w_dl salary checks (as specified by file manulacmrcr) oul]et _lnd disconnect...
  • Page 5: Readthis First

    If you have any questions about this product, you may call: Sony (!ustomer Information (!enter 1-80(I- 222-SONY (7669). Replace the battery with the The number below is for the F(!(! related specified type only. Otherwise, fire matters only.
  • Page 6 Record tile serial nunlber ill tile space Applyittg mechanical shock or vibration provided below. Reli:r to these nunlbers whene_ er to the camcorder you call your Sony dealer regarding Ibis product. • Before connecting your camcorder Model No. DCR-SR 100 another device with a USB cable etc..
  • Page 7 • Do not aim at the sun. Doing su might cause lens. which was developed jointly by Carl your camcurcler to malfunction. Take Zeiss. in Germany, and Sony Corporation. images of the sun only in lo'_ light and pruduces superiur images.
  • Page 8: Noteson Usingthe Harddisk Drivehandycam

    Noteson usingthe HardDisk DriveHandycam Save all yourrecordedimage data Note on usingthe camcorder in highlands • hi tile case of your inlage data being dmnaged, sa_e all your recorded images. It is recon/mended in _1h)vv-press/irc • Yo/i CallllOl use tile C_lillcorder that you save tile image data on a DVD using your area,...
  • Page 9: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS ..............Read this first .................... Notes on using the Hard Disk Drive Handycam ........What you can do with your Hard Disk Drive Handycam ......Using your Hard Disk Drive Handycam ........... Step 1: Checking supplied items .............
  • Page 10 TaNe of Ce_te_ts/ce_ti_÷_} To record in dark places (NightShot) To adjust the exposure for backlit subjects (BACK LIGHT) To record sound with more presence (5.1ch surround recording) To adjust the focus for an off center subject To fix the exposure for the selected subject To add special effects To record in mirror mode To use a tripod...
  • Page 11 "J'@ TIME/LANGU ................... (CLOCK SET/AREA SET/LANGUAGE, etc.) Customizing Personal Menu ..............Creating the Playlist ................Playing the Playlist .................. Setting image protection (Protection) ............Dubbing to VCR/DVD devices ..............Recording images from a TV or VCR/DVD device ........Printing recorded still images (PictBridge compliant...
  • Page 12: What Youcan Dowith Yourharddisk Drive Handycam

    Et_joy&g _,i_fl ycmr Ha€# Disk Drive Hamfycam What youcan dowith yourHardDisk Drive Handycam You can record images to tile hard disk of the camcorder. Hard Disk Drive Haudycam offers more options than the tape or tile DVD camcorder for your convenience and entertainmm]t.
  • Page 13 Yuu can record the movie with 5.lch surround sound. You can create a DVD containing your movies with 5. lch surround sound with supplied computer software. This provides full sound on a home theater. OneTouchDVD Burn ("ComputerApplicationGuide") Yuu can save a recorded image oil a DVD with a simple touch, hnages that have not been saved to a DVD with One Touch DVD Burn can automatically be saved.
  • Page 14: Usingyourharddisk Drivehandycam

    UsingyourHardDisk DriveHandycam Images are recorded oil tile internal hard disk. When tile hard disk becomes full. you canuut record nc'_ images. It is recommended that you save tile image data periudically, then delete the utmecessary images from the hard disk of your camcurder. •...
  • Page 15: Step 1: Checkingsupplieditems

    Step 1: Checkingsupplieditems Make _,ure that you haxe lkfilowiug items Rechargeable battery pack NP-FP60 (1)(p.17) supplied with your camcorder. The nmnber in the parentheses indicates the number of that item supplied. AC Adaptor (1) (p.16) CD-ROM "lmageMixer for HDD Camcorder" (1) "Camera Operating Guide"...
  • Page 16: Step 2: Chargingthe Battery Pack

