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Sony Handycam DCR-SR200E Operating Manual

Digital video camera recorder
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Digital Video Camera Recorder
Operating Guide
For details on the advanced operations, please refer
to "Handycam Handbook" (PDF).
© 2007 Sony Corporation



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  Summary of Contents for Sony Handycam DCR-SR200E

  • Page 1 Digital Video Camera Recorder Operating Guide DCR-SR32E/SR42E/SR52E/SR62E/SR72E/SR82E/ SR190E/SR200E/SR290E/SR300E For details on the advanced operations, please refer to “Handycam Handbook” (PDF). © 2007 Sony Corporation 3-098-549-11(1)
  • Page 2: Read This First

    Never use the plug without the fuse cover. If you should lose the fuse cover, please contact your nearest Sony service station. FOR CUSTOMERS IN EUROPE ATTENTION The electromagnetic fields at the specific frequencies may influence the picture and sound of this unit.
  • Page 3: Notes On Use

    LCD screen (p.28). When the camcorder is connected to a computer • Do not try to format the hard disk of the camcorder using a computer. If you do so, your camcorder may not operate correctly.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Step 4: Preparing for recording... 10 Recording/Playback Recording... 11 Playback ... 13 Parts and functions used for the camcorder ... 15 Indicators displayed during recording/playback ... 18 Saving images ... 20 Deleting images ... 20 Playing the image on a TV... 21 Performing with a computer ...
  • Page 5: Step 1: Checking Supplied Items

    Step 1: Checking supplied items Make sure that you have the following items supplied with your camcorder. The number in the parentheses indicates the number of that item supplied. AC Adaptor (1) (p.7) Mains lead (1) (p.7) Handycam Station (1) (p.7) A/V connecting cable (1) (p.21)
  • Page 6 Remote Commander may shorten, or the Remote Commander may not function properly. In this case, replace the battery with a Sony CR2025 lithium battery. Use of another battery may present a risk of fire or explosion.
  • Page 7: Step 2: Charging The Battery Pack

    You can charge the “InfoLITHIUM” battery pack (H series) after attaching it to your camcorder. • Your camcorder operates only with an “InfoLITHIUM” battery pack (H series). Attach the battery pack by sliding it in the direction of the arrow until it clicks.
  • Page 8 • Do not short-circuit the DC plug of the AC Adaptor or battery terminal with any metallic objects. This may cause a malfunction. • Even if your camcorder is turned off, AC power (mains) is still supplied to it while connected to the wall socket via the AC Adaptor.
  • Page 9: Step 3: Turning The Power On, And Setting The Date And Time

    Set [SUMMERTIME], [Y] (year), [M] (month), [D] (day), hour and minute. The clock starts. POWER switch When using the camcorder for the first time, the [CLOCK SET] screen appears on the LCD screen. • The date and time does not appear during...
  • Page 10: Step 4: Preparing For Recording

    2 90 degrees (max.) Adjust the LCD panel. Open the LCD panel 90 degrees to the camcorder (1), then rotate it to the best angle to record or play (2). Turn the POWER switch to turn on your camcorder. Press WIDE SELECT repeatedly to...
  • Page 11: Recording

    Recording Lens cover switch (DCR-SR32E/SR42E/ SR52E/SR62E/ SR72E/SR82E) POWER switch START/STOP B EASY button Slide the lens cover switch to open (DCR-SR32E/SR42E/SR52E/SR62E/SR72E/ SR82E). • For DCR-SR190E/SR200E/SR290E/SR300E, the lens cover opens and closes automatically. Turn the POWER switch until the respective lamp lights up. Press the green button only when the POWER switch is in the OFF (CHG) position.
  • Page 12: Still Images

    ([1.0M]) DCR-SR190E/SR200E: 480 ([4.0M]) DCR-SR290E/SR300E: 315 ([6.1M]) • All numbers measured when using a “Memory Stick Duo” made by Sony Corporation. The number of recordable images varies depending on the recording environment. • The number of recordable images varies depending on the image quality or the image size.
  • Page 13: Playback

    3 Next 6 images 4 Returns to the recording screen 5 Displays movies Turn the POWER switch to turn on your camcorder. Press (VIEW IMAGES) A (or B) button. The VISUAL INDEX screen appears on the LCD screen. (It may take some time to display the thumbnails.)
  • Page 14 To adjust the sound volume of movies When playing back a movie, touch (OPTION) t tab t [VOLUME], then adjust the volume with • When playback from the selected movie reaches the last movie, the screen returns to the VISUAL INDEX screen.
  • Page 15: Parts And Functions Used For The Camcorder

    Parts and functions used for the camcorder DCR-SR32E/SR42E/SR52E/ SR62E/SR72E/SR82E DCR-SR32E/SR42E/SR52E/ SR62E/SR72E/SR82E Handycam Station Recording 1 Power zoom lever To use zoom, move the power zoom lever. Move the power zoom lever slightly for a slower zoom. Move it further for a faster zoom.
  • Page 16: Lcd Screen

    Flashes when using the flash. 9 LCD screen To record in mirror mode, open the LCD screen 90 degrees to the camcorder (1), then rotate it 180 degrees to the lens side (2). q; Zoom buttons Press for zooming in/out.
  • Page 17 DISC BURN button Create a DVD by connecting the camcorder to a computer. For details, see “Handycam Handbook” (PDF). (USB) jack* Connect with the USB cable. DCR-SR32E/SR42E/SR52E/SR62E/SR72E/ SR82E DCR-SR190E/SR200E/SR290E/SR300E Except for DCR-SR32E/SR42E For DCR-SR32E/SR42E, the position of the buttons differ from the illustration.
  • Page 18: Indicators Displayed During Recording/Playback

