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Antenna Connection; Aerial Connection; Power Connection; Using Digital Multimedia Connectors - Hitachi L32VG08U Instructions For Use Manual

32” lcd colour television
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Antenna Connection

Aerial Connection

Connect the aerial or cable TV plug to the AERIAL
INPUT socket located at the rear of the TV.

Power Connection

IMPORTANT: The TV set is designed to operate on
220-240V AC, 50 Hz socket.
After unpacking, allow the TV set to reach the
ambient room temperature before you connect the
set to the mains. Plug the power cable to the mains
socket outlet.
Using Digital Multimedia
You can connect USB devices to your TV by using
the USB inputs of the TV. This feature allows you
to display/play JPG, MP3 and video fi les stored in
a USB stick.
It is possible that certain types of USB devices (e.g.
MP3 Players) may not be compatible with this TV.
You may back up your fi les before making any
connections to the TV set in order to avoid any
possible data loss. Note that manufacturer will not
be responsible for any fi le damage or data loss.
Do not pull out USB module while playing a fi le.
CAUTION: Quickly plugging and unplugging
USB devices, is a very hazardous operation.
Especially, do not quickly plug and unplug the
drive repeatedly. This may cause physical damage
to the USB player and especially the USB device

USB Memory Connection

IMPORTANT: The TV should be switched off while
plugging or unplugging a USB device. Plug your
USB device to the USB inputs of the TV. You can
connect two USB device to your TV by using the USB
inputs of the TV at the same time.
Note: It is possible that certain types of hard disk
drives are not supported.
English - 10 -
With some contents desired to be played via USB
media browser, some functions of media
browser may not function properly and this might
happen due to the content being played.

Side HDMI Connection

You can use side HDMI input to connect a device that
has an HDMI connector to your TV. Use an appropriate
HDMI cable to make such a connection. Note that you
should switch to the HDMI source to view the content
from the connected device. Power off both the TV and
the device before making any connections. Side HDMI
Input supports connections between HDMI devices
such as DVD players. You can use side HDMI input
of the TV to connect to an external HDMI device. Use
an HDMI cable to connect.

Connecting the LCD TV to a PC

For displaying your computer's screen image on your
LCD TV, you can connect your computer to the TV set.
Power off both computer and display before making
any connections. Use 15-pin D-sub display cable to
connect a PC to the LCD TV. When the connection
is made, switch to PC source. See "Input selection"
section. Set the resolution that suits your viewing
requirements. Resolution information can be found
in the appendix parts.
Audio inputs of the TV
PC audio cable
(not supplied)
Audio output of the PC
PC input of the TV
PC VGA cable
(not supplied)
Monitor output of the PC



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