    Step 2: Chargingthe battery pack You can charge the battery after attaching the "InfoLITHIUM" battery pack (P series) Slide the POWER switch in the (p.95) to your camcorder. direction of the arrow to set it to • You cannot use an NP-FP30 pack with battery OFF (CHG) (The default setting).
  • Page 17 Recordingtime E" ;D The (charge) lamp turns Approxilnate lilne (rain.) available when you when the battery is fully charged. use a fully' charged battery pack. Remove the AC Adaptor from DC IN jack on your camcorder. • Remove the AC Adaptor holding bolh your cmncorder mM lhe DC plug.
  • Page 18 S'_÷p 2: Charging thebattery p ack (co_i_ed/ Playbacktime On the AC Adaptor • ¢'onnect tile A_:"Adaptor to an easily accessible Approximate titne (rain.) available'Mien wall outlet close by. If any trouble occurs while use a fully charged battery pack. using the adaptor, immediately shut oflthe power by remm big the phlg fl'om the wall outlet, •...
  • Page 19: Step 3: Turningthe Poweron, And Holdingyour Camcorder

    Step 3: Turningthe poweron, and holdingyour camcorder To record, slide the POWER switch to turn • After you have set the date and time ([CLOCK SET], p.22h the next time you ltlrn on the power oil tile respective lamp. of your camcorder, lhe current date and time will When using it for the first time.
  • Page 20: Step4: Adjustingthe Lcdscreenandviewfinder

    Step4: Adjustingthe LCDscreenandviewfinder Open the LCD screen 90 degrees to tile You can vic'_x images using the viewfinder camcorder 1(_)), then rotate it to the best angle with the LCD panel closed to avoid wearing to record or play 1@). down the battery, or when the image seen on...
  • Page 21: Step 5: Usingthe Touch Panel

    Step 5: Usingthe touch panel You can play back recorded images (p.28. 31 ), or change the settings (p.48) using tile touch paneh You can change tile on-screen displays to Touch the buttons displayed on the screen. show messages in a specified language. Select the screen language in [LANGUAGE] on the (_ TIME/LANGU.
  • Page 22: Step 6: Setting The Date And Time

    Step 6: Setting the date and time Set the date and time when using this Select the desired geographical camcorder for the first time. If you do not set the date and tinm. the [CLOCK SET] screen area with I_q/l_q, then touch Iogl, appears every...
  • Page 23: Step7: Selectingthe Aspect Ratio (16:9Or4:3) Of The Recordingimage

    Step7: Selectingthe aspect ratio (16:9or4:3) of the recordingimage • You cannot change lhe aspect ratio in tile By recording in tile 16:9 (wide) mode, lollowing cases: can ettjoy wide-angle, high-resolution while recording movies images. when [D. EFFECT] is sel to [OLD •...
  • Page 24: Using Easy Handycam Operation

    UsingEasyHandycameperatien Easy fla,d-ycam _sind yo_lr camcorder with a_omag_ sefth_ds Easy Handycam operation is a function for making EASY button nearly all settings automatic witb just one press the EASY button. Since only basic functions become available and screen lk_nt size increases for easy viewing, even first time users can enjoy easy...
  • Page 26: Recordingwith Ease

    Recordingwith ease POWER switch is in tile ! :i_ii ii! OFF (CHG) posmon, green buttl n only henthe LM: _ To record still images Slide the POWER switch in the direction of the arrow to light up the (Movie) lamp. Press EASY.
  • Page 27 SlidethePOWERswitch[_inthedirectionofthearrowtolightupthe_ (Still) lamp. Press EASY. [Easy Handycam operation ON.] appears, then _ appears on tile LCD screen. _60min _ EASY Easy Handycam operation Press PHOTO [] lightly to adjust the focus O, then press it fully Q. Flashing e.Liglas up A shutter sound is heard.
  • Page 28: Playbackwith Ease

    Playbackwith ease POWER switch pressing tile green btltton only Slide when tile POWER tile POWER switch switch is in tile in tile direclion ol the arrow while ._ow_g_ | OFF (CHG) p(silk n, '_-_ images T[, l_ay back Slide the POWER switch in the direction of the arrow repeatedly to light up the [] (PLAY/EDIT) lamp,...
  • Page 29 Start playback. Touch _ (Movie)tab, then touchthethumbnail of the movieto be played back. [ ,l_160m n 100/112 01:12:34 Pla_ or Toggle _egit_nit_g ol lhe _cene/_ P&IIs¢ as ylltl lOtlch I revIOll gc_D_ p:i(_(2 [ • " "" _"_+_"""''"=_ Rever'_e/Forv+ard When piggyback from the selected movie...
  • Page 30: Recording

