Hitachi VTFX940EUKN Operating Instructions Manual

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Operating instructions


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Videorecorder VTFX940EUKN Operating instructions...
  • Page 2 & OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS IN BRIEF The remote control Playback : To play a cassette Rewind : During STOP and STANDBY: rewind, during PLAYBACK: reverse TV monitor : To switch between TV reception VTR/TV scanning and VCR playback Forward wind: During STOP and STANDBY: forward wind, during PLAYBACK: STANDBY m Switch on or off : To switch set on or off, forward scanning...
  • Page 3 & Front of the set Back of the set Mains socket: To connect the mains cable m Standby : To switch off or on, interrupt a function, interrupt a programmed recording (TIMER) AUDIO OUT L R Audio output socket, left/right : To connect a HiFi-set VCR/TV TV monitor : To switch between TV reception and VCR playback AV2 EXT2 Scart socket 2: To connect a satellite receiver, decoder, video recorder, etc.
  • Page 4: Technical Information

    OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS HITACHI VT-FX940EUKN Thank you for buying a HITACHI video recorder. The So that you can identify your machine in the event of theft, VT-FX940EUKN is one of the most sophisticated and enter the serial number (PROD.NO) here. The serial number is simple-to-use video recorders (VCR) on the market.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS CONNECTING YOUR VIDEO RECORDER ....PROGRAMMED RECORDING (TIMER) ....Placing the batteries in the remote control .
  • Page 6: Connecting Your Video Recorder

    CONNECTING YOUR VIDEO RECORDER Important note Connecting your video recorder to the TV set This machine is fitted with an approved moulded 13 Amp plug. To change a fuse in this type of plug, please follow these We recommend the use of a scart cable. This will give you the instructions.
  • Page 7: Connecting Without A Scart Cable

    If your TV set automatically switches to programme Note: The video recorder will now transmit on channel 35 or number e.g.: ’EXT’, ’0’, or ’AV’, this text will appear on the 583MHz. TV screen: CONGRATULATIONS YOU NOW OWN A NEW CONGRATULATIONS VIDEO RECORDER YOU NOW OWN A NEW...
  • Page 8: Installing Your Video Recorder

    INSTALLING YOUR VIDEO RECORDER Initial installation Allocating a decoder Confirm the picture on the TV screen with on the Some TV stations will send coded TV channels, that you can remote control. ’Autoinstall’ starts. This message will only watch when you use a decoder. You can connect such a appear: decoder (descrambler) to your video recorder.
  • Page 9: Manual Tv Channel Search

    Manual TV channel search Satellite receiver In certain cases the ’Automatic TV channel search’ may not be You can receive channels from the satellite receiver via the able to find all of the TV channels (e.g. coded TV channels). In scart socket AV2 EXT2 that case, use this manual method to set the channels.
  • Page 10: Automatic Tv Channel Search (Autoinstall)

    Confirm with on the video recorder-remote control. When Autoinstall is complete, ’STORED’ will briefly The video recorder compares the TV channels on the TV appear on the TV screen. set and the video recorder. The time and date information have been set. When the video recorder finds the same TV channel as To end, press MENU...
  • Page 11: Setting The Time And Date

    Repeat steps until you have given a programme number to all TV channels. Confirm with To end, press MENU Setting the time and date Note: If a TV channel which transmits TXT/PDC is stored under programme number ’P01’, time and date will automatically be taken from the TXT/PDC information.
  • Page 12: Important Notes For Operation

    IMPORTANT NOTES FOR OPERATION General information Saving energy Note: You can switch on with , the number To save energy, you can switch off the clock display on the STANDBY m buttons or by putting in a cassette. video recorder. Programmed (TIMER ) recordings will take * If you have not used the video recorder for a few minutes, place even if the clock display has been switched off.
  • Page 13: The Symbols On Your Video Recorder Display

    The symbols on your video recorder display These symbols can light up on your video recorder display: This is where the current operating mode is shown as a symbol. When you have switched on the LP (Long Play) function or when you play a tape that has been recorded in LP (Long Play).
  • Page 14: Summary Of User Guide

    Summary of user guide The OSD menu offers the following functions. More details on each can be found in the appropriate chapter. MENU CLOCK CLOCK AUTO INSTALL MANUAL SEARCH YEAR è 2000 FOLLOW TV MONTH TV CHANNEL ALLOC. DATE RECORD SPEED TIME 20:00 AUTO STANDBY...
  • Page 15: Playback Functions

    PLAYBACK FUNCTIONS Press on the remote control. The main menu will Playing a cassette MENU appear. Put a cassette into the cassette slot. ’ ’ will appear on Select the line ’SPECIAL SETTINGS’ with the display. and confirm with P- = SPECIAL SETTINGS è...
  • Page 16: Still Picture/Slow Motion

    Still picture/Slow motion Tape Finder Press . A still picture will appear on the STILL R Automatic search for a tape position screen. This will, for example, appear in the display. (index search) At the start of each recording, the video recorder will write an 0:00: index code on the tape.
  • Page 17: Picture Interference

