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Connecting To A Dvd Player; Using Side Av Connectors; Using The Cable Holder; Using Other Connectors - Hitachi L32VG08U Instructions For Use Manual

32” lcd colour television
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Connecting to a DVD Player

If you want to connect a DVD player to your LCD
TV, you can use connectors of the TV set. DVD
players may have different connectors. Please refer
to your DVD player's instruction book for additional
information. Power off both the TV and the device
before making any connections.
Note: Cables shown in the illustration are not
If your DVD player has an HDMI socket, you can
connect via HDMI. When you connect to DVD player
as illustrated below, switch to HDMI source. See,
"Input Selection" section.
Most DVD players are connected through
COMPONENT SOCKETS. Use a component video
cable to connect video input. For enabling audio, use
a component audio cable as illustrated below. When
the connection is made, switch to YPbPr source.
See, "Input selection" section.
You may also connect through the SCART 1 or
SCART 2. Use a SCART cable as shown below.
Note: These three methods of connection perform the
same function but in different levels of quality. It is not
necessary to connect by all three methods.

Using Side AV Connectors

You can connect a range of optional equipment to
your LCD TV..
For connecting a camcorder, connect to the VIDEO
IN socket and the AUDIO SOCKETS. Do not connect
the camcoder to VIDEO IN socket at the same time
since it may cause noise in the picture. For selecting
the related source, see the section "Input selection"
in the following parts.
To listen the TV sound from headphones, connect
to the HEADPHONE jack of theTV.

Using the Cable Holder

You can use the supplied cable holder as the
Place the cable holder into the cable holder hole
located on the rear side of the TV as illustrated
Place cables into the cable holder after all necessary
connections are made.

Using Other Connectors

You can connect a range of optional equipment
to your LCD TV. Possible connections are shown
below. Note that cables shown in the illustration are
not supplied.
For connecting a to a device that has SPDIF support,
use an appropriate SPDIF cable to enable sound
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