    Recording Zoom lever Lens cover _;OT_ switch f START/STOP AOOESS,amp START/STOP [] Slide the POWER switch in the Press tile green button direction of the arrow repeatedly to only when the POWER switch is in the OFF light up the respective lamp.
  • Page 31: Playback

    Playback Slide the POWER switch repeatedly to light up the [] (PLAY/EDIT) lamp. Tile VISUAL INDEX screen appears on tile LCD screen. Recording date The last recorded/l_layed Previous back movie is lnarked wilh 6 images I_I. Also, when you touch Next 6 IIl_l, you can play back tile l/lovie...
  • Page 32: Searching For The Desired Images By Date (Date Index)

    Touch Previous/Next Date button to select the date of the desired You can search for desired images by dale image. efficiently. 1 Slide the POWER switch repeatedly to light up the Ju. ,8 1888 (PLAY/EDIT) lamp. Tile VISUAL INDEX screen appears on Ihe LCD screen.
  • Page 34: Functionsusedfor Recording/Playback,Etc

    Functionsusedfor recording/playback,etc. • You can set [DIGITAL ZOOM] if you want to zoom to it level greater than l0 x (p.56), Press {_ If lash) repeatedly to select tile setting. No indicator displayed: Aut<mmtically flashes when there is insutficienl To use the flash ...... ambient light.
  • Page 35 To adjustthe exposurefor backlit To fix the exposurefor the selected subjects(BACKLIGHT) ....subject......... To at[just tile exposure for backlit subjects, See [SPOT METER] on page 52. press BACKLIGHT [] to display r_. To Toaddspecial e ffects ....cancel the back light function, press BACK LIGHT again.
  • Page 36 Fu_io_s use_ fmr recondite/playback, ÷_c. (co_i_ue_} Tousea tripod ......Attach the tripod (optional: the length of the screw must be less than 5.5 ram) to the tripud receptacle [] using a tripud screw. To attach the shoulder belt ..Attach the shoulder belt (option:d) with your camcorder to the hook for the shoulder belt.
  • Page 37: Tocheck Theremaining Battery

    Other part names and functions Builtqn 4ch microphone Tocheck theremaining battery ..[] When an exlernal microphone (optional) is connecled, it lakes precedence over the internal Set tile POWER switch to OFF (CHG), then nlicrophone, press DISP/BATT INFO [_. lfyou press this button once.
  • Page 38: Checking/Deleting The Last Scene (Review/Review Deleting)

    Checking/Deleting the last scene (Review/Review deleting) You can check Ihe last recorded movies/still images. Also, you c:ut delele the checked images. If tile checked scene is unnecessary, you can delele it on file spot. Press during the review. Slide the POWER switch to light up the _ (Movie) or 0 (Still) lamp,...
  • Page 39: Indicatorsdisplayedduringrecording/Playback

    Indicatorsdisplayedduringrecording/playback ( ) is a reference page. The indicators din'lug recording ',.','ill n ot be recorded. [] Remaining battery (approx.) (37) [] Image size (57) [] Recording mode (_/SP/_) (61) [] Quality ([FINE]/ [STD]) (57) [] Recording status ([STBY] (standby) / [] Number of recurdable still images IRE(-!] (recording)) [] Counter (hour: minute: second)
  • Page 40 I_ica_o_s disNay÷d du_i_ r÷co_d[_/Nay_ack {continued) ( ) is a reference page. Center NightShot (34) When you can change the setup items, or Super NightShot (55) during recording or playback, following ['1_] Color Slow Shutter (55) indicators are displayed. rztl PictB ridge connecting (75) Upper left Upper Center Upper right...
  • Page 41: Remotecommander

    RemoteCommander [] DATA CODE (p.62) Remove tile insulation sheet before using tile Remote Conlnlander. Displays the date and time or calnera selling dala of the rt:corded images (p.62) when you press this while playing back. [] PHOTO (p.27, 30) The on-screen inmge when you press...
  • Page 42: Playingthe Image On A Tv