    Picture interference If the picture quality is poor when you play a cassette, please follow these instructions. Tracking during playback While a cassette is playing, hold until the P- = picture quality is at its best. ’TRAC’ (tracking) will appear on the display. Wait a few seconds, until ’TRAC’...
  • Page 18: Manual Recording

    MANUAL RECORDING Use ’Manual Recording’ to make a spontaneous recording (for Recording with automatic switch-off example, a programme currently being shown). (OTR one-touch-recording) • If you want to start and stop a recording manually, read the section ’Recording without automatic switch-off’. Put a cassette in the machine.
  • Page 19: Selecting The Recording Speed (Sp Or Lp)

    Selecting the recording speed (SP or LP) Automatic recording from a satellite receiver (SAT RECORDING) You can reduce the recording speed by half. This makes it possible to record, for example, eight-hours instead of You can only use this function, when you have a satellite four-hours on an ’E240’...
  • Page 20: Direct Record

    Note: If this function is switched on ’ ’ will appear on the To end, press MENU video recorder display. Switch off with STANDBY m ’Direct Record’ When this function is switched on, the video recorder will automatically record the programme selected on the television by means of a scart cable.
  • Page 21: Programmed Recording (Timer)

    PROGRAMMED RECORDING (TIMER) Use programmed recording to automatically start and stop a Note: If you make a mistake, you can clear your instructions recording at a later date. with CLEAR (CL) To make a programmed recording, your video recorder needs VIDEO PLUS+ to know: PLUSCODE NUMBER...
  • Page 22: Programming A Recording (Without 'Video Plus+')

    Make sure that the cassette you have put in can be With you can select ’DATE’ (date), TIMER recorded on. ’PROG.’ (programme number), ’START’ (start time) and ’END’ (end time). Switch off with STANDBY m Enter or change your information with , or P- = The programmed recording will only function when the...
  • Page 23: How To Check Or Change A Programmed Recording (Timer)

    How to check or change a programmed recording (TIMER) Switch on the TV set and select the programme number for the video recorder. Press on the remote control twice. TIMER Select the programmed recording (TIMER) you want to check or change with P- = Press TIMER...
  • Page 24: Additional Functions

    ADDITIONAL FUNCTIONS With the video recorder switched on, press the Switching the TV system and the button on the remote control STANDBY m SELECT at the same time . If you play back recordings made on a different kind of tape, ’...
  • Page 25: Continuous Playback

    Confirm with Continuous playback This message will briefly appear: ’STORED’ You can automatically play a cassette again and again. When To end, press MENU the video recorder reaches the end of the tape or the end of Note: A TIMER recording only works when the video the recording, it will rewind and start again.
  • Page 26: Switching Off The Modulator

    Confirm with Selecting the sound track ’OK’ will briefly appear in the video recorder display. You can select the required sound track. This is of particular Optimizing the modulator is now complete. interest when the audio transmissions are multilingual. Switching off the modulator Press .
  • Page 27: Before You Call An Engineer

    Before you call an engineer 1. Confirm the PlusCode programming number with If, contrary to expectation, you have any problems using this 2. Press TIMER video recorder, it may be caused by one of the reasons PROG. 3. Change the programme number displayed in the ’ ’...
  • Page 28: Glossary

    GLOSSARY UHF frequency range Technical terms used Channels 21 to 69. The video recorder ’broadcasts’ on channel 35/frequency 583 MHz. This frequency or channel can be Current tape position changed. See the section ’Reducing picture disturbance - The part of the tape currently being played. ’optimizing the modulator’.
  • Page 29 Please note that evidence of the date of purchase will be required before service under guarantee is carried out. This guarantee does not affect your statutory rights. In all cases of difficulty consult your HITACHI dealer. HITACHI HOME ELECTRONICS (EUROPE) LTD.
  • Page 30 Fax: +46 (0) 8 562 711 13 Tel: +39 02 38073415 Servizio Clienti Email: Fax: +39 02 48786381/2 Email: HITACHI EUROPE LTD (Norway) AB HITACHI EUROPE S.A.S Lyon Office STRANDVEIEN 18 B.P. 45, 69671 BRON CEDEX 1366 Lysaker...
  • Page 31: Quick Set Up Guide

    Hitachi video recorder VT-FX940EUKN How to connect your video recorder Dear Hitachi Customer, Congratulations on your choice of a Hitachi video recorder. Welcome to our company-wide commit- ment to your complete statisfaction and viewing enjoyment. Before using your Hitachi video recorder for the first time, we suggest that you spend a few minutes reading these setup instructions.
  • Page 32 Tuning your TV to your video recorder Initial Installation Insert the small plug of the mains cable into the mains The video recorder will search for all TV channels. socket at the back of the video recorder. Insert the It stores TV channels found in the following sequence: BBC 1, other end of the mains cable into the wall socket.
  • Page 33 Fax: +46 (0) 8 562 711 13 Tel: +39 02 38073415 Servizio Clienti Email: Fax: +39 02 48786381/2 Email: HITACHI EUROPE LTD (Norway) AB HITACHI EUROPE S.A.S Lyon Office STRANDVEIEN 18 B.P. 45, 69671 BRON CEDEX 1366 Lysaker...

Table of Contents