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Viewing The Connections - Side Connectors; Power Connection; Aerial Connection - Hitachi L32HP04U A Instructions For Use Manual

32” lcd colour television
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Viewing the Connections - Side Connectors

CI Slot is used for inserting a CI card. A CI card allows you to view all the
channels that you subscribe to. For more information, see "Conditional
Access" section.
Component Video Inputs (YPbPr)
video.You can connect the component video and audio sockets with
a device that has component output. Connect the component video
cables between the COMPONENT VIDEO INPUTS on on the TV and the
component video outputs of your device. While connecting, be sure that the
letters on your TV, " Y ", " Pb ", " Pr " correspond with your device's connectors.
IMPORTANT:Please do not connect a device to PC socket while using YPbPr input.
Video Input is used for connecting video signals of external devices.
Connect the video cable between the VIDEO IN socket on the TV and the
VIDEO OUT jack on your device.
Audio Inputs are used for connecting audio signals of external devices.
Connect the audio cable between the AUDIO INPUTS on the TV and the
AUDIO OUTPUT jacks on your device.
Also to enable YPbPr sound connection in such a case, use an appropriate
audio cable between the connected device's audio outputs and the TV's
audio inputs
Note: If you connect a device to the TV via the VIDEO or YPbPr cable you
should also connect your device with an audio cable to the AUDIO INPUTS
of the TV to enable audio.
Headphone jack is used for connecting an external headphone to the system. Connect to the
HEADPHONE jack to listen to the TV from headphones.
, switch is used for turning the TV on or off.

Power Connection

IMPORTANT : The TV set is designed to operate on 220-240V AC, 50 Hz.
• After unpacking, allow the TV set to reach the ambient room temperature before you connect the set to the
• Plug the power cable to the mains socket outlet.

Aerial Connection

• Connect the aerial or cable TV plug to the AERIAL INPUT socket located at the rear of the TV.
are used for connecting component
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