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Hitachi L32VK06U Instructions For Use Manual

32" lcd colour television
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32" LCD Colour Television



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  Summary of Contents for Hitachi L32VK06U

  • Page 1 32" LCD Colour Television...
  • Page 6 Please note that the maps are only indicative of the areas in which Freeview HD will be available as the transmission network upgrade progresses. For detailed coverage information associated with specifi c dates, the postcode checker database should be used. English - 1 -...
  • Page 7 English - 2 -...
  • Page 8: Table Of Contents

    Contents Features ..............4 Setting Favourites ..........18 Introduction ............. 4 Program Guide ..........18 Package Contents ..........4 Common Interface ........... 18 Preparation ............. 5 TV Setup ............18 Safety Precautions ..........5 Setup ..............19 Power Source ............. 5 Confi...
  • Page 9: Features

    for the operation in dry interiors. This appliance is Features intended solely for private domestic use and may not • Remote controlled colour LCD TV. be used for industrial and commercial purposes. We exclude liability in principle, if the device is not used •...
  • Page 10: Preparation

    DON’T allow electrical equipment to be exposed to Preparation dripping or splashing, or objects fi lled with liquids, such For ventilation, leave a free space of at least 10 cm as vases, to be placed on the equipment. all around the set. To prevent any fault and unsafe DON’T place hot objects or naked fl...
  • Page 11: Moisture And Water

    by pulling from the power cord and never touch the Lightning power cord with wet hands as this could cause a short In case of storm and lightning or when circuit or electric shock. Never make a knot in the cord going on holiday, disconnect the power or tie it with other cords.
  • Page 12: Headphone Volume

    Inserting Batteries in the Headphone Volume Remote Control Excessive sound pressure from earphones and headphones can cause hearing loss. • Remove the battery cover located on the back of Installation the remote control by gently pulling backwards from the indicated part. To prevent injury, this device must be securely •...
  • Page 13: Overview Of The Remote Control

    Overview of the Remote Control Standby / On Mono/Stereo - Dual I-II Expand (in TXT mode)/ Image size Green / Picture Menu / Subtitle on-off (in DTV mode) Red /Sound Menu Numeric buttons Teletext / Mix / PAT (in TXT mode) Cursor Left Menu AV / Source...
  • Page 14: Lcd Tv And Operating Buttons

    LCD TV and Operating Buttons FRONT and REAR VIEW SIDE VIEW Control Buttons Standby button TV/AV button Programme Up/Down buttons Standby LED Volume Up/Down buttons Note: Press buttons at the same time to view main menu. Viewing the Connections- Back Connectors 1.
  • Page 15 external device (such as a decoder, a VCR or a DVD player). Note: If an external device is connected via the EXT (SCART) sockets, the TV will automatically switch to AV mode. If both sockets are employed at the same time, EXT 1 will override EXT 2 unless manually selected.
  • Page 16: Viewing The Connections - Side Connectors

    Viewing the Connections - Side Connectors CI Slot is used for inserting a CI card. A CI card allows you to view all the channels that you subscribe to. For more information, see “Common Interface” section. Side USB Input 1 Important Notice: Side USB Input 1 is for service use only.
  • Page 17: Using The Cable Holder

    USB Memory Connection Using the Cable Holder • Plug your USB device to the USB input of the TV. • If the plugged USB disk is not recognised, please reinsert the disk. • It is recommended that you connect your USB device directly to the Side USB input 2 of the TV.
  • Page 18: Connecting To A Dvd Player

    Connecting to a DVD Player Using Side AV Connectors If you want to connect a DVD player to your LCD You can connect a range of optional equipment TV, you can use connectors of the TV set. DVD to your LCD TV. Possible connections are shown players may have different connectors.
  • Page 19: Input Selection

    functions will be described in accordance with the Input Selection menu system of your TV. Once you have connected external systems to your • Functions of the menu system are described in the TV, you can switch to different input sources. following sections.
  • Page 20: General Operation

    After Automatic Search is completed, the following General Operation message, asking for analogue channel search, Press the SOURCE button and select DTV from the appears on the screen. list. The TV then switches to digital TV mode. Information Screen • Whenever you change the channel using the P + or P - button or numeric buttons, the TV displays the broadcast picture along with an information banner at the bottom of the screen.
  • Page 21: Programme Options

    Over Air Download To ensure that your IDTV always has the most up- to-date information, please ensure that, after use, it is set to standby mode. At 3 A.M. each day, the IDTV automatically searches for any updates which may be broadcast and will download this to your IDTV automatically.
  • Page 22: Idtv Menu System

    Deleting the Channels in the Channel IDTV Menu System List • Press MENU button and DTV main menu will be • Press “ ” or “ ” buttons to select the channel that displayed. will be deleted. • Press “ ” or “ ” buttons to select the “Delete’’ item on Channel List OSD.
  • Page 23: Adding Locks To Channels

    Adding Locks to Channels Common Interface Channel Locking provides a password-protected Press MENU button to display the main menu and access to channels selected by parents. use the “ ” or “ ” buttons to highlight the “Common Interface” line and press OK button. In order to lock a channel you should know the Parental Lock password (default value is set to It is required to subscribe to a pay channel company...
  • Page 24: Setup

    Setup AC3 Audio Highlight the AC3 Audio item by pressing “ ” or The adjustments in this menu are given as the “ ” buttons. Use the “ ” or “ ” buttons to set the following: AC3 Audio as On or Off. If the channel that you are watching supports AC3 Audio, turn this setting on.
  • Page 25: Language Settings

