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Viewing The Connections - Side Connectors - Hitachi L32VG08U Instructions For Use Manual

32” lcd colour television
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of your PC to enable PC audio. Connect the audio cable between AUDIO INPUTS on the TV and audio
outputs of your device to enable component audio.
Subwoofer Out
is for connecting an external, active subwoofer to the set to give a much deeper bass
effect. Use an appropriate RCA cable to connect the set to a subwoofer unit.
S/PDIF Digital Out
Use a digital optic cable to transfer audio signals to a device that has S/PDIF input.
RF Input
connects to an aerial antenna system.
Note that if you use a decoder or a media recorder, you should connect the aerial cable through the
device to the television with an appropriate antenna cable.
HDMI 3: HDMI Input
HDMI 2: HDMI Input
HDMI 1: HDMI Input
HDMI Inputs are for connecting a device that has an HDMI socket. Your LCD TV is capable of
displaying High Defi nition pictures from devices such as a High Defi nition Satellite Receiver or DVD
Player. These devices must be connected via the HDMI sockets or Component Socket. These sockets
can accept either 720p or 1080p (optional) signals. No sound connection is needed for an HDMI to
HDMI connection.
PC Input
is for connecting a personal computer to the TV set.
Connect the PC cable between the PC INPUT on the TV and the PC output on your PC
Ethernet input (For service connectivity and DLNA connection).

Viewing the Connections - Side Connectors

CI Slot is used for inserting a CI card. A CI card allows you to view all the channels that you subscribe
to. For more information, see "Conditional Access"
Side USBs.
Side HDMI Input is for connecting a device that has an
HDMI socket.
Headphone jack is used for connecting an
external headphone to the system. Connect to
the HEADPHONE jack to listen to the TV from
headphones (optional).
Side audio-video connection
connecting video and audio signals of external
devices. To make a video connection, you must
use the supplied AV connection cable for enabling
connection. First, plug singular jack of the cable to
the TV's Side AV socket. Afterwards, insert your video
cable's (not supplied) connector into the YELLOW
input (located on the plural side) of the supplied AV
connection cable. Colours of the connected jacks
should match.
To enable audio connection, you must use RED
and WHITE inputs of the side AV connection cable.
Afterwards, insert your device's audio cable's
connectors into the RED and WHITE jack of the
supplied side AV connection cable. Colours of the
connected jacks should match.
Note: You should use audio inputs of side AV connection cable (RED & WHITE) to enable sound
connection when connecting a device to your TV by using PC or COMPONENT VIDEO input.
, switch is used for turning the TV on or off.
outputs digital audio signals of the currently watched source.
input is used for
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