    Indicators displayed during recording/playback Recording movies Viewing movies 1 Recording mode (HQ / SP / LP) 2 HOME button 3 Remaining battery (approx.) 4 Recording status ([STBY] (standby) or [REC] (recording)) 5 Counter (hour/minute/second) 6 OPTION button 7 Dual Rec (DCR-SR190E/SR200E/ SR290E/SR300E) 8 VIEW IMAGES button 9 5.1ch surround recording (DCR-...
  • Page 19 Indicators when you made changes Following indicators appear during recording/playback to indicate the settings of your camcorder. Upper left Bottom Upper left Indicator Meaning 5.1ch surround recording/ playback* Self-timer recording Flash MICREF LEVEL low WIDE SELECT* WIDE SELECT* Upper right...
  • Page 20: Saving Images

    Saving images Recorded images are stored on the internal hard disk of your camcorder. Due to the limited capacity of the internal hard disk, make sure that you save the image data to some type of external media such as a DVD-R or a computer.
  • Page 21: Playing The Image On A Tv

    Playing the image on a Connect your camcorder to the input jack of TV or VCR using A/V connecting cable 1 (supplied) or A/V connecting cable with S VIDEO 2 (optional). For details, see “Handycam Handbook” (PDF). A/V OUT jack...
  • Page 22: Performing With A Computer

    In the supplied CD-ROM, “Handycam Handbook” (PDF) and “Picture Motion Browser” (Software) are contained. On the advanced use of your camcorder or how to use connecting to your computer, see “Handycam Handbook” (PDF). By using “Picture Motion Browser,” you can enjoy the following operations: –...
  • Page 23 Station, and a USB cable beforehand. Contents to be installed and procedures may differ depending on your OS. 1 Confirm that your camcorder is not connected to the computer. 2 Turn on the computer. • Log on as Administrators for installation.
  • Page 24: Performing Various Functions - " Home" And " Option

    • Once you register on the website, you can get secure and useful customer support. • For the information about Picture Motion Browser, visit the following URL: Performing various functions - “...
  • Page 25 Various functions are displayed in the context of the operation. For details, see “Handycam Handbook” (PDF). While using your camcorder, touch (OPTION) on the screen. Touch the desired item. Change the setting, then touch •...
  • Page 27: Troubleshooting

    • During repair, we may check a minimum amount of data stored on the hard disk in order to investigate the problem. However, your Sony dealer will neither copy nor retain your data. The power does not turn on.
  • Page 28: Warning Indicators

    If indicators appear on the LCD screen, check the following. Some symptoms you can fix by yourself. If the problem persists even after you have tried a couple of times, contact your Sony dealer or local authorized Sony service facility. C:04:00 C:(or E:) ss:ss (Self-diagnosis...
  • Page 29 (Warning on the hard disk of the camcorder)* Fast flashing • The hard disk of the camcorder is fully recorded. • An error may have occurred with the hard disk drive in your camcorder. E (Battery level warning) Slow flashing •...
  • Page 30: Precautions

    • If any solid object or liquid gets inside the casing, unplug your camcorder and have it checked by a Sony dealer before operating it any further. • Avoid rough handling, disassembling, modifying, physical shock, or impact such as hammering, dropping or stepping on the product.
  • Page 31: Specifications

    • To prevent mold, periodically clean the lens as described above. It is recommended that you operate your camcorder about once a month to keep it in optimum state for a long time. On charging the pre-installed...
  • Page 32 Effective (Still): Approx. 400 000 pixels DCR-SR52E/SR62E/SR72E/SR82E 3.0 mm (1/6 type) CCD (Charge Coupled Device) Gross: Approx. 1 070 000 pixels Effective (Movie, 16:9) Approx. 670 000 pixels Effective (Movie, 4:3) Approx. 690 000 pixels Effective (Still, 4:3) Approx. 1 000 000 pixels Effective (Still, 16:9) Approx.
  • Page 33 The unique pixel array of Sony’s ClearVid CMOS Sensor and image processing system (new Enhanced Imaging Processor) allows still image resolution equivalent to the sizes described.
  • Page 34 DCR-SR290E/SR300E 480 g (1 lb 1 oz) main unit only 560 g (1 lb 3 oz) including the NP-FH60 rechargeable battery pack Supplied accessories See page 5. Handycam Station DCRA-C171 Input/Output connectors Audio/Video output 10 pin connector Video signal: 1 Vp-p, 75 Ω (ohms) Luminance signal: 1 Vp-p, 75 Ω...
  • Page 35 Duo,” “ ,” “Memory Stick PRO Duo,” “ “MagicGate,” “ “MagicGate Memory Stick” and “MagicGate Memory Stick Duo” are trademarks of Sony Corporation. • “InfoLITHIUM” is a trademark of Sony Corporation. • DVD-R, DVD+R DL, DVD-RW, and DVD+RW logo are trademarks.
  • Page 36 Additional information on this product and answers to frequently asked questions can be found at our Customer Support Website. Printed on 70% or more recycled paper using VOC (Volatile Organic Compound)- free vegetable oil based ink. Printed in Japan...