    Playingthe image on a TV Connecl your camcorder to the input jack of TV or VCR using A/V connecgng cable [] or A/V connecting cable with S VIDEO [_. Connect your camcorder to the wall outlel using the supplied AC Adaptor for this operation (p.16). Refer also to the instruction manuals supplied with the devices to be connected.
  • Page 43 • If you connect lhe cauncorder Iv)a TV, you cannot play back ilnages with 5.1ch surround sound. Using the supplied computer applications ("Computcr Application Guide"), you can create aDVD containing movies with the 5. Icb surround sound on an appropriate device. •...
  • Page 44: Savingimages

    Savingimages Recorded images are stored on lhe internal hard disk of tile camcerder. Due Io some limitations on Ihe inlemal hard disk. make sure that you save Ihe image dala to the exlernal media. You can save the images recorded on Ihe camcorder as described below. By,using the software in lhe supplied CD-ROM, you can save images recorded on the camcorder.
  • Page 45: Deleting Images

    Deletingimages You can provide free hard disk space deleting image data on tile camcorder. Touch [DELETE]. • You can check tile tree hard disk space of the camcorder on [HDD INFO] 1p.59). Select the image to be deleted. • Protected images cannot be deleted. To delete the images, cancel tile protection (p.701.
  • Page 46 #÷_÷tisS imaS÷s (ssstisssd} 5 Touch _ while the selected date You can delete movies or still images by date of the desired image is highlighted. at once. Go back to the VISUAL INDEX screen. Slide the POWER switch to light up Touch [EDIT], then touch [DELETE the F¢1 (PLAY/EDIT) lamp.
  • Page 48: Usingthe Setupitems

    L;s#_g tl_e Se_p i_em__ Usingthe Setupitems 1 Slide the POWER switch in the direction of the arrow repeatedly to light up the respective lamp. Slide the POWER switch while pressing tile green button the center only when tile POWER switch is in the OFF (CHG) position,...
  • Page 49 (_) Touch [gggff01---+[SETUP]. (_ Select the desired setup item. Touch [_B/[ _] to select the item, then touch [_. (The process in step (_) is the same as that in step (_).) (_) Select the desired item. • You can also touch tile item directly 1oselect il, (_) Customize the item.
  • Page 50 The following settings are made automatically during Easy Handycana operalion (p.24). Positionoflamp: ___[ EasyHandycam I CAMERA (p.52) PROGRAM AUTO SPOT METER AUTO EXPOSURE AUTO WHITE AUTO AUTO SHUTTER SPOT FOCUS AUTO FOCUS AUTO FLASH { *l/OFF SUPER NS LIGHT COLOR SLOW SELF-TIMER _SELF-TIMER...
  • Page 52: Camera Set

    CAMERA SET Settingsto adjustyour camcorder tothe recording conditions (EXPOSURE/WHITE SUNSET&MOON**( _ ) BAL./ STEADYSHOT, etc.) The default settings are marked with _. The indicators in parentheses appear when Io mainlain Select Ihe atmosphere the items are selected. situalions such is SLInsets_ general nighl views or l]reworks.
  • Page 53 INDOOR (;_-) The white balance is adjusted to bc appropriate for the following recording You can fix the brightness of an image conditions: manually. When recording ittdoors on a clear Indoors day, for example, you can avoid backlight At party scenes or studios where the shadows on people next to tile window...
  • Page 54 • It is easier to ft)cus on the subject by moving the power zoom level" towards T (telephoto) to a(liusl ll_e lticus, titan towards W (wide angle) to adjust Automatically activates the electrottic lhe/oonl till" When you wanl to record recording, shutter tu adjust tile shutter speed whett a subject at close range, lno'_'e the power ZOOII/...
  • Page 55 • Tile setting returns to [OFF] alter you remove tile • Tile shluler speed ol youl" calncordeF challges power source more than five l/dnlltes. depending on tile brightness. Tile nlotion of tile image lnay slow dowll al lhis lhne, You can record images at a maximunl of 16 The self-timer starls recording a movie after times tile sensitivity of NightShot in dark aboul 10 seconds.
  • Page 56: [] Stillset