    Installation Menu: Installation menu is locked, so the • Highlight “Scan for upgrade” menu with “ ” or “ user cannot add channels. Changes will be updated ”keys and pres OK to commence upgrade. after exiting Confi guration Menu. Guidance When set, this option gets the maturity information from the broadcast and if this maturity level is disabled, the TV will not display the related video-audio.
  • Page 26: Installation

    OK button. Then language settings menu will be displayed. Automatic Channel Scan Automatic channel scan is started by pressing OK button while Automatic channel scan item is highlighted. The following message appears on the screen: You can set the desired language options by using “ ” /“ ”...
  • Page 27: Analogue Tv Menu System

    or “ ” button. When fi nished, press OK or RED button Analogue TV Menu System to continue. To cancel, press the BLUE button. Picture Menu After APS is fi nalized, the programme table will appear on the screen. In the programme table you will see the programme numbers and names assigned to the programmes.
  • Page 28: Sound Menu

    Equalizer Press “ ” or “ ” button to set this feature On or Off. Press “ ” or “ ” button to select Equalizer. Press “ Turn this feature on when you are watching. ” button to view equalizer menu. fi...
  • Page 29: Feature Menu

    switch the TV into Standby mode with the Standby/ On button. To switch the TV on again, you need the Automatic Volume Limiting (AVL) function adjusts the remote control. In this case the control panel buttons sound to obtain fi xed output level between programmes (except for the STANDBY button) will not work.
  • Page 30: Install Menu

    TXT (Teletext) Language Channel Press “ ” or “ ” button to select Teletext Language. Channel can be changed by “ ” or “ ” button or Use “ ” or “ ” button to change Teletext Language to numeric buttons. West, East, Cyrillic, Turk/Gre, Arabic or Persian.
  • Page 31: Source Menu

    Program Table Select Program Table by pressing “ ” or “ ” button. Press “ ” or “ ” button to select your country. If you want to exit from A.P.S. function, press the BLUE button. When you press OK or RED button for starting automatic tuning, all stored programmes By moving the cursor in four directions you can reach will be erased and the TV will search for available...
  • Page 32: Media Browser Menu

    EXT-1, EXT-2, EXT-2S, SIDE AV, S-VIDEO, HDMI-1, HDMI-2, HDMI-3, YPbPr or PC-VGA. With the OK button you can set or remove a mark. When a You can use cursor buttons on the remote control for mark is removed; this source does not appear in the OSD available functions.
  • Page 33: Displaying Tv Information

    Select Autoposition item by using “ ” or “ ” buttons. Mute Function Press OK or “ ”, “ ” button. Press “ ” button to disable sound. Mute indicator will Warning: Please ensure auto adjustment is performed be displayed in the upper side of the screen. with a full screen image to ensure best results.
  • Page 34: Panoramic

    Teletext Use to view a normal picture (4:3 aspect ratio) as this Teletext system transmits information such as news, is its original size. sports and weather on your TV. Note that is the signal degrades, for example in poor/adverse weather conditions, some text errors may occur or the teletext mode may be aborted.
  • Page 35: Tips

    of the screen (if available). You can set the desired Sound is coming from only one of the speakers. Is the option by highlighting it using “ ” or “ ” button and balance set to one extreme? See Sound Menu . then by pressing OK button.
  • Page 36: Appendix A: Pc Input Typical Display Modes

    Appendix A: PC Input Typical Display Modes The display has a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1200 . The following table is an illustration of some of the typical video display modes. Your TV may not support different resolutions. Supported resolution modes are listed below. If you switch your PC to an unsupported mode, a warning OSD will appear on the screen.
  • Page 37: Appendix B: Av And Hdmi Signal Compatibility (Input Signal Types)

    Appendix B: AV and HDMI Signal Compatibility (Input Signal Types) Source Supported Signals Available PAL 50/60 NTSC 60 EXT-1 RGB 50 RGB 60 PAL 50/60 NTSC 60 RGB 50 EXT-2 RGB 60 S-VHS 50 S-VHS 60 PAL 50/60 SIDE AV NTSC 60 PAL 50/60 S-VIDEO...
  • Page 38: Appendix C: Supported File Formats For Usb Mode

    Appendix C: Supported File Formats for USB Mode Format Remarks File Media Extension Video Audio (Maximum resolution/Bit rate etc.) MPEG 1/2 Sample Rate: 8K ~ 48KHz, Bit Rate: Music .mp3 Layer 1/ 2/ 32K~320Kbps 3 (MP3) Photo MAX. Width 7680 Height 4320, 16 Mega-pixel Baseline .jpg JPEG...
  • Page 39: Specifi Cations

    Specifi cations Digital Reception (DVB-T) TV BROADCASTING Transmission Standards: PAL/SECAM B/G D/K K’ I/I’ L/L’ MPEG2, MPEG4 HD DVB-T RECEIVING CHANNELS i. DEMODULATION VHF (BAND I/III) -Symbol rate: COFDM with 2K/8K FFT mode. -Modulation: 16-QAM - 64-QAM FEC for all DVB UHF (BAND U) modes (automatically found) HYPERBAND...
  • Page 40: Dvb-T Functionality Information

    DVB-T functionality information This DVB receiver is only suitable for use in the country which it was designed to be used in. Although this DVB receiver conforms to the latest DVB specifi cations at the time of manufacture, we cannot guarantee compatibility with future DVB transmissions due to changes that may be implemented in broadcast signals and technologies.
  • Page 41 ARGOS Product Guarantee This product is guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a period 1 Year This does not cover the product where the fault is due to misuse, abuse, use in contravention of the instructions, or where the product has been the subject of unauthorised modifi cations or alterations, or has been the subject of commercial use In the event of a problem with the product within the guarantee period please return it to your nearest Argos store...

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