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Operation; Other Features - Hitachi L32VG08U Instructions For Use Manual

32” lcd colour television
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Press "
" or " " buttons to select an item.
Use "
" or " " button to set an option.
OK button to view a sub-menu.
Menu Timeout: Changes timeout duration for menu
Active Antenna: This feature enables or disables
the use of active antennas. When antenna power
option is set as On, +5V will be transmitted to the
antenna output.
IMPORTANT: Antenna power should be Off when
standard antenna is used instead of the active
Scan Encrypted: When this setting is on, search
process will locate the encrypted channels as well. If
it is set as Off, encrypted channels will not be located
in automatic search or manual search.
Blue Background: Activates or deactivates blue
background system when the signal is weak or
Software Upgrade: To ensure that your TV always
has the most update information, you can use this
setting. In order for the proper operation, please
ensure that the TV is set to standby mode.
You can enable or disable automatic upgrade by
setting Automatic Scanning option.
Hard of Hearing: If the broadcaster enables any
special signal concerning the audio, you can set this
setting as On to receive such signals.
Audio Description: Audio description refers to
an additional narration track for blind and visually
impaired viewers of visual media, including television
and movies. The description narrator talks through
the presentation, describing what is happening on the
screen during the natural pauses in the audio (and
sometimes during dialogue, if deemed necessary).
You can use this feature, only if the broadcaster
supports that additional narration track.
Auto TV Off: You can set the timeout value of auto off
feature. After the timeout value is reached and the TV
is not operated for selected time, the TV will go off.
Broadcast Type: When you set the desired broadcast
type by using " " or " " button, the TV will display
the related channel list. If the related source has does
not include any stored channels, "No channels for this
type have been found." message will be displayed
on the screen.
Standby Search (optional): Use " " or " " button
to select Standby Search and then press " " or "
" button to set this setting as On or Off. If you
change Standby Search to Off, this function will be
unavailable.To use Standby Search please make sure
that you select Standby Search as On.

Other Features

Displaying TV Information: Programme Number,
Programme Name, Sound Indicator, time, teletext,
channel type and resolution information is displayed
on the screen when a new programme is entered or
"INFO" button is pressed.
Mute Function: Press "
Mute indicator will be displayed in the upper side of
the screen. To cancel mute, there are two alternatives;
the fi rst one is pressing the "
one is increasing the volume level.
Picture Mode Selection: By pressing PRESETS
button, you can change Picture Mode settings in
accordance with your viewing requirements. Available
options are Dynamic, Natural, Cinema and Game.
Displaying Subtitles: You can enable subtitles by
pressing the SUBTITLE button of the remote control.
Press SUBTITLE button again to disable subtitle
If "Subtitle" is On, pressing the "
the following warning message to be displayed on the
screen (** for UK only)
English - 29 -
" button to disable sound.
" button and the second
" button causes



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