    [] STILLSET Settings forstill images (BURST/QUALITY/IMAGE SIZE,etc.) The default settings are marked with _'. The indicators in parentheses appear when You c:m select the mnximum zoom level ill the items are selected. case you Waltt to zooul to ;i level greater thau See page 48 for details on selecting IO×/the...
  • Page 57: Pict.appli

    PICT.APPLI. Special effectsonimages oradditional functionson recording/playback (PICT. EFFECT/D.EFFECT,etc.) (FINE) The default settings are tnarked with P,'. FINE The indicators in parentheses appear when Records still images at the fine in/age qu alily the items are selected. Icxel. See page 48 for details on selecting STANDARD (STD) setup items.
  • Page 58 NCT. APPLL {continued} OLD MOVIE Using the viewfinder Adds an sepia colored effect to movies. You c_madjust IEXPOSUREI and I FADERI • The aspecl ratio cannol be changed 1o 16:9 (wide) 'a hile using tile vie'M-inder by having the when [OLD MOVtEI is selected. LCD screen rotated 180 degrees and closed with the screen facing out.
  • Page 59: Hdd Set

    HDD SET Settingsfor the hard disk (HDD FORMAT/HDD INFO, etc.) IW HOD page 48 for details on selecting By conm:cting the USB cable bct_ ec.n the setup items. camcorder a computer, yo/i cull access lronl the computer to the hard disk of the camcordelL PictBridge PRINT Yuu can delete...
  • Page 60 • If you do not lollow the instluctions above to turn on tile swilcb, [EMPTY HDD] cannol be displayed on tile set up items. The [DROP SENSOR[ is set to [ON] as the • The actual perlornling tinle lor [EMPTY HDDI default setting.
  • Page 61: Standard Set

    STANDARD S ET Settings while recording or other basic settings (REC SPEED, MODE/LCD/VF SET/USB etc.) You can select whether to play, back audio The default settings are marked with P,'. recorded using [RE(7 CTRL]/p.73 )with dual The indicators in parentheses appear when SO/lnd or stereo Sollnd.
  • Page 62 $_NDARD SET {c0_i_e_} You can select how a 16:9 (wide) aspect ratio image appears in the viewfinder. The recorded image will not be affected even _" LETTERBOX when you change the setting. Normal setting (standard type of screen) N LCD BRIGHT SQUEZE(Squeeze) You can a@ist the brightness...
  • Page 63 DATERIME _'ZOOMLINK Change the numhcr of thumbnails (6 or 12) with the 7oolIl lever on your camcorder.* 61MARES JAN 1 20_ _omm Displa} s thumbnails of 6 images. 121MARES [l_Date Displays thumbnails of 12 images. [2_Time * You can operate with the zoom butlons on the CAMERA DATA ]]';lille Renlote...
  • Page 64: J'@ Time/Langu

    $_NDARD SET {c0_ti_e_} (CLOCK SET/AREA S ET/LANGUAGE, etc.) See page 48 for details on selecting I,,.ON setup items. A melody sounds _hen start/st%:_ recording_ or operate the touch paneh See page 22. Cancels the melody. You can adjust a time difference without LCD PANEL stopping the clock.
  • Page 65: Customizing Personalmenu

    Customizing PersonalMenu Yuu can add desired setup items to Personal Menu. and customize Personal Menu settings. This is convenient if you add frequently used setup items to Personal 1 Touch I_ggg01 - -+ [P-MENU SET UP] Mmm. --+ [DELETE]. If the desired setup item is not displayed. touch [_/[_.
  • Page 66 g_stomizi_ P÷_so_a_ r_e_u (so_ti_sd) Touch _ -+ [P-MENU SET UP] -* [SORT]. If the desired setup item is not displayed, touch [_/[X]. 2 Touch the setup item you want to move. 3 Touch _,_ to move the setup item to the desired place. Touch I0_1.
  • Page 67: Creating The Playlist

    Edith_g images Creatingthe Playlist A Playlist is a list displaying your favorite movies selected lrom the original movies. Touch F5_ --* [YES]. Playlist Glossary (p.101/ _rrin • Donor remove the battery pack orthe AC Adaptor Acid', flom you camcorder while editing the Playlisl. It may damage tile hard disk of tile camcorder.
  • Page 68 grea_ia# the P_ayHst(aa_ti_ued) Touch [5_] --* [YES]. 5 Select the designated position with [*--]/[-*]. To erase all the scenes at the same time Touch IERASE ALLI in step 2 _ IYESI. • The original images are not changed even if you Move destination erase the images...
  • Page 69: Playing Theplaylist

