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Confi Guring Picture Settings; Operating Picture Settings Menu Items; Picture Settings Menu Items - Hitachi L32VG08U Instructions For Use Manual

32” lcd colour television
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This zooms up the wide picture (14:9 aspect ratio) to
the upper and lower limits of the screen.
14:9 Zoom
This option zooms to the 14:9 picture.
Use to view a normal picture (4:3 aspect ratio) as this
is its original size.
This stretches the left and right sides of a normal
picture (4:3 aspect ratio) to fi ll the screen, without
making the picture appear unnatural.
The top and bottom of the picture are slightly cut off.
This zooms up the wide picture (16:9 aspect ratio) to
the full screen.
Confi guring Picture Settings
You can use different picture settings in detail.
Press "MENU" button and select the Picture icon
by using " " or " " button. Press OK button to view
Picture Settings menu.

Operating Picture Settings Menu Items

Press "
" or " " button to highlight a menu item.
Use "
" or " " button to set an item.
Press "
MENU" button to exit.

Picture Settings Menu Items

Mode: For your viewing requirements, you can set the
related mode option. Picture mode can be set to one
of these options: Cinema, Dynamic and Natural.
Contrast: Sets the lightness and darkness values
of the screen.
Brightness: Sets the brightness value for the
Sharpness: Sets the sharpness value for the objects
displayed on the screen.
Colour: Sets the colour value, adjusting the colors.
Colour Shift: Adjust the desired colour tone.
Colour Temp: Sets the desired colour tone.
Noise Reduction: If the broadcast signal is weak and
the picture is noisy, use Noise Reduction setting to
reduce the noise amount. Noise Reduction can be set
to one of these options: Low, Medium, High or Off.
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