    Playing thePlaylist Setting image protection(Protection) You can play tile Playlist. You can protect selected images not to be deleted (p.45). By setting protection, you can prevem your images from being deleted by Slidethe POWER switch to light up mistake. the []_ (PLAY/EDIT) lamp.
  • Page 70 $÷tti_ imaSs p_ots+tis_ (Protection} {c+_ti_s_l To cancel protection from the desired To cancel protection from the desired image image by date Touch tileimage marked wifll o-_ ill step 3. Touch [EDIT] --+ [PR(-)T(-'T DATE] --+ o-_ m:u'kdisappears. [OFF] in step 4. o-_ does not appear on tile images that are cancelled lk_rprotection.
  • Page 71: Dubbingto Vcr/Dvd Devices

    Duflfliflg, Pfi#fing Dubbingto VCR/DVD devices You can save images on your camcurder to VCRs or DVD recorders. Connect your camcorder to the wall outlet using the supplied AC Adaptor lk)r this operation /p. 16). Refer alsu to the instruction manuals supplied with the devices to be connected. •...
  • Page 72 gubbi_ to VCR/gVgdevices (c0_ti_ued) Slide the POWER switch to light up the _ (PLAY/EDIT) lamp. Set ITV TYPE] accoMing to Illeplayback device (p.42). Insert the recording media for your VCR or DVD recorder. If your recording device has an input selector, set it to the inpul mode.
  • Page 73: Recordingimagesfrom A Tv Or Vcr/Dvd Device

    Recordingimagesfrom a TV or VCR/DVD device You catt record images or TV programs from a VCR. TV or DVD device onto the hard disk of camcorder. Comtect your camcorder to the wall outlet using the supplied AC Adaptor lk_r this operation /p.
  • Page 74 Rec0_die_ imagesfroma TV 0r VCR/DVDdevine {coe_ie_ed} Connect your camcorder to the TV 8 Touch [END]. or VCR/DVD device with the A/V connecting cable (supplied) [] or • Them may be a time dillcrcncc belween tile poinl the A/V connecting cable with S where you press [REC] and lhe actual poinl lhat VIDEO (optional) [_.
  • Page 75: Printingrecordedstill Images (Pictbridge Compliant Printer)

    Printingrecordedstill images (PictBridge compliant printer) You can prittt out still images using a PictBridge compliattt printer without Touch [PictBridge PRINT]. tile camcorder to a computer. counectiug When connection is complete, _'PictBridge (PictBridge connecling) appears on tile screen. Conttect _our camcorder to tile wall outlet using the supplied AC Adaptor for this operation.
  • Page 76 ?_i_ti_ reco_d÷_still ima_÷s (?ictB_id_÷ compliant pri_te_) (co_tim_ed) 5 Touch [EXEC] -_ [YES]. When printing is finished. [Printing...] disappears and the image selection screen appears again. You can contintte to print other images. When printing is finished, touch [END] -* [END]. •...
  • Page 77: Jacksto Connectexternaldevices

    Jacksto connectexternaldevices REMOTE jack • Connecl ()tiler optional accessories. Aclive htterface Shoe oA_uvo interfaceslue The Active httefface Shoe suppliespower to optitmal accessories such as a video light, a flash, or a microphone. Tile accessory can be turned on or off as you operate the POWER switch...
  • Page 78: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshoo#_g Troubleshooting If you run into any problems using your camcorder, use tile %llowing table to troubleshoot tile problem. If tile problem persists, remove tile power source and contact your Sony defiler. your Lo For connecting camcerder to cempuler, see "Computer Applicalion Guide".
  • Page 79 (p.l 6). If the problem pcrsists_ remove the AC Adaptor from the wall outlet and contact your Sony dealer. The battely pack may be damaged. The power turns off frequently although the remaining battery indicator indicates that the battery pack has enough power to operate.
  • Page 80 A problem occurs when the camcorder is connected to the AC Adaptor. • Turn off the power, and remo_e the AC Adaptor from the wall outlet. Then, connect it again. An unknown image appears on the screen. • The camcorder is in [DEMO MODE] (p59)
  • Page 81 Refer also to "Adjusting the image during recording" (p.82). Pressing START/STOP or PHOTO does not record movies/still images. • Slide the POWER swilch Io light up Ihe _ (Movie) or Ihc _ (Still) hunp. • Your camcorder is recording the image you hax e.just shot on the haM disk of the camcorder. You cannot press PHOTO while [CAPTURE] or |||1 appears...
  • Page 82 The actual recording time for movie is less than the expected approximate recording time. • When you record an object that moves fast. the time available for recording ma) shorten (p.I 7. 61). The recording stops. • The temperature of your camcorder is extremely high. Turn off your camcorder and leave it for a while in a cool place.
  • Page 83 Tiny spots in white, red, blue, or green appear on the screen. • The spots appear _hen you are recoMing in IS UPER NS] or [COLOR SLOW S]. This is not a mall_mction. The color of the image is not correctly displayed. •...
  • Page 84 "{Z]" is indicated on an image in the VISUAL INDEX screen. • Loading of the data may have faih:d. It may be indicated correctly _hen you turn off the po_ er and then turn it on again. • You removed the AC Adaptor or the batteU pack bel)ore the ACCESS lamp is turned on after recording.
  • Page 85 You cannot use [PROGRAM AE]. • You cannot use [PROGRAM AE] together with: NightShot [SUPER NS] [COLOR SLOW S] [OLD MOVIE] • [SPORTS] will not work when the POWER switch is set to _ (Still). You cannot use [SPOT METER]. •...
  • Page 86 [COLOR SLOW S] does not operate correctly. • [COLOR SLOW S] may not operate correctly in total darkness. UseNightShot or [SUPER NS]. • You cannot use [COLOR SLOW S] together with: IFADERI [D. EFFECT] IPROGRAM ALl IEXPOSUREI [SPOT METER] You cannot use [_ SELF-TIMER].
  • Page 87 Scenes cannot be added in the Playlist. • The added scenes exceed 99. Delete unnecessary scenes (p.45, 67). A scene cannot be deleted. • Protected im.ges cannot be deleted. C.ncel the protection (p.70) Images from connected devices are not displayed on the LCD screen or the viewfinder.
  • Page 88: Warningindicatorsand Messages

    _-_ (Warning on the hard disk of the a couple of times, contact yuur Sony dealer camcorder)* or local authorized SoW service lhcility. Fast flashing .:i&:o4:oo • The hard disk of the camcordcr is fully recorded.
  • Page 89 "_'_ (Warning indicator pertaining g___'_ HDD full. Cannot record. camera-shake warning) • Delete unnecessa U images (p.45). • The amount of lights is not sufficient, _-_ Movie scene number is full. camera-shake easily occurs. Use the Cannot record. flash. • Tile camcorder is unsteady, so camera- •...
  • Page 90 War_i_ iaNeatars messa_÷s {ca_tia_ed} Connect the camcorder to a Access error. PictBridge compatible printer. • An error occurred during reading or writing the hard disk of the camcorder. • Turn off the printer and on again, then remove the USB cable (supplied) and reconnect it.
  • Page 91 • Easy Handycam Already added to _ mode's P-M ENU. Cannot start Easy Handycam. (p.24) Drop sensor activated. USB function ended. Cannot cancel Easy Handycam. (p.24) Press END button and end USB Cannot start Easy Handycam with connection. USB connected. (p.24) •...
  • Page 92: Usingyourcamcorderabroad

    Usingyourcamcorderabroad Power supply Yuu can use your camcorder in any countries/ regions using tile AC Adaptor supplied "_ith your camcorder within the AC 100 V to 240 V, 50/60 Hz range. Use a commercially axailable AC plug adaptor [a], if necessary, depending on the design of the wall outlet [b].
  • Page 93 Setting to the localtime You cnn easil) set the clock to tile local time by setting a time difference "_x h en using your camcorder abroad. Set [AREA SET] and [DST SET] in the _ TIME/LANGU. (p.22). World time difference Lisbon, London +11:00...
  • Page 94: Filesonthe Camcorderharddisk/Folderstructure

    Filesonthe camcorderharddisk/folderstructure The files/folder structure are shown below. You do not usually need to acknowledge tile files/ folder structure, whett recording/phlyittg back images ott a camcurder. To et\ioy still images movies by connecting to a computer, refer to "Computer Application Guide."...
  • Page 95: Aboutthe "Infolithium" Battery Pack

    Aboutthe "InfoLITHIUM" battery pack • Be sum to slide the POWER switch to OFF (CHG) This unit is compatible wilh an when not shooting or playing back on your "In%LITHIUM" battery pack (P series). camcorder. The battery pack is also consumed Your camcorder operates only with an when your camcorder is ill the standby mode or "InfoLITHIUM"...
  • Page 96: Maintenanceand Precautions

    • If file battery electrolytic liquid has leaked+ pblc*$s. Ne'_'er ]eil_.e theln exposed consult your local authorized Sony selxice tmnperatures abo_e 60°C (140°F), such as Ii_cility. under direct sunlight, near beaters or in a car wash oll ally lk]uid thai Inay have contacted parked in the sun.
  • Page 97 OntheLCDscreen • Do not use a sharp-pointed tool to calibrate tile LCD screen. Doing so nlay damage file surtace • Do not exert excessive pressure on tile LCD of tile screen. sclven. Blurs appem" and it may cause a • You cannot calibrate tile LCD screen if you ]lave...
  • Page 98 Renlote Connnander shorten, or tile Renlote ('Olnlnander lnay not nlay bmction properly. In this case, replace tile battel T with a Sony CR2025 lUllium battery. Use of an(idler battery nlay prcsenl a risk of fire or explosion.
  • Page 99: Specifications

    Specifications Minimum illumination System 5 Ix (lux) (FI.8) Video compression format 0 Ix (lux) (in tile NightShot hmctkm) MPEG2/JPEG (Still images) '1 "ExiF' is a file lbrmat lor still images, established Hard Disk 31)GB by the JEITA (Japan Electronics and lntormation Technology Industries Association).
  • Page 100 82 × 69 × 149 mm (3 3/8 × 2 3/4 × 5 7/8 in.) and l-"mr_lr-JN/CZF_l'T= • "Handycam" (w×h×d) registered trademarks of Sony ColtKnation. Mass (Approx.) o] Sony • "InIoLITHIUM '_ is a trademark 535 g (t lb 2 oz) main unit only Corporation.
  • Page 101: Glossary

    @ 5.1chsurround sound Fragmentation The condition of a hard disk in whicb files A s) stem tlmt pla) s back sound on 6 speakers, 3 at the front (left, right and center) arc divided into pieces scattered around Ihe and 2 at tile rear (right and left) with an hard disk.
  • Page 102 Gtossary (co_tim_÷_} Protection The setting for preventing )ou fronl deleting image data. Recording mode By setting the recording mode be_)re recording, you can select the image quality. There arc 3 modes: HQ (high qualityL (standard play) and LP (long play). The higher the recording quality, the shorter the recording...
  • Page 103: Index

    Index Numeric Butlon-type lithium battery Dolby Digital ..............Dolby Digital 5.1 Creator 121MAGES ......B&W ................35. 101 16:9 (wide) ......DROP SENSOR ....4:3 ......... [)ST SET ......22. 64 5.1 ch surround recording ..35 CALIBRATION ....Dubbi ng ........
  • Page 104 Moisture condensation ..96 Holding the camcorder ..19 (Picture Application) .... MOSAIC ......PICT. EFFECT HQ ........(Picture eltcct) ....58, 86 Movie Playback ......28.31 MODE (Recording mode) ..61 Playback lime ....... lcon..,be_ Di_7)lal indicat_:_ Rccording ....26.
  • Page 105 Recording lime ..... cable ...... 15.75 Speaker ......... REC ( -WRL ......Specifications ....... USB jack ......75.77 REC L AMP ......SELECT ...... SPORTS (Sports lesson) ,,,... 52 REC M ODE ......SPOTLIGHT ......SPEED ......REDEYE